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La Grand Vallee
La Grand Vallee

Location:  Brittany, Ill et VilaineWebsite : http://www.bigfishholidays.com/LGV/thefishingL.htmDescription: The perfect venue to take less experienced carp anglers and still have a great week's fishing yourself.

It's not a difficult place to fish. Even occasional carpers can be successful without having to fish full-time or nights.

Two adjacent lakes of 4 and a bit acres and 1-acre; set in countless hectares of private woodland in a totally secluded and tranquil valley.

There are loads of carp to low 40's. Mirrors, commons and a few grassies. The majority are 20's and doubles. They're long and lean and fight like river fish.

Lake: The Main Lake is 4 or 5 acres. Long and narrow, it's a margin water with no long chucks needed.You can take mates that are recent converts to carp fishing without worrying that they'll struggle.A maximum of 4 anglers makes for great stalking.

There are loads and loads of carp to low 40's. Mostly 20's and doubles.

The fishing's prolific so its not compulsory to fish nights. There are plenty of other species to entertain pleasure anglers.

The 1-acre Small lake provides even faster action. Mostly doubles, but with the chance of a biggie.{rokcomments}

Le Monument
Le Monument

Location: Brittany, Ill et Vilaine

Website : http://le-monument.redmillcarpfrance.com/

Description: Big carp fishing in peace and seclusion. It's hardly been fished.  The 5 acre lake is split in half by an island giving every angler his own water.

Lake: The island can be fished from all swims. But, with variations in depth to 12 feet and some fishy near margins, it takes a bit more thought than chucking 3 rods at the island.

It's a largely gravel bottom, with little in the way of snags or weed (other than in Chris Yates corner). There are some great stalking spots in the shallows and the island channels.

The fish haven't been pressured so aren't cute or riggy. With around 200 carp in 5 acres the fishing isn't hard. But, with a good average stamp (loads of 30's and a few 40's), and plenty of natural food - they're not mugs{rokcomments}

Etang De Campus
Etang De Campus

Location: Mayenne regionWebsite : http://www.fishing4carpinfrance.com/

Description: E'tang De Campus is a carp fishing lake situated in Northern France; the lake comes to life in early spring and with the longer French summer continues into November.The fish frequently show themselves, especially in early season where you can see big grass carp taking crust of the surface. With exclusive use of the lake and facilities you can be sure of a peaceful and relaxing holiday

Lake: E'tang De Campus is 4 acres in size and set in 10 acres of lush French countryside. The carp fishing lake borders the Alpes Mancelle, a protective area of acres and acres of forests. E'tang De Campus is a beautiful relaxing place to be let alone fish.

The lake is spring fed via 2 natural springs with water levels and quality good throughout the year. The fishing lake is lined with several large willow trees along the northern side with silver birch and the odd oak tree between. The southern side is lush green grass.

We have 6 purpose made pegs to fish from, these have been dug down close to the water line to allow safe landing and returning of carp, the pegs are gravelled for your comfort. The lake bed is mostly clay with a small amount of silt over the top.

This beautiful and tranquil fishing lake is 90% snag free, however we recommend a minimum 12lb breaking strain line.

The fishery is best suited to 4 anglers per week using up to 3 rods per person; we can accommodate 6 for a slight additional cost.{rokcomments}

Etang Autels
Etang Autels

Location: Centre, Eure et LoirWebsite:  http://www.carp-france.com/venue-details.php?id=128Description: Etang Autels is situated in the Loire valley, one hour southwest of Paris. The journey from Calais can take as little as 3½ hours if you utilise the auto routes and skirt around the periferique of Paris. Alternatively, you can take the morescenic route, avoiding Paris, and following the west coast of France passing Rouen and Evreux. This may take a littlelonger but keeps the tolls down to a minimum. Only minutes from the nearest village of Authon-du-Perche, the lake isperfect for the bivvy angler wanting proven prolific fishing.Booking Through:  www.carp-france.com{rokcomments}

Les Bouffetieres
Les Bouffetieres

Location: Les Bouffétiéres is approximately 1½ hours from the port of ST Malo & 3 hours from Caen.

Website: http://www.millersfrenchfishingholidays.com/

Description: boasts a variety of specimen coarse fish as well as a fine head of common and mirror carp up to 40lbs, plus pike and double figure zander - perfect for beginners and experienced anglers alike. As well as the onsite fishing, there are a whole host of other activities for you and your family to enjoy - from local golf clubs, long sandy beaches a short drive away and the world famous Mont St Michel{rokcomments}

Etang des Courtionx
Etang des Courtionx


Location: 4 to 4 ½ hour’s drive from Calais

Website: http://www.dreambreaks.info/venue.php?openTo=breaks&break=france&venue=courtioux

Description: This picturesque and scenic lake of 12 acres, well away from traffic and main roads, is situated in the middle of the French countryside, in the beautiful "Berry" region of France.With a maximum of 5 anglers per week, you can be assured of plenty of room to fish and the chance to play those monster French carp. And with no restrictions on bait or tactics, you are free to try out any new methods or test different baits to work some magic.

Booking through Dreamfishing Holidays: http://www.dreambreaks.info/venue.php?openTo=breaks&break=france&venue=courtioux{rokcomments}

Abbey Lakes
Abbey Lakes

Picture of Fox lake (Etang du Renard)Location: Picardy, OiseWebsite: http://www.abbeylakes.co.uk/Description: Abby Lakes is made up of 6 lakes.1) Fox Lake, Etang du Renard (11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers)2) Heron Lake, Etang du Héron (14 Ha, 22 swims for 17 anglers)3) Attila Lake, Etang Attila (3 hectares, 10 double swims)4) Frog Lake, Etang de la Grenouille (3 hectares, 10 double swims)5) King Fisher Lake, Etang du Martin-pêcheur (13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers)6) Wild Boar Lake, Etang du Sanglier  (6 Ha, 30 swims for 25 anglers)Stock: Carp{rokcomments}


Location:  Brittany, Ille et VilaineWebsite Address: https://carpanglinginfrance.com/

Description: "Les Vaux" or the Etang du Moulin des Vaux, to give it it's full French name, is a superb stone built mill house that dates back to the 16th Century and is set in the lush green countryside on the borders between Brittany, Normandy and the Pays de la Loire. It is approximately 2 hours from the ferry port of Caen and 1½ hours from St. Malo. The very pretty private lake that lies next to the house dates back over 300 years and had never previously been used as a commercial fishery until it was purchased in 2002 by its English owners, Chas and Josie Cook, who have restored the lakeside house to a very high standard and stocked the lake with fish. The accommodation and venue has been specifically designed with the family in mind.

Lake: The Lake is of approximately 3½ - 4 acres of open water with just over ¾ acre of marsh land at the top, where the Category 1 trout stream enters the venue. It varies in depth from 4.5 metres at the dam wall to 50 cms at the shallow top end. The average depth in the centre along the original river bed is around 2.7 to 3m, with margins averaging 1.4m to 1.7m. Access is by foot around three quarters of the bank side, where there is ample space for anglers to set up rod pods and bivvies should they wish to do so. All the swims and access to them are suitable for the wheelchair bound angler. Portable barbeques are available for use in each swim. The bed of the lake varies a great deal, from stone to sand to gravel, with silt deposited along the stream bed, as would be expected. The origin of the lake was as a quarry, with the extracted stone used to build the 500 years old church in the nearby village. This extraction has left a number of quite defined steps on the lake bed along the house side bank, whereas the far bank is predominately sand and gravel.

Stock: The lake was stocked in 2003 with around 280 carp... mirrors, commons and koi. The majority of carp now range from 20 to high 30’s, with the lake record currently standing at 47lb 10oz. Any small carp that may be caught will be from the original stock, or will have bred since the owners acquired the venue and will be removed to the stock lakes to grow The lake was stocked in 2003 with around 280 carp... mirrors, commons and koi. The majority of carp now range from 20 to high 30s and low 40s, with the lake record currently standing at 47lb 10oz. Any small carp that may be caught will be from the original stock, or will have bred since the owners acquired the venue and will be removed to the stock lakes to grow on.

Efforts were made to stock good quality fish, heavily scaled mirrors and linears, plus commons. All stock is of the fast growing Czech Royale strains.{rokcomments}

Clear Water lakes

Clear Water Lakes

Location: Brittany, MorbihanWebsite : http://www.clearwaterlakes.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel : 00 33 675 292520Description: 

Clearwater Lakes is set in a stunning, tranquil location in the heart of rural Brittany, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. The site is secluded but there is a village with a small shop and a bar and restaurant a couple of miles down the road, while the towns of Pontivy  and Lorient are about 45 minutes' drive.The complex is situated within 28 acres of dense forest , which surround and overhang the margins of two mature spring fed lakes. - View Site Plan Spring Lake (10 acres) features ten easy access swims, including  single and double pegs, and boasts 500+ fish including mirrors and commons from doubles to 60lbs. Maximum eight anglers at any time.Mill Lake (4 acres)is an ideal 'runs' water, holding a stock of 200+ carp, ranging from low doubles to mid 30s (lake record 37lb), plus pike, perch, rudd to 4lb and tench.. Fishing is exclusive to a maximum of two anglers (ideal for beginners) allowing each angler two rods. The lake has varying depths from five to 15 ft with lily pads to fish to and overhanging margins, which give excellent opportunities for stalking. The Mill Lake season runs from March to September.You can choose to bivvy up at Spring Lake or if you prefer you can hire the charming cottage for the week and stay in comfort (please see cottage page for further details). The anglers' kitchen is fully equipped with oven, hob, microwave, kettle, toaster etc. plus all kitchen utensils. It’s free to use and an ideal place to socialise with the other anglers, talk tactics, discuss catches and enjoy a meal. There is also a modern toilet and shower block for anglers' use.

Clearwater Lakes offers bait packages and bait boats for hire, and is also pleased to supply hot breakfast baguettes, packed lunches and evening meals upon request.

Prices are £280 per angler, per week for Spring Lake and £560 for a week in the cottage plus exclusive use of Mill Lake for two anglers. A 20% discount is applied for early booking.


Carp France Fishery
Carp France Fishery

Website Address: www.carpfrance.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Willow Lodge Fishery
Willow Lodge Fishery

Website Address: www.willowlodgefishery.co.uk

Description: Willow Lodge offers fishing in France for Carp, Catfish and Coarse Fish. The Venue has been set up to cater for families with children or fishermen requiring more comfort than just a bivvy. Willow Lodge is located between the towns of Parthenay and Poitiers in the Poitou-Charentes area of France. Carp Fishing in France

Lake: The lake is between 4 and 5 acres and was originally dug in 1966 but re-shaping work was carried out in 2003. Depths vary from 3 foot to 9 foot. Over the last 3 years the lake has matured nicely, rushes, reeds and various bankside cover now border the lake although various attempts to plant lilly pads have failed as the fish love to rip them up !!!

The bottom is mainly flat but raised areas, stoney areas, silt, a couple of bars and a nicely shaped gulley give plenty of underwater features to find. There are also over hanging trees on the island to fish to and a spit that splits part of the lake towards the island, there is also a small back bay with an island that the fish like to visit for some peace and quiet !!!

There are 5 main bivvy swims which have solar lights to mark the waters edge, picnic benches and places to hang up unhooking mats.

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish, Roach{rokcomments}

Lac du Pèlerin
Lac du Pèlerin

Website: http://www.lacdupelerin.com

Location : In the Deux-Sevres department (79) and Poitou-Charentes area. Our village is easily accessible from the Route Nationale and Poitiers is on a main auto route

Description: Nestles amongst our 83 acres of beautiful French countryside. Mature woodland and fields gives the carp angler and his family total seclusion. Our anglers have the chance to fish for quality carp in a spectacular location. Seeing the sunrise over the poplar trees and the first carp showing is breath-taking. Lac du Pèlerin has overhanging trees, reeds, irises and lots of wildlife - kingfishers, deer, eagles and waterfowl. Our top of the range chalet, with views over the lake, gives our carp anglers and their family the opportunity to experience a magical carp fishing holiday in France. The water takes 4 anglers very comfortably with a choice of swims. You can either choose to bivvy up on the grassy banks or take advantage of our accommodation. Choose either to fly on our package where tackle is included or drive down.

Lake Stock: The carp that inhabit the lake are stunning specimens, both mirrors and commons. The majority have starburst scales, incredible colouring and sturdy bodies. They are powerful fighters and you will enjoy the challenge of catching them. You may have the chance to catch your personal best carp at Lac du Pelerin. Our carp range between 20 and 40lbs. The potential catch for anglers is exciting.

The lake is accessible from all sides and there are grassy banks to bivvy up right on your rods & watch those lurking carp. The lake extends to a little over 5 acres of fishable water. The water quality is superb and the lake bed has a good natural food source - we even have swan mussels, just shows how rich and clean our water is! All this and enclosed by mature woodland - Brilliant!

The features extend over the complete lake - an island, with willow trees & reeds, a lake bottom with many humps & troughs and a small riverbed which gives a good source of blood worms, snails etc. The depths vary from 3ft to 12 ft which means the carpest can cover all eventualities with three rods. We are establishing a lily pad bed which will just enhance Lac du Pèlerin's beauty and give the resident dragonfly, frogs and damsels somewhere to explore, along with the mirrors & commons of course. To compliment the water chain at Lac du Pèlerin other species such as tench, roach and zander balance the natural cycle.

Booking through their website{rokcomments}

Les Etang de l'Abbaye
Les Etang de l'Abbaye

Location: Picardy, OiseWebsite Address: www.abbeylake.com/uk/info.aspx1) Fox Lake, Etang du Renard (11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers)2) Heron Lake, Etang du Héron (14 Ha, 22 swims for 17 anglers)3) Attila Lake, Etang Attila (3 hectares, 10 double swims)4) Frog Lake, Etang de la Grenouille (3 hectares, 10 double swims)5) King Fisher Lake, Etang du Martin-pêcheur (13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers)6) Wild Boar Lake, Etang du Sanglier  (6 Ha, 30 swims for 25 anglers)Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}


 Location:  Lillypool is a carp fishery situated in the Pays-de-la-Loire region of France and is a drive and survive complex taking as little as 2 hours from the France port of St Malo. Calais or Boulogne is only 4-5 hours away via the new motorway.

 Website: www.lillypool.co.uk


Description: The 4 acre carp fishing lake is located within 10 acres of beautiful French countryside. It has its own private entrance and is completely self contained. Suitable for 4-5 anglers. All swims give maximum access for catching the lakes resident carp. The banks are flat, grassy and perfect for pitching your  bivvy, ideal for your carp fishing holiday in France.

The closest village to the fishing lake for amenities is Villiers-Charlemagne, with the local supermarket being 7km at Chateau-Gontier.

Lake: The Lake is spring fed with average depths of 3-8 feet; features include margin plants, lilypads, shallow and deep margins and an island.

 Stock: You don't have to worry about crayfish or poisson chats there are none! The lake has been drained and prepared ready for the new arrivals. Carp have been added to Lillypool ranging from 20-40lb, guaranteed to be a brilliant runs water for our opening season 2010.

 All the new fish were supplied by Michel Bigot pisciculture in France. Michel's family run business came highly recommended as one of the finest carp suppliers in France. All the fish were handed picked by ourselves with Michel's expect knowledge and guidance.

The facilities: at the fishery include a very well equipped fully fitted kitchen and the following:

Gas cooker, Microwave oven, Fridge/ freezer BBQ, Full set of kitchen utensils ,Hot & cold mains water, Toilet and shower.{rokcomments}

Les Genets
Les Genets


Location: Pays de la Loire, Mayenne

Website: www.anglinglines.com/docs/ourvenues/lakes/genets/index.php

Description:  Genêts is situated in the idyllic, peaceful countryside of the Pays de la Loire region, near Mayenne. Although easy to find with the directions supplied it is set well away from busy main roads - the only neighbours you'll be likely to see are cows grazing in the nearby fields - making this an ideal setting for a quiet week of fishing away from it all.

The Lake: This is a 40 year old man made lake of approximately 5.5 acres, fed by a natural spring, with a silt over clay bottom. The owners have retained its natural look with trees and bushes overhanging the water, giving shade and shelter to both anglers and fish. There are 9 single swims & 1 double for 5 anglers maximum to choose from, so there's plenty of room to move around if you wish. All the swims are on one side of the lake and are well drained with good cover and plenty of space for large bivvies. The bank you fish to is mostly tree and bush lined and there are lily pads at one end of the lake.

Owners Larry, Steve & Heather live on-site so there is always someone available should you need any help or advice. The property is securely fenced in and there is a car parking area. Larry & Steve can help you transport your tackle to your swim if you wish.

Facilities: There is a comfortable lodge overlooking the lake where breakfast and evening meals are served. The food package includes a full cooked English breakfast with cereals, toast and as much tea and coffee as you can drink... or a breakfast baguette delivered to your swim, and a two-course evening meal... main course and sweet. We're told nobody has ever left hungry, so be prepared to put on a bit of weight!!

Breakfast & evening meals are served in the lodge… or, weather permitting, at the seating area overlooking the lake. For those hardy fishermen who don't want to reel in they are more than happy to serve your evening meals at the gazebo situated close to your swims{rokcomments}

Lac Louvetiere
Lac Louvetiere

Location: Pays de la Loire, Mayenne

Description: Lac Louvetiere is a stunning 5 acre carp lake situated deep in the scenic Mayenne countryside. Owned & managed by former professional footballer Ty Gooden & his wife Michelle.

Beautiful secluded tree lined venue, packed with features. Mature lake, fully established & un-fished for 10yrs prior to purchase.

Over 1 tonne of carp to over 30lb added to original mystery stock. The lake also holds some MYSTERY sized catfish. Price packages to suit all. New intimate 2 acre venue opening later this year

Lake: The picturesque 5 acre lake is full of features.Trees line the whole of the far bank giving anglers fishing anywhere on the other 3 banks plenty of fish holding areas to aim at.There is an island in the middle offering yet another fish holding area within reach of many swims on the venue.The carp tend to patrol the far bank, the island, plus the nearside margins,so wherever you are on the venue, the fish are within casting range. The deeper area near the sluice is also a good target area.The fish that have been caught so far have come from all areas of the lake so there are no favoured swims or sought after as yet

Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Etangs de Breton
Etangs de Breton

Website Address: www.etangsdebreton.co.uk

Location: Of five lovely carp and catfish lakes on a very private estate in north-west France. Collectively known as Etangs De Breton-

Description: The lakes contain an excellent head of both common, leather and mirror carp. These include carp to well over 40lb, with many 20lb and 30lb specimens. The lakes contain Wels’ catfish to 120lbs plus. The catfish are very powerful and will put up a fight which is second-to-none, so please bring your heavy tackle if you are targeting these. The aim is to provide interesting big carp and cat fishing on five beautiful small lakes set in very private tranquil surroundings.

The Lakes: Poplars Lake and Birch Lake are both now well-established with UK anglers, many of whom return to the lakes year after year. Both Poplars and Birch can be booked exclusively for up to three anglers with non-fishing guests going free. Two of the lakes - Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool - are now only available exclusively to single parties of up to four anglers who have both lakes to fish! Orchard Lake is absolutely georgeous and has it's own private lakeside chalet accommodation suitable for two carp anglers, a fishing couple or the small family.All the lakes are classic English-style estate lakes, and are all stream-fed and rich in natural food. Although all the lakes are close together you cannot see one lake from the other. This is an excellent feature. Once you set-up, you and your party has total privacy, and you are free to come and go as you please. The five lakes lie in tranquil and very private woodland surroundings set in rolling French countryside. The estate is entirely enclosed by fencing and secure gates, and the acres of woods and mature trees which surround the lakes provide complete seclusion and quiet.The property lies off a quiet back road; there is no noise other than the resident wildlife, which includes red squirrels, kingfishers, ducks, deer and birds of prey.

Although off the beaten track, you are less than five minutes drive from the nearest village, with its traditional French shops, supermarkets and bars. The nearby village also boasts a clean inland beach for swimming and sunbathing. There are lots of things to do and see in the area, and the Brittany coast is just over an hours drive away.The major city of Laval and the historic medieval town of Vitre are just fifteen minutes away. Laval is noted for its large hypermarkets and shopping facilities. It also has one of the best carp tackle shops in north-west France! Enjoy this site and contact me via email for more information if required!

Facilities: Boats - All lakes are equipped with a small boat for each parties exclusive use (1 boat for Eagle Lake & Peter's Pool) Although boats are not really necessary as you can walk around to bait-up each swim, you can use the boat for baiting up or for rowing the rigs out if you wish.Bait boats are welcome at Etangs De Breton. Chargers can be plugged into the mains in the mobile homes(s)

Unhooking Mats - Each swim will be equipped with a large unhooking mat which should be used. This also saves space as it will not be necessary to take your own

Toilets - There is an English flush toilet on each site.

Shower - washing facilities - Each lake has its own shower. The shower at Birch is in the outbuilding whilst on Poplars it is in the mobile home. On Eagle & Peter's this in the chalet.

Drinking Water/Water - Although there is running water on site, we do not recommend you drink it. Please bring your own drinking water. Drinking water can also be purchased locally from all supermarkets in 5 litre containers for under a Euro (64p).

Storage Space/Fridge - Each lake has a fridge freezer/bait freezer. Barbecue Equipment  Each lake has its own barbecue and furniture. Car Park - All cars must be parked in the designated car parks.

