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freedom Lakes
Freedom Lakes

Location: Outside the village of Usson, South-east of PoitiersWebsite: Three lakes are open for fishing, they are approximately 9acres, 19acres and 29acres and represent carp fishing in France how we feel it should be with beautiful natural surroundings and immaculate bigfish. The 9acre and 19acre carp lakes are both well stocked with big carp and provide a high chance of catching 30lb+ carp and even 40lb+ during your fishing holiday aswell as the chance of very big grass carp to 50lb and catfish to well over 100lbLake – Sacha

The smallest of the 3 lakes at 9 Acres

Lake SACHA was drained in 2008 and has been meticulously landscaped.Nestled in the western edge of the property, in a very special location bordered on all sides by dense woodland. There are lots of interesting features in the lake to fish to, such as several small islands, sand and gravel spots, some lily pads and a densely reed lined far margin. The shallow depths means the lake fishes very well all year around, it warms up very early so the spring period can be very productive as well as being a good winter water with the fish reacting to any small change in conditions.

Vehicle access is restricted to one location; however there is a Car Park. Lake SACHA can be booked for up to 6 anglers, or exclusively booked

STATS:Depths 2 to 9 feetCarp stocked: 250Average weight: 24lbs

Lake – Angele

The ‘middle’ sized lake at 19 Acres

Located in the centre of the complex, it is stocked with an incredible head of young and powerful 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and regularly produces some arm wrenching sport. In its first season the lake produced well in excess of 1000 fish landed. The lake also holds a number of big grass carp averaging over 35lb and a few catfish between 60lb and 130lb. The lake bed is a mix of sand silt and stone, a few weed beds and lily pads. There are several sunken islands plus lots of overhanging trees around the lake, every swim is capable of producing a result.

This lake has been intentionally developed as something approaching a ‘Runs Water’, but with a very big average size of fish (Sept 09 – 30lb average). Stocked with an incredible array of stunning carp from leathers to linears and everything in between. This lake is well worth looking at for 2010 if you want to catch some very nice 30’s with a great chance of fish over 40lb in fact we are confident enough to say that the best carp fishing holidays in France will be right here next year.

ANGELE can be booked for up to 10 anglers, or exclusively booked. Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between lake ANGELE  and Lake LOUANNE. There is also use of a chalet located at one of the swims.  ANGELE has Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 2 to 6 feetCarp stocked:400 x 25lb-35lbs100 x 35lb-40lbs30 x 40lbs plus

Lake – Louane

The largest of the 3 lakes at 29 Acres

LOUANE is the biggest lake open, situated on the East side.

LOUANE is home to some very special fish, the lake average is over 35lb. It is the biggest and deepest lake on the complex and is more suited to experienced anglers due to a lower stocking density and snaggy lake bed, it is not a runs water but with most of the fish being over 30lb it is a lake that has the potential to produce a once in a lifetime catch. Several anglers have had 20×30’s and 40’s in a week in 2009. The lake bed has a hard flat bottom, so a good baiting strategy combined with watercraft can pay dividends.

The lake is already producing a good growth rate, the average is over 35lb and will probably be around 40lb in 2010. The water also contains ONE big Catfish called Scarface (180lb+), he has been hooked a few times in 2009 and has won every battle!!

There are enough swims to accommodate up to a total of 8 anglers, there are two islands, one of these has 4 swims cut into it and is a fantastic location to spend a week or two with a few mates. The whole lake can be booked exclusively.

Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between ANGEL Lake and Lake LOUANE.  Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 3 to 11 feetCarp stocked:250 at 30lbs plus{rokcomments}

Carp France Fishery
Carp France Fishery

Website Address: www.carpfrance.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Willow Lodge Fishery
Willow Lodge Fishery

Website Address:

Description: Willow Lodge offers fishing in France for Carp, Catfish and Coarse Fish. The Venue has been set up to cater for families with children or fishermen requiring more comfort than just a bivvy. Willow Lodge is located between the towns of Parthenay and Poitiers in the Poitou-Charentes area of France. Carp Fishing in France

Lake: The lake is between 4 and 5 acres and was originally dug in 1966 but re-shaping work was carried out in 2003. Depths vary from 3 foot to 9 foot. Over the last 3 years the lake has matured nicely, rushes, reeds and various bankside cover now border the lake although various attempts to plant lilly pads have failed as the fish love to rip them up !!!

