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Etang du Villiette
Etang du Villiette

Location: Not Known


Description: This lake is about 40 acres and has carp to 60lb, sturgeon to 76lb and catfish to 100lbs. 1 tour in 2003 pulled out 1.2 ton of fish in a week including sturgeon to 54lb. (between 2 anglers) Facilities – WC{rokcomments}

Lake Jurrassica
Lake Jurrassica

Location: A French carp fishing paradise in only 2 hours drive from Calais,


Description:  4 lakes from 2 to 30 acres set in over 80 acres of idyllic country side. Our stock includes common carp up to 61lbs, mirror carp to 64lbs and catfish to 120 lbs Size 24 acre 5 islands Lily pads gravel and clay bottom Marginal reed beds with depths from 2 to 12 feet deep with an average of 6 feet

Stock: Commons to 61.08lbs, Mirrors to 64.04lbs, Grass carp to 35lbs,Catfish to 120lbs +

Lake: There are currently 10 swims for a maximum of 8 anglers 2 of which may be used as doubles

Facilities: Club House, Toilets, Showers, with mains Hot and Cold running water.Purpose built swims on all venues. Log cabin hire available. Full English or Continental breakfast, plus 2 course evening meal available.{rokcomments}


Location: The new Labyrinth fishery nestles amongst 100 acres of wild, overgrown woodland in the famous Yonne valley. It comprises one beautiful, intriguingly-shaped lake of nearly 60 acres, another of 6 acres and one mile of the River Yonne.Website:  There are about 400 carp in the main lake at present(January 2009) and this is made up of about 150 original fish and a further 250 that have been introduced (see website for details and pictures of some of the stock fish). We intend to stock another 100 fish in the not-too-distant future. A photographic record is being kept of as many fish as possible and this shows more and more originals still being caught. The current Labyrinth lake record was 57.4 mirror landed by Bob Nicholls in November 2008 and this is one of six different 50's landed in 2008. The lake record is not expected to stand very long and the fishery should produce its first 60 quite soon, especially as there has been several reliable sightings of at least one huge, original common! In addition to the carp stock, there are a few catfish present and although these average only 40lbs, a huge fish of well over 100lb was seen, hooked and lost, and soon adopted the name of the Minotaur (the guardian of the Labyrinth).{rokcomments}

Etang du Vaulaurent

Location: Brittany, Morbihan** This website will give you more information on Vaulaurent **Webiste: Carp{rokcomments}

Gigantica (formerly St Christophe)


Location: Champagne Ardenne, Aube


Description: In September 2008 the venue which used to be known as St. Christophe was bought by Danny Fairbrass of Korda. He has changed the name to Gigantica .Gigantica lies in the Champagne region of Eastern France, around 4 hours from Calais, with the majority of the journey being by motorway. The lake is around 35 acres in size and is a cobalt blue gravel pit. It’s a true specimen hunters water – there are some truly exceptional carp swimming in its clear, aqua blue water

Lake: Gigantica is 35 acres (14 hectacres) of water... the water is cobalt blue because of the heavily alkaline gravel it has been dug from.Depths range between 18 and 25 feet, there are no ‘deep holes’ contrary to rumours from anglers. The bottom is fairly flat with very few lumps and bumps, it is therefore better to establish a baited area at a comfortable range and then stick to it.

Stock: Gigantica’s stock is still uncertain... the old owner boasted 950 fish; we can neither confirm nor dismiss this. As the season unfolds more and more carp are being caught which we personally have never seen before, this is because the old owner never kept any stocking records or catch reports

Facilities: The old shower and toilet have been made into a ‘wet room’ which has been totally rebuilt and tiled to a very high standard... ‘too good for carp anglers’ was the tiler’s comment! The wet room has a large shower with free shampoo and shower gel along with a separate ‘posh’ sink. You can lock yourself in for total privacy and it is heated{rokcomments}

Etang de Cherpont


Etang de Cherpont

Location: Location: Limousin region in Central Massif


Description: For the best carp fishing in France welcome to Etang de Cherpont, one of the friendliest carp fishing lakes in France . Cherpont is set in 65 acres in the rolling hills of the Limousin region in Central Massif France and was created in the early 19th century, giving it a cassini status.

Lake: Cherpont is a 39-acre, river-fed, mature lake, in a peaceful, secluded setting with tree lined banks and beautiful views of the surrounding hills and country side


The average weight is 34lbs and there are around 20 fish over 50lbs and there is a good chance of achieving a PB. A maximum of 16 anglers can fish at any one time and choose from 21 swims – so there is always somewhere to move if you fancy a change of scenery. All swims are easily accessible via a path, the furthest swims can be driven round to. Here at Cherpont we want you to enjoy your carp fishing in France. While you are here please ask us if there is anything we can do to make your stay even better. We have a choice of holiday packages to suit your needs and your budget.

We have an on-site restaurant catering for all your food requirements including vegetarian meals with a good choice during your stay. The all inclusive package provides a complete full English breakfast and a two-course evening meal. Times can be flexible to a certain extent but please give plenty of notