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Etang De Chanet
Etang de Chanet

Location:  Champagne Ardenne, AubeWebsite:

Summary: * MIRROR & COMMON CARP stocked in 2006 to 45lb * WEL`S CATFISH to 70lb* Stunning 12.5 acre lake 3h 40m from Calais* 10 Swims* Maximum 8 Anglers* Cabin with decking & benches* Cooking facilities (including oven, hobs & gas BBQ)* English Showers and Toilets* Electric Points for bait boats and phones etc.* Maximum 3 rods per Angler* No Poisson chat* Carp Mats & Weigh Slings Provided For Each AnglerDescription:  Etang de Chanet is situated in the heart of the Champagne Ardennes Region - Close to Troyes. A 3 Hour 40 Minute drive from Calais. The owners are Kev and Jo Saggers who are a very friendly english couple and will help you in every way they can to make you feel at home and enjoy your trip. Etang de Chanet is a stunning and peaceful, 12.5 acre lake set in dense woodland. In 2006 the lake was drained and netted and then stocked with 2 tonne of virgin fish as well as the original stock from the lake. Nearly all of the new and already present fish were Mirror and Common carp ranging from 12lb to just over 45lb. Taking into account the average yearly growth rate some specimens could be tipping the scales at 60lb. Considering quite a few of these are still uncaught and untarnished virginal fish this should make for a very exciting and active season.

Also present in the lake are some pike which were re-stocked from the original netting. As to how big they are we are not sure but some nice specimens have been caught on pike fishing sessions at the lake. Etang De Chanet is also home to some beautiful wildlife including Jays, Buzzards and Kingfisher to name but a few.    Lake:  The Lake has 10 swims which have been carefully situated around the lake to provide a feature to fish to for each angler. For example islands, overhanging trees, margins lilies and also open water. The depths vary from 2 ft. – 8 ft. with a silt bottom. We welcome a maximum of 8 anglers per week, which will ensure a more intimate fishing experience for you and also provide the option of moving swims if desired. There are no poisson-chats present in the lake (a nuisance species of catfish which are present in some French fisheries. We all know there is nothing more frustrating than fishing all night with no bait on your hook.)

 Stock: The rest of the stock consisted of a handful of wels catfish which at present time are estimated to be at around 40-50lb. Our newest edition to the lake is `Mandy`, a sexy specimen 70lb mandarine wels catfish whom we couldn’t resist buying down to her sheer beauty.

There is a cabin on site with full cooking facilities including oven, hobs & a big gas BBQ, freezer for bait (limited size) and electric points for charging phones, ipod docks and bait boats etc. There are also 2 english toilets and 2 powerful showers. We provide Carp Mats & Weigh Slings for every angler.

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Goncourt Complex
GoncourtLocation: Champagne Ardenne, Marne

Website: Domaine de GoncourtDescription: The lakes are situated in the heart of the Champagne region only a couple hours away from the European capital cities. We welcome you to live unforgettable fishing moments at le Domaine de Goncourt between March to the end of October. The carp is here the king of all fish and their unique strain will fill your cameras with very special images. There are three lakes to go for, each having their own unique attraction, the woods lake with its wild island is situated on the edge of a lush forest, the Lake de La Traque provides plenty of action from carp lurking below the overhanging willows and the Great Lake will rejoice lovers of big heavily scaled mirrors. Here all is set for you to enjoy your fishing holiday in the best conditions.Lakes in this complex are: Woods Lake, Lac de la Traque, and The Great Lake{rokcomments}


Location:  Champagne Ardenne, Marne

Website: Woodslake is only a couple of hundred yards from the Goncourt complex, yet the strains of fish present are totally different. All the usual amenities are present and the swims are all accessible by car. A peninsula has been built in July 2007 to reach the island. It is now possible to fish from the island for booking made on exclusive basis.

Lake & Stock: : The Lake is quite prolific with around 250 carp present up to 45lb, these make good use of the feature full mature 15 acre lake with a central area. The cats run up to 140lb and the average size is around 40-70lb. Plenty of fun is to be had in pleasant surroundings{rokcomments}

Les Quis
Les Quis

Location:  Île-de-France, Seine-et-MarneWebsite:  http://www.lesquis.comDescription: They will pick you up on a Friday night from a secure car park in Folkestone . Then you're taken to the complex on board a luxury 56 seat, air conditioned coach with TV, video, drinks facilities, a toilet. The coach is driven by two professional, licensed drivers, so there is no danger of driving fatigue, making the journey as stress free and comfortable as possible.

On arriving we will unload at the lodge where you will be greeted with a cup of tea. Here you can chat to anglers already at the complex about the fishing and last weeks catches. We then give all new arrivals an hour or so to walk around the complex allowing you to ear mark potential swims. Once everyone returns to the patio the selection of swims/lakes will begin, with No.1 starting working through to the last drawn numberLakes: The 4 lakes themselves are all well established gravel pits which have been allowed to mature naturally. Most swims are enclosed by lush vegetation and the lakes' margins are lined with mature trees and bushes - perfect for the carp. In fact we've spent endless hours watching carp to over 60lbs browsing at our feet! The lakes are large enough to allow quiet, uninterrupted fishing without being too large to put the fish out of range. Indeed, standard "English" tackle is perfectly adequate for the Les Quis Complex, but be prepared for the fight of a lifetime, the Les Quis residents are renowned for their incredible fighting abilities


Ultimate Lake
Ultimate Lake

Location:  Brittany, MayenneWebsite: Ultimate Lake is in the Loire valley, boardering on the Normandy and is just under a 5 hour drive from Calais, 2 hours from Caen and only 1 1/2 hours from St Malo. Gorron is only 8km away where there are two supermarkets, and other small shopsBooking Through:{rokcomments}

Etang Rendezvous
Etang Rendezvous

Location: Centre , IndreWebsite: The stunning exclusive lake is situated just 40 minutes northof the west picturesque town of Chateauroux which is an easy 4 hours drive from Le Havre and only 6 hours from Calais, avioding Paris and less if you brave the Peripherique. Etang Rendezvous is a 12 acre lake with its own private entrance and is completely self-contained.  It is fishable from all sides and is exclusive for you and your party. There are NO Poison Chat or Cray fish. Rendezvous can now boast stockings of over 380 mirrors, commons and grass carp, with Cats up to 100lbs.Booking through :{rokcomments}

The Millhouse Lake
The Millhouse Lake

Location: Pays de la Loire , SartheWebsite:  Situated to the south east of Le Mans in the Pays de la Loire region of France, The Millhouse is a beautifully secluded 38 acre venue with a private 12 acre lake and exclusive 3 bedroomed bankside accommodation. From Caen the journey takes no more than 3 hours and under 5 hours from Boulogne. Familys and anglers alike will enjoy the benefits of being close to the historic city of Le Mans with its abundance of restaurants, cafes and shops{rokcomments}

Etang Marolles
Etang Marolles

Location: Location: Brittany, Ill et VilaineWebsite: Etang Marolles is a premier 13 acre lake situated between the French Normandy and Brittany border in the beautiful countryside of Loire. The area is steeped in history with the nearest town of Fougères home to the oldest castle in Europe. The surrounding area is mainly agricultural land, with fields of maize and cows, sheep and horses grazing in nearby fields. It is a stunning area with breathtaking views and a perfect place to take time out and to relax.{rokcomments}

Domaine de Morgard
Domaine de Morgard

Location: 4 to 4 ½ hour’s drive from Calais.


Description: This venue is the epitome of modern Carp angling holidays: a 12 acre lake, full of big fish … But there is more, five fantastic bungalows are also provided as part of the holiday package, all set beside this amazing lake. Fish from your garden if you chose to do so!

This venue is the epitome of modern Carp angling holidays: a 12 acre lake, full of big fish...But there is more, five fantastic bungalows are also provided as part of the holiday package, all set beside this amazing lake. Fish from your garden if you chose to do so!

Each bungalow has its own kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, dining table and chairs, TV, fireplace, fridge etc...and is ideally suited for anglers or family alike. On the terrace, you will also find a table, chairs, and even sun longers!

These superb holiday homes, scenery and settings are out of this world and must be seen to be believed, likewise, the quality of the carp fishing with fish to 62lbs!

Five 50's for one angler, countless big fish, the list goes on...This is one of Dream Fishing Holidays premier venues and demand is already high.

If you fancy a rest from your rods, you can enjoy a game of tennis on the on-site court. You could maybe go and visit one of the many "Chateaux" or museums the region has to offer, try some of the regional cuisine in one of the local restaurants or even go horse riding for the afternoon. For budding artists, painting tuition is also available at the studio only a few hundred yards away at the cost of 75 euros for 3 afternoons.

This venue has all the ingredients for an incredible fishing holiday experience. There are only a few places available so book early to avoid disappointment.

Booking through Dreamfishing Holidays:{rokcomments}

la Fritterie
La Fritterie

Location:  Champagne Ardenne, MarneWebsite: Carp

La Fritterie is owned and run by Jeff and Lisa Powell the founders of JRC, one of the UK's leading carp tackle brands.

Set in the Marne Valley approx 3 1/2 hours drive from Calais; the 30-year-old, mature 12 acre carp lake has a large lodge with internally fitted showers, toilets and kitchen facilities. There are eating areas inside the lodge and a covered area outside which has panoramic views of the entire lake.

The maximum number of anglers allowed at one time is 8, this gives you plenty of space to move swims during your weeks fishing , we do not take part bookings for the lake.

To be fair to all anglers we operate a draw system on arrival, swims unfortunately cannot be pre-booked but all swims can produce big carp. The lake has 10 swims, all of which are accessible by car


freedom Lakes
Freedom Lakes

Location: Outside the village of Usson, South-east of PoitiersWebsite: Three lakes are open for fishing, they are approximately 9acres, 19acres and 29acres and represent carp fishing in France how we feel it should be with beautiful natural surroundings and immaculate bigfish. The 9acre and 19acre carp lakes are both well stocked with big carp and provide a high chance of catching 30lb+ carp and even 40lb+ during your fishing holiday aswell as the chance of very big grass carp to 50lb and catfish to well over 100lbLake – Sacha

The smallest of the 3 lakes at 9 Acres

Lake SACHA was drained in 2008 and has been meticulously landscaped.Nestled in the western edge of the property, in a very special location bordered on all sides by dense woodland. There are lots of interesting features in the lake to fish to, such as several small islands, sand and gravel spots, some lily pads and a densely reed lined far margin. The shallow depths means the lake fishes very well all year around, it warms up very early so the spring period can be very productive as well as being a good winter water with the fish reacting to any small change in conditions.

Vehicle access is restricted to one location; however there is a Car Park. Lake SACHA can be booked for up to 6 anglers, or exclusively booked

STATS:Depths 2 to 9 feetCarp stocked: 250Average weight: 24lbs

Lake – Angele

The ‘middle’ sized lake at 19 Acres

Located in the centre of the complex, it is stocked with an incredible head of young and powerful 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and regularly produces some arm wrenching sport. In its first season the lake produced well in excess of 1000 fish landed. The lake also holds a number of big grass carp averaging over 35lb and a few catfish between 60lb and 130lb. The lake bed is a mix of sand silt and stone, a few weed beds and lily pads. There are several sunken islands plus lots of overhanging trees around the lake, every swim is capable of producing a result.

This lake has been intentionally developed as something approaching a ‘Runs Water’, but with a very big average size of fish (Sept 09 – 30lb average). Stocked with an incredible array of stunning carp from leathers to linears and everything in between. This lake is well worth looking at for 2010 if you want to catch some very nice 30’s with a great chance of fish over 40lb in fact we are confident enough to say that the best carp fishing holidays in France will be right here next year.

ANGELE can be booked for up to 10 anglers, or exclusively booked. Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between lake ANGELE  and Lake LOUANNE. There is also use of a chalet located at one of the swims.  ANGELE has Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 2 to 6 feetCarp stocked:400 x 25lb-35lbs100 x 35lb-40lbs30 x 40lbs plus

Lake – Louane

The largest of the 3 lakes at 29 Acres

LOUANE is the biggest lake open, situated on the East side.

LOUANE is home to some very special fish, the lake average is over 35lb. It is the biggest and deepest lake on the complex and is more suited to experienced anglers due to a lower stocking density and snaggy lake bed, it is not a runs water but with most of the fish being over 30lb it is a lake that has the potential to produce a once in a lifetime catch. Several anglers have had 20×30’s and 40’s in a week in 2009. The lake bed has a hard flat bottom, so a good baiting strategy combined with watercraft can pay dividends.

The lake is already producing a good growth rate, the average is over 35lb and will probably be around 40lb in 2010. The water also contains ONE big Catfish called Scarface (180lb+), he has been hooked a few times in 2009 and has won every battle!!

There are enough swims to accommodate up to a total of 8 anglers, there are two islands, one of these has 4 swims cut into it and is a fantastic location to spend a week or two with a few mates. The whole lake can be booked exclusively.

Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between ANGEL Lake and Lake LOUANE.  Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 3 to 11 feetCarp stocked:250 at 30lbs plus{rokcomments}

BMP Carp Fisheries
BMP Carp Fisheries

(Lake Perigny La Rose)Location: Champagne-Ardennes region, near EpernayWebsite: Carp


The lake is about 13 acres in size, which has been established approximately 18 years. During the last few years, Mr. Dollat (Mayor of Perigny la Rose) with his team have refurnished this pit and made all the banks available for fishing. The lake is totally secured with a fence covering the full 15 acres of land. There is a track that goes all around the perimeter. The swims are well spaced out, with grassy areas for bivvies and rods. The banks are very smooth, which give you the opportunity to fish anywhere you like.

The lake bed, in true gravel pit style, is anything but flat with gravel bars, deep holes and plateaus all over the place. Bait boats are allowed on this venue and could be an advantage for precise baiting and presentation. There is not a lot of weed – a big head of grass carp do a good job at keeping it at bay.

The lake has a very big head of carp that was stocked bi-annually by the mayor of Périgny la Rose until 2008. One of the nice things about the venue is the high proportion of commons present – the lake record common stands at 55lb.

The average size is between 32lb – 35lb, with mirrors and over 55lb having been banked. There is a very healthy head of 30-35-pounds carp.

In January 2010, another ton of fish, commons, mirrors and linears to over 30lbs were added by us to boost the original stock


Etang du Moulin de Bley
Etang du Moulin de Bley


Location: Countryside and beautiful forests of d’ Aurtrey

Website : is a stunning lake of around 11 acres and is set in the heart of the un spoilt countryside and beautiful forests of d’ Aurtrey. A short drive of less than ten minutes from the lake is the mighty River Saone, which apart from its coarse fish, is home to some very large catfish and carp.

The lakes are very secluded and completely surrounded by trees and are situated on a private estate owned by the Engel family, farmers here for generations. The image below will cycle through views from each swim on this fabulous water

Lake: The Bley Main lake is divided into 8 pegs, each one giving the angler plenty of room to fish, with some pegs having room for 2 anglers to fish side-by-side.

All of the pegs offer features to fish to and each angler has more than enough water to fish in total comfort. There is a good depth of water in the lake at around 6 ft at the dam end, to about 2ft at the cabin end, where the carp are often seen cruising in the shallows. It is peaceful, very secluded, and a totally private estate.

The tall electric gates are closed each night to make it completely safe, and it is fenced on all sides. Its tree lined banks are surrounded with lush vegetation and an abundance of wild life, which add to its tranquil magic. With regards to the climate, although it does rain sometimes, this part of France enjoys hot dry weather for most of the time. Even early spring and late autumn can be very warm, making April and October very productive for fishing.On site there is a toilet and shower room along with a well equipped and decent sized kitchen. Fridges and freezers are also located in the kitchen, and there is a good sized indoor eating area which also has an indoor built in very large bar b q for all weather conditions. There is  a small bait and end - tackle shop on site and bait can be also ordered before you arrive. Just a short 10 minute drive from the lakes you will find the local amenities which include supermarkets, shops, bars, restaurants, tobacconists and petrol stations

Stocks: The fish stocks are well managed by the Carp Runs team, and periodically the lakes are drained down to remove unwanted coarse fish.

There are almost 300 carp in the lake from 20lbs to well over 50lb, and around 20 good sized catfish. The lake contains mostly mirrors and about 60 commons to just under the 50lb mark, and a few grass carp to 40lb plus. In 2008 almost all of the carp caught were over the 30lb mark, and so far we've seen plenty of 40lb to 50lb fish on the bank every week, with lots of anglers achieving personal bests. Big hits too are common here as well, with some anglers taking as many as 60 carp in a week averaging well over 30lb overall.

In 2009 many more carp over 30lb were caught than 20lb fish by a long, long way, and one of our regulars informed us that he had caught, weighed and photographed 33 totally different carp over 40lb in the 4 years that he has been coming to the lake.  

The Lake was well stocked with big catfish in 2004, and cats to 80lb plus are banked on a regular basis, so there's always the opportunity to fish for this hard-fighting species on a spare rod with a good chance of a result whilst carp fishing.(Catfish are caught every week) 

Like most waters, anglers who put in the most effort here will reap the best rewards and this lake, although not difficult water certainly responds to the thinking angler, and a quite one.

The Carp Runs team continue to feed the carp in the closed season and as a result the fish are putting on weight at an incredible rate. The new season will see the fish fitter, fatter and fighting even harder than ever, if that's possible! The fish at Bley are some of the hardest fighting fish that you are ever likely to find in France and this water is well suited to the angler looking to put a few good bends in the rod, with the chance of some big fish as well. Please check the rules before booking.

