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Etang de la Horre

Etang de la HorreLocation: Champagne regionWebsite: Just imagine. A lake of 110 hectare, surrounded by a spectacular National Park of 250 hectare, stocked with 3000 big carps from 10 until 60 pounds, and all this for you… yes, this is THE ultimate carp fishing venue where every serious carp hunter must have fished at least once in his lifetime. We rate La Horre as a moderate, to difficult water. There's a feeder stream running down the length of the lake bed so it has the classic features of gentle slopes to the centre with shallow water at the top end. Maximum depth of La Horre is 2.5 m. Two bivvies can be placed on each pontoon (6 m x 4.5 m). Use screws or cup hooks to fix the bivvies, nails are not allowed. When it rains it can be quite muddy around the peg. The pegs 4 to 9 lie at a considerable distance from the parking place, you will need a little barrow to carry your tackle. The bathrooms and the showers can be used 24 h a day.Booking through: on this lake is subject to local regulations, please ask for details{rokcomments}

Lac de Villedon
Lac de Villedon

Location:  Poitou-Charentes, VienneWebsite:

Description: Through the Haute Vienne a small stream, fed by the cleanest sources, passes the village 'Asnieres sur Blour'. Straight after Asnieres, the first dam wall that blocks this river Blour has created one of the most complete fisheries in France, a 100 acre lake called Lac de Villedon. Surrounded by grazing and slowly rising landscape your first view of the country side makes you relax and realise you 're holiday has really started.

The lake shows an old river bed, wandering around through the middle of the lake. This part is a bit silty. Most of the bottom towards the banks is clean and hard, you will hardly find any obstacles. Sometimes a rock or gravel bed make the features. From where the river enters towards the dam wall the depth varies from 1 up to 6 meters.

The swims at Villedon are very natural. You can reach them only by boat, which are for rent (with or without battery + motor) at the shop. There is plenty of space per fisherman; the average per swim is 5 acres per double swim! You can bivvy up, as long as they're green or camouflaged. Swims are pretty much soft and bank sticks will do the job.

Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Le lac Fishabil
Le lac Fishabil

Location: Brittany, Cotes d'ArmorWebsite:

Description: The fishery is Located in the southwest of Brittany in a small village called Loscouetsur- Meu, this secluded venue is perfect to kick back and relax courtesy of the lakeside apartments with built in swims.There are several options available for your trip, one being the very popular Organised Trips, where all you have to do is book your holiday and then we'll take it from there. At the complex there's great facilities including clean showers, toilets and most importantly a fully stocked bar! Tackle and bait is provided on site, as well as a half board catering option.

Lake: The main lake has 55 swims on four banks with approximately 65 acres of water. The lake has two main areas to fish, the west bank that is about 20 acres in size and the north/east bank. Fishing to the middle of the lake from this area gives about 45 acres. All the swims are topped with tree bark to a depth of 1ft.{rokcomments}

The Graviers

Location: DijonWebsite:

Description: Opened in 2002, the Carp lakes at Dijon have as predicted, developed into a 1st class fishery. Both, in the quality of the fishing, and the lakes themselves as an un spoilt natural, aquatic environment.

We have worked very hard over the past 7 years to create the perfect Carp lake, breaking the mold of the "commercial" fishery in several ways.

Commercial ?  Not a word I like to use to describe the lakes, as it tends to paint a picture of exactly what I've bee trying hard to avoid here.

Angling pressure has been kept to an absolute functional minimum, in order to preserve the lakes and the angling, and it has now become a real pleasure to fish these un spoilt waters, surrounded by such a variety of wildlife found in and around the natural aquatic environment.

Small groups of anglers only, which means each angler has plenty of water to fish, which should make a nice change for lots of you who fish in France



Domaine de la Vallee
Domaine de la Vallée


Location: The Domaine de la Vallée is set in the lush countryside in the Aisne department of northern France, about 2 hours drive from the ferry port of Calais.



In the Oise Valley, Northern France, lies Domaine de la Vallée, a marvelous lake that has become a fantastic Carp Fishing Venue. It’s a large, varied venue with lots of islands, bays, lily pads and overhanging trees that provide plenty of challenges. The swims can be booked for weekends, weeks or midweeks.

The Lake

Domaine de la Vallée has a total surface of 50 hectares (123 acres). Old trees and extensive fields surround the lake. Main features are islands, bays, overhanging trees and lily pads that provide plenty of challenges. In the northern part of the lake, a stream flows into the lake and provides plenty of oxygen, and natural food. This explains also why this part of the lake is colder and has clearer water. The fish, however, prefer the southern part with warmer water and more plankton.The bottom is irregular and has a soft layer of silk. Apart from the lilies, there are no obstacles. The depth varies between 0,50 m and 4 m.

The Swims

The swims 1 to 12 lie in the southern part of the lake. Swims 7 to 11 are closed by the end of August due to the duck hunt that is organized there. This is not dangerous, but can be annoying. Swim 3 is located on a small island and provides interesting fishing possibilities. Swims 4 and 5 are very popular and a good choice for groups of 3 or 4 anglers. Swims 1 and 2 are spacious and deeper water; the car can be parked close to these swims. Swims 7+9 are interesting for a group of 3 anglers, whereas peg 8 is a good double swim. The swims on the island only have access by boat. You can bring your own boat or rent a boat on the site (8 euros per day). Bait boats are also allowed and so is placing off hook links and ground feeding with a boat.

The Stocking

Domaine de la Vallée has an unknown, old stock of carp up to 50 pounds. The owners restocked the lake several times with younger animals. There’s plenty of natural food (crayfish, mussels, etc) and the carp are growing steadily. The bigger carp are not so easy to catch, but every good angler will catch some stunning carp.

Facilities and services

The venue has a decent sanitary block with showers, washbasins and toilets. There are also 2 fridges, a freezer and a microwave oven for the anglers


Booking through :{rokcomments}

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