The bottom is mainly flat but raised areas, stoney areas, silt, a couple of bars and a nicely shaped gulley give plenty of underwater features to find. There are also over hanging trees on the island to fish to and a spit that splits part of the lake towards the island, there is also a small back bay with an island that the fish like to visit for some peace and quiet !!!

There are 5 main bivvy swims which have solar lights to mark the waters edge, picnic benches and places to hang up unhooking mats.

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish, Roach{rokcomments}

Les Gravelles
Les Gravelles

Website Address: www.lesgravelles.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Fish Stocked: Carp, Tench, Roach, Perch{rokcomments}

Lac du Pèlerin
Lac du Pèlerin


Location : In the Deux-Sevres department (79) and Poitou-Charentes area. Our village is easily accessible from the Route Nationale and Poitiers is on a main auto route

Description: Nestles amongst our 83 acres of beautiful French countryside. Mature woodland and fields gives the carp angler and his family total seclusion. Our anglers have the chance to fish for quality carp in a spectacular location. Seeing the sunrise over the poplar trees and the first carp showing is breath-taking. Lac du Pèlerin has overhanging trees, reeds, irises and lots of wildlife - kingfishers, deer, eagles and waterfowl. Our top of the range chalet, with views over the lake, gives our carp anglers and their family the opportunity to experience a magical carp fishing holiday in France. The water takes 4 anglers very comfortably with a choice of swims. You can either choose to bivvy up on the grassy banks or take advantage of our accommodation. Choose either to fly on our package where tackle is included or drive down.

Lake Stock: The carp that inhabit the lake are stunning specimens, both mirrors and commons. The majority have starburst scales, incredible colouring and sturdy bodies. They are powerful fighters and you will enjoy the challenge of catching them. You may have the chance to catch your personal best carp at Lac du Pelerin. Our carp range between 20 and 40lbs. The potential catch for anglers is exciting.

The lake is accessible from all sides and there are grassy banks to bivvy up right on your rods & watch those lurking carp. The lake extends to a little over 5 acres of fishable water. The water quality is superb and the lake bed has a good natural food source - we even have swan mussels, just shows how rich and clean our water is! All this and enclosed by mature woodland - Brilliant!

The features extend over the complete lake - an island, with willow trees & reeds, a lake bottom with many humps & troughs and a small riverbed which gives a good source of blood worms, snails etc. The depths vary from 3ft to 12 ft which means the carpest can cover all eventualities with three rods. We are establishing a lily pad bed which will just enhance Lac du Pèlerin's beauty and give the resident dragonfly, frogs and damsels somewhere to explore, along with the mirrors & commons of course. To compliment the water chain at Lac du Pèlerin other species such as tench, roach and zander balance the natural cycle.

Booking through their website{rokcomments}

Barn Owl Lake

Barn Owl Lake


Location: This private water in the South of France (1 h ? west of Toulouse) between the towns of Auch and Condom (no, it's not joke) in the Gers county.

Description: There is no public access to the lake. The lake is about 2.5 acres (1 hectare). The depth is between 1 to 6m. The bottom is silt clay. It may seem a long drive but it worth it as you will enjoy the South climate which means warm temperature early and late in the year. The easy solution is to fly down. The flights companies offers very cheap flights to Toulouse and Pau and as we propose you to provide you bait, tackle, you only need a bag of clothes and wash bag. Stock: It is stocked with carp up to 20kg+ (44lb+). The average is 8-12kg (17 – 26lb). There are also koi carp up to 15kg (33lb), grass carp up to 16-18kg (35- 39lb), sturgeon up to 20kg (44lb) and 20kg (44lb) mandarin catfish. The fishing is easy to moderate. The lake is only fished occasionally so there is not a lot of pressure. To put things into perspective, the resident owner & fisherman Simon Horton easily manages 3-4 thirties per afternoon just fishing with a couple of rods in the margins. Facilities: On site there is a mobile home with a small kitchen, a lounge, 1 bedroom with double bed and a smaller bedroom with 2 single beds suitable for children. Of course a toilet and shower are also present. Saucepans, cutlery, dishes, bed linen, and tea towel are provided. Bait available on site : If needed, some particles may be supplied on site as well as frozen boilies. * Airport pick up service : 100 euros. If you prefer, we may help you to rent a car. * Fishing tackle to hire on site : You may hire rods, bivvys, bedchairs (if you prefer to sleep on the bank), rods, reel, rod pod. You only need to bring your end tackle box and sleeping bags. In the case you choose to hire tackle with us, a breakage deposit will be asked when you arrive and that will be refunded on departure if nothing is damaged. * Optional food available: So you will only have to focus on your fishing. It will comprise a breakfast + evening meal. Please contact us for more details.

Booking though:{rokcomments}


Location: South of France, not far from Nice and Cannes

Description: Is, has been, and probably will be for a long time the mecca of continental carp fishing. Whilst other venues occasionally steal the limelight, Cassien is always at the hearts of serious carp anglers and just to walk the banks of this incredible venue is a privilege. Catching form there is a dream. We are the only company to offer holidays to this fantastic location which basks in the sunshine near to Nice in the south of France. The holiday season out here is between the middle of June and the middle of September and it's the ideal place to get a bit of sunshine and land a historic carp.We've got accommodation, transfers from the airport, tackle provided and also full advice on the best way to fish there so you literally just need to bring yourself, your clothes, some buzzers and reels, and your terminal tackle box. We've got the rest, and it's exactly the sort of kit that you need.

If you want to experience Cassien at its best then look no further. This is the place for you.

You fly into Nice airport with one of the cheapy airlines (Easyjet and BMI fly to Nice from the UK for less than a hundred quid) and we'll pick you up from the airport and take you to our base 10 minutes from the lake. From there we'll kit you out, point you in the right direction, and get you fishing. French rules only allow fishing from dawn until dusk but this is often the most productive time especially though the holiday season.

 What's Included?

Transfers from airport to Lake Fishing Tackle Bait Permits Advice Accommodation Transport between lake and accommodation

What do we need to bring:

Yourself and your clothes Camera Terminal Tackle Box Reels and Buzzers

You stay on a fantastic camp site a few minutes away from Cassien and we take you down to the lake and bring you back every day.

Included in the price is tented accommodation but you can upgrade to either a mobile home or a chalet for a small charge should you so wish. A lot of guys like to bring their wives' or girlfriends with them and we would suggest an upgrade in this circumstance for extra privacy.

The Site has a fantastic pool and restaurant area where you can chill out if you don't want to fish all day, and there is always the opportunity of a trip out to the beach to either Nice or Cannes, or alternatively if you fancy a bit of action then you can visit the local water park.

All of our equipment is exactly what you need to fish Cassien so there is no need to bring anything with you other than reels, buzzers and your terminal tackle box. We suggest you buy a terminal pack, details of which you will get when you book, but other that we have got everything that you need.{rokcomments}

Kingfisher Lake
Kingfisher Lake

Location:  Poitou Charentes, CharenteWebsite Address: www.carpfrance.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fish Stocked: Carp {rokcomments}

Lac de Villedon
Lac de Villedon

Location:  Poitou-Charentes, VienneWebsite:

Description: Through the Haute Vienne a small stream, fed by the cleanest sources, passes the village 'Asnieres sur Blour'. Straight after Asnieres, the first dam wall that blocks this river Blour has created one of the most complete fisheries in France, a 100 acre lake called Lac de Villedon. Surrounded by grazing and slowly rising landscape your first view of the country side makes you relax and realise you 're holiday has really started.

The lake shows an old river bed, wandering around through the middle of the lake. This part is a bit silty. Most of the bottom towards the banks is clean and hard, you will hardly find any obstacles. Sometimes a rock or gravel bed make the features. From where the river enters towards the dam wall the depth varies from 1 up to 6 meters.

The swims at Villedon are very natural. You can reach them only by boat, which are for rent (with or without battery + motor) at the shop. There is plenty of space per fisherman; the average per swim is 5 acres per double swim! You can bivvy up, as long as they're green or camouflaged. Swims are pretty much soft and bank sticks will do the job.

Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Le Queroy

Location:  Poitou Charetes - Department Charente.


Description: The Le Queroy lakes date back hundreds of years and when we first moved to the property centuries of silt was suffocating the waters, stunting the growth of the fish. Over the next two years we cleared the silt and revitalised the waters. We then re-introduced the best of the strains - rare long-bodied mirrors with the most amazing scale formations, a silver strained variety and finally a golden bellied deep bodied Italian strain.

Stock: Most of the fish in the main lake are 30 - 45 lbs (mirrors, leather and common carp) but there are some mirrors to nearly 50 lbs. There are also 14 grass carp to 40 lbs. These are fast, powerful fish to land. There is one catfish of around 80lbs. The lake covers some 5 acres and is 3.25 metres at its deepest point. There are 8 swims and three of these can comfortably take two bivvies. A second smaller lake of 1.25 acres currently contains a handful of specimen carp to almost 60lbs and one 40lb catfish. We have also a new larger lake which has been stocked but which is not open yet for fishing.

Facilities: When you stay here we want you to feel spoilt. The Lodge is decorated in a cosy, comfortable country house style using original prints, antique and reproduction furniture and stylish lighting. There are three twin bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own design style and decorative scheme. Each has its own bath/shower room. The kitchen has every modern convenience to make your self-catering stay trouble free. Families and non-fishing guests are welcome.{rokcomments}

Lac Du Villefond
Lac Du Villefond


Location: Lac du villefond is a 8 acre exclusive carp fishing lake in France, tree lined, surrounded by open fields set in very quite countryside with fenced lined private grounds down a little-used country road. 6 hours from Calais


Description:Lac du villefond is a mature 8 acre carp lake, and has been a fishery since the 1930’s; in 2008/09 it has been open to the public. It has access all the way around, with 8 purpose built swims including one double. There are over hanging trees and shrubs ideal for stalking and great to fish too. There is a tree lined island reachable from most swims and plenty of snag free open water. The bottom is hard clay with minimal silt. The fish are fed on our high protein pellet all through the winter so the fish have many months of unpressured feeding. To ensure a high nutritional value in the bait used we do require all pellet to be brought on site this is primarily to ensure the fish grow at a consistent rate and remain fit healthy as well as hard fighting. The pellet used has been the fish's main food source since they were stocked in the lake and the catch results using this pellet are best described as prolific. This pellet can be paid for when booking the lake or on an as when needed policy once you have arrived.

Stock:The water is rich with natural food and holds in addition to the original fish which go to 30+ including a couple of very large koi carp, a stocking of 200 carp over the 20lb mark. The 200 carp stocked include mainly mirrors with some leathers and some commons including the lakes largest carp stocked at 48lb! Along with the carp stocking, catfish to 66lb were stocked and sturgeon too over 30lb! Also there are coarse fish and large pike in the lake.

Facilities:On site there is a small car park and facilities include a shower, English toilet, kitchen with cooker, freezer. There is access to battery charging and bins are provided at each swim also a row boat is available for use.

Booking information:{rokcomments}

Twin Lakes Caravan Park
Twin Lakes Caravan Park


Location: Charente-Maritime


Description:Twin Lakes Caravan Park is a picturesque English family owned site set in the region of Charente-Maritime, France. We cater for those seeking a quiet and restful holiday in rural France away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

The caravan site has two fishing lakes. The top lake, which is set in, the wooded area is mainly for experienced fishermen, with Carp at 20lb plus. A small daily fee is charged for this and all catches must be released. In May 2005 within 3 hours one of our guests bagged a total catch of 140lb. He was so pleased with the fishing on site he booked again for later in the year bringing the whole family for a holiday in France.

If you wish to go fishing in France, you are required to obtain a fishing permit from the local fishing tackle shop a short drive away in Montendre. There are lots of ideal locations for day fishing in Charente Maritime, which we are more than happy to help with.

The bottom lake is of mixed fish and is free of charge to all guests in our mobile homes. Again our policy is catch and release. The lake is an ideal spot for eating out at night on the island where picnic benches are set aside for such activities (how romantic).

Stock:Carp at 20lb plus


Bar serving a selection of both Continental and English beers, local wine, hot and cold drinks Snack bar serving light snacks and evening meals Electrical hook ups Reception area with information leaflets Beautiful field available for Rallies Disabled toilet with W.C. Shower & Wash Basin Swimming and Paddling Pool Pool Table Sky TV in lounge area Pot washing room Calor Gas Disposal points Fishing on site Dogs are welcome - but please keep under proper control at all times. Communal barbecue area Barbecues are allowed using a portable or disposable barbecue (disposables available from the shop). Please do not light camp fires on the ground Picnic Tables Water Points Children's playground and sports field


Booking information:{rokcomments}

Les Croix Carp Fishing
Les Croix Carp Fishing


Location: Charente Region of South West France


Description:Les Croix is an English owned big carp water with luxury lakeside accomodation, in the Charente Region of South West France.

This gorgeous lake of 3.6 acres is situated in a tranquil and scenic location in the Charente Department, close to the border of the neighbouring department of Haute-Vienne. Known locally as the land of trees and water, you will appreciate why when you arrive in this stunning and beautiful location.

Les Croix is owned and run by a UK qualified and experienced fisheries manager, so you can expect a top class lake !

Les Croix is suitable for all carp anglers, young or old, novice or experienced, on site tuition and help is available if required from an English carp angler with 20+ years experience.

Stock:We have a high density stock of carefully selected fast growing carp, mirrors, leathers, and commons, there are no poisson chat or any other nuisance fish - it is a true carp water for carp anglers, the fish were stocked at weights from 15lb to 30lb+ and currently run to 40lb+. There are plenty of 30's, and 80% of the carp are in excess of 20lbs. There are a few high doubles and no singles.

Facilities:At Les Croix we have provided the following facilities and options, to ensure that your stay here will be as enoyable as possible.

Luxury lakeside gite accomodation with outside terrace, barbecue and pool Airport pick-up package available Quality English boilies, carp pellets, hemp and sweetcorn for sale at competitive prices. Freshly prepared, home cooked food available from extensive menu (one dish per day of the week).


Booking information:Booking Information{rokcomments}

Etang de Brigueuil
Etang de Brigueuil


Location: Etang de Brigueuil is a 25 acre lake on the borders of the Charente and the Limousin.


Description: 25 acre lake on the borders of the Charente and the Limousin with Mirrors and Leathers to late 40’s, Commons to late 30’s, Grass Carp to late 40’s, Pike to mid 30’s, Zander to mid 20’s, 1 Catfish (silure) to mid 40’s, Roach, Perch.


Size of lake 25 acres (10 hectares) No of Swims 12, some doubles (swims 1-8 along bank 1km in legnth) Max No of Anglers 15 Fish stock  Mirrors and Leathers to late 40’s, Commons to late 30’s, Grass Carp to late 40’s, Pike to mid 30’s, Zander to mid 20’s, 1 Catfish (silure) to mid 40’s, Roach, Perch. Features of lake  Mainly silt and sand with some rock features and gravel bars. Numerous bands of lilies. Banks well shaded, swims easily accessible. Water quality Excellent Water source 2 natural springs Date last Drained 11 November 2006 Rod Licence reqd No Night Fishing allowed Yes Bait boats allowed Yes, also on sale/for rent in shop on site. Boats Available For bailiff for baiting up Bait Available on site Yes, in tackle shop Meals Freshly prepared and can be delivered to your swim

Facilities:For those of you who select the drive and survive option, a brand new shower block has been installed in a large building opposite the lake, with English toilets.This building also houses a large freezer for all your baits.

It is possible to order food cooked fresh and brought to you in your bivvy. A simple menu offers breakfast, lunch and evening meal at reasonable prices e.g. home made lasagne and salad for 7 euro.

For those anglers wishing to bring the family there is a superb, fully furnished, 2 bedroom bungalow less than 10 metres from the banks of the lake, and fishing is easily accessible within the private grounds. It boasts a fully fitted kitchen with dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, satellite TV, so you won’t have to miss those important games in the World Cup, shower room, and terrace with spectacular views across the lake.

In case you run out of or break something, there is a fishing shop on site, selling top of the range equipment e.g. Fox, Nash, JRC; All your bait requirements e.g. boilies from Nash, Mainline, Fun Fishing, Mistral, and pellets all at very competitive prices; We work in conjunction with a large tackle shop so if we do not have it in stock it can be brought in for you usually for the next day (subject to availability). Second hand equipment is also on sale. A social evening will be held on a Wednesday evening in the form of a lakeside BBQ, a chance to bring your rods in for a few hours and enjoy an evening of good food, fine wines and beers, and of course good company.

Booking information :{rokcomments}

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