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Mayflower Pool
Mayflower Pool

Location: Situated in the heart of the beautiful Limousin countryside, thirty minutes north of the Dordogne.


Description: Incredible peace and tranquillity overwhelm you upon entering the grounds of Mayflower Pool. Quickly that turns to anticipation, as you see and hear the big carp crashing out of the water around the lake. It is this combination of tranquillity, and the excitement of huge carp that makes Mayflower Pool so unique.

Mayflower Pool offers something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned carp angler, or someone on their first overseas trip. Combining superb fishing in beautiful surroundings, and or warm and friendly staff, we will provide you with memories to treasure forever.

Until 2003 Mayflower Pool was selfishly kept for our personal fishing. Now we are making this superb ten acre lake available to six lucky anglers per week. With nearly two acres of available water for each angler, there is freedom to enjoy your holiday to its maximum.

Mayflower Pool is set in beautiful, peaceful surroundings within the Corrèze region of France. Situated down a long no-through lane surrounded by woods and meadows, the lake is a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Lake and stock: At Mirror Pool Fisheries we have built our reputation on growing on big fish to become huge fish. To these ends, we drained the lake once purchased and all the existing carp and silver fish were removed. When that task was completed, we refilled the lake after liming and fertilising the lake bed. This was then left to stabilise before restocking.

We now only use one source for our lakes. Many years ago this fish farmer cross-bred high-backed Romanian carp with the local deep bellied fish, these carp, in the right environment, achieve phenomenal growth rates. We initially introduced over 200 of these young fast growing carp into Mayflower Pool. All carp were over 20lb with forty over 30lb, four over 40lb and one over 50lb. As we predicted, these fish have all grown on and we are seeing a spectacular number of big carp caught every week. A further stocking of over 100 large carp takes place over winter 2003/04.

Facilities: Onsite facilities include toilet and hot shower, kitchen area and fridge. Our English bailiff has lived in the village at the top of the lane for the past three years and is always on hand to help and advise you when requested. Mayflower has undergone our usual fishery management improvements. We are not content with buying fisheries, putting more stock in with the existing fish then opening it to the public.

We can't promise you that you will achieve these results; however we can guarantee that the stocks are there for you to catch. For all the above reasons, together with Mirror Pool Fisheries reputation built over the past six years for providing fishing holidays to the highest standard, you can be sure of a holiday to remember.Booking Through: Their website{rokcomments}

Les Etang de l'Abbaye
Les Etang de l'Abbaye

Location: Picardy, OiseWebsite Address: Fox Lake, Etang du Renard (11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers)2) Heron Lake, Etang du Héron (14 Ha, 22 swims for 17 anglers)3) Attila Lake, Etang Attila (3 hectares, 10 double swims)4) Frog Lake, Etang de la Grenouille (3 hectares, 10 double swims)5) King Fisher Lake, Etang du Martin-pêcheur (13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers)6) Wild Boar Lake, Etang du Sanglier  (6 Ha, 30 swims for 25 anglers)Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Dreamwater (Etang de La Chaume)

No Website , This lake has closed down (information only will be deleted)Description: Etang de La Chaume is a 11 3/4 acre secluded private lake set in the heart of rural France about 6 hrs drive from Calais. Situated in the north of the Haute-Vienne 1 hours drive north of Limoges and 1 hours drive south-west of Poitiers. This is a newly available venue which has not been fished for many years as the property was previously owned, since 1979,by a french hunter and used for duck shooting. The lake is over a 150 years old with an overgrown island in the middle which provides a nice feature to cast to.Access to the island is restricted,at the moment, as it's used by the resident wild ducks for breeding. The lake will be drained and the fish stock checked in the winter of 2004 but I introduced 10 carp up to 33lbs in November2002, which should have put on weight, and there is a good head of fish already in the lake. I have placed orders for more carp of 40lbs+ and 50lbs+ and I am waiting to hear from the supplierFish Stocked: Carp, Tench, Roach, Perch{rokcomments}

Etang du Soleil
Etang du Soleil

Website Address: www.francecarp.comDescription:  Étang du Soleil, translated this means Pond of the sun. The lake is set in the sunny region of Limousin, south of Limoges.