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.{rokcomments}

Lac de Paix
Lac de Paix

Website Address: https://www.lacdepaix.com

Lac De Paix is a Carp Fishing Lake in France owned and run by Daniel & Richard Marshall.

A newly established management team we have – and are – working hard to provide a French carp fishing lake for an unforgettable holiday / drive & survive experience.

Both have fished many prolific carp fishing lakes in France and the UK. Their experience and contacts within the carp fishing industry coupled with their knowledge of tourism ensures a top quality venue at Lac de Paix.

Our philosophy is one of no nonsense. You can expect superb customer service, we like to treat our customers as we like to be treated and our standards are high.


There are six good size swims that will accommodate two man bivvies and a double bivvy swim. All year round feeding of the fish is carried out in all areas of the lake. This not only ensures continued growth of the fish but also keeps them on the move.

In the main lake the water is oxygenated by a continuous replenishment from the natural springs below the lake bed, eventually draining off into the nature reserve behind the dam; this means flooding is virtually impossible. The stock ponds are fed from the same stream that supplies water to two local villages – the quality of water here is very high. The stock lakes have been established for around 75 years and hold many fish from decades gone by, the largest of which have been placed in the main lake.

Lac de Paix is a 1980’s clay digging and has been designed to satisfy anglers looking for a combination of runs – and sizable fish. We have achieved this by selecting an appropriate water to accommodate large carp and currently have around 5000lbs of top quality fast growing carp. There are also some sizable original fish. There are no poison-chat or crayfish in the lake. Lac de Paix is set in 10 acres of fenced, privately owned, breath-taking French countryside; surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest and farmland. Night fishing here is allowed and no permits are required.

There is easy access to all parts of the venue on foot, all pathways are well maintained


Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Chestnut Lake
Chestnut Lake

Location: Limousin, Haute Vienne

Website: http://www.chestnutlakefrance.com/

Description: Chestnut Lake is situated in a tiny hamlet in the heart of the Limousin region just 20 miles north of the city of Limoges, the Limousin capital. We have a total of 12 acres consisting of an ancient five and half acre lake surrounded by large lawns and a private woodland.

All of this could be yours to enjoy for a week or two with your family and friends or just a weekend break to get away from it all at home. There is just one price for the holiday with no hidden extras unless you request them! All the details are available at a click of a button on this web site so please feel free to have a search around and questions can be emailed to us or you can call using the details below

Lake: The Lake itself dates back to the seventeenth century and can be found on a map of that time – it may date back further but we are yet to discover any printed documents for this.

It is therefore a well established lake and for that reason we have tried our best not to change or disturb it. All the banks surrounding the lake are low and are therefore easy accessible for both catching and returning.

Facilities: Just behind the chalet there are laundry facilities and an extra freezer / fridge should you require this.

On the land we have built a children’s play area with a large wooden frame housing a tree cabin with a slide and swings . There is a wooden wendy house which has footballs , frisbees , bats , balls , skipping ropes and many more to amuse the the children or even some adults ! There is an 18FT diameter above ground swimming pool with steps to climb in surrounded by a decking area . There is a covered Table Tennis table and also a Badminton net , with all the rackets , bats and balls provided .

All of this is situated in front of the chalet so you can relax while the children play for hours.

By the home there is a bbq area with tables and chairs for those long summer days and nights or take a walk in the woods and through the paths we have cut away and watch the wildlife or just listen to the birds.{rokcomments}

Petite Ecosse
Petite Ecosse

Location: Limousin, Haute VienneWebsite Address: http://www.frenchentree.com/france-limousin-fishing-holidays/

Description: Our two gites Gite “Talahof” which sleeps 4 and Gite “Hazel” which sleeps 6 are only a stones throw away from the our stunning and tranquil 5 acre lake, set in 18 acres of meadow land with our swimming pool close by. Both gites are comfortably furnished and come with all bed linen and towels included in the price. If you don’t want to cook, we can offer a full catering option.

In our 5 acre lake there are naturally occurring Rudd, Roach and Carp, stocked Tench, Perch, Black Bass to 4lb, and Pike.In January 2006 we added to the carp stock with carp up to 56lbs. By April 2006 one had been caught, a mirror, and already weighed in at 56lbs. We named him the “golden Haggis” and he’s waiting to be caught again.Main Pool.{rokcomments}

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