The lake was previously used by the French to fish for predators, such as pike & zander. As far as we know it was never been fished for carp so it was virgin territory. The local villagers have told us of big carp cruising and splashing and we have now seen them too. (click on latest catch for update)

Lake: 14 acres of lake surrounded by farmland and the village of Masseret Du Gare. The lake is pre Napoleonic which means we have an automatic legal right to 24 hr fishing.

We have stocked the lake with carp of 20, 30, & 40+lbs this winter. (see latest catch for details). Following the lake being drained in Feb 2003 we have removed the large Zander and most importantly the posion chat (small American catfish). All we are left with now are a few small zander, pike and 260+ carp to 49lb and cats to 87lb.Fish Stocked: Carp,Cat{rokcomments}

Étang Negreloube
Étang Negreloube

Location: Limousin, Haute Vienne


Description: A totally private estate set in 60 acres of classic French countryside, offering you the opportunity to enjoy some outstanding carp fishing in truly unspoilt and tranquil surroundings.

At Étang Negreloube they offer 3 levels of travel packages to suit your personal taste.

Platinum – ‘Fly and fish’

This service includes return flights to France. You will be collected from the airport and driven through magnificent Limousin countryside to be welcomed at Étang Negreloube with a relaxing drink in the lodge before settling in and picking your swim.

Gold – ‘Self Drive’

For this service, we will arrange outbound and return ferry crossings. This gives you the chance to make the most of a luxury ferry with the added benefit of onboard entertainment, restaurants, casinos, duty free and the option of an overnight cabin.

Silver - ' Drive and Survive'

Making your own way to our facility where you can enjoy all the benefits of fishing in this relaxing environment.

Lake:  Étang Negreloube, covering 13 acres is the largest lake ranging in depth from 3 to 10 feet and is well stocked with fabulous carp up to 60lb+. The lake offers all round access and 10 swims, with a maximum number of 8 anglers. Close by is a smaller lake covering 2 acres and is stocked with medium size carp - ideal for stalking, float fishing or free lining - the choice is yours. This smaller lake is suited to 2 anglers only

Facilities: Whichever way you decide to travel, all you need to bring are the following: Rods, Reels, Alarms, Sleeping bags , Clothes and any other personal belongings.

At each Swim you be supplied with a quality bivvy - bedchair - table - light - unhooking mat - weightsling - tripod - scales and a rod pod.Breakfast and a 2 course evening meal are supplied daily, with Tea, Coffee or Juice.A choice of menus is available. Light snacks and sandwiches can be purchased throughout the day from the lodge. Alcholic beverages are also available to purchase. Showers,Toilets and payphone are at your disposalBooking through their website{rokcomments}

Lac de Juvigny
Lac de Juvigny

Website Address:

Description: A 12 acre gravel pit, 40 years old, set in a very peaceful environment in the French countryside closely bordered by the Marne canal with river Marne not far away. There are 10 swims and 8 anglers can fish per week, each angler having over an acre and there are 4 double swims. There is vehicle access to all swims and you can literally fish out the back of your car! No need to worry about carrying your equipment and your vehicle can be parked in your swim for ease of access.

The lake is situated around a 3.5 hour drive away from Calais and is located a convenient 10 minute drive in a quiet rural area from the nearest motorway junction.

There is a superb head of fish from 20lbs to 72lbs+ with around 40 forties, 12 fifties, 2 sixties, 1 seventy and numerous twenties and thirties. There are also 50 cats to 74lbs. The current stock level is around 250 fish and each year more fish are stocked to maintain a healthy range of specimens.

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish, Pike, Zander, Bream, Tench, Roach, Perch, Crayfish

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.{rokcomments}

Lac DArcy
Lac D'Arcy

Website Address: www.lacdarcy.comDescription: Our aim at Lac D’Arcy is to provide you the angler with an enjoyable and memorable French carp fishing holiday and of course the opportunity to catch some quality fish. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the facilities and service we provide are of a high standard. We have also applied the same high standard to the fish stocks we have acquired as well as to their ongoing welfare. Please see our Gallery section for your catches and various photographs you have sent in to us

Lake: Lac D’Arcy is an 11 acre gravel pit, The depths range from 1.5m to 2.5m with a mainly gravel bed and some silty areas. There is a small island at one end. Most banks are tree lined; there are 10 large swims around the lake. All with vehicle access which will allow the 8 angler limit a good choice of water – approximately 1.4 acres per angler.

Stock: The lake has been stocked with, a good head of 30’s and 40’s 6 50+ and 2 60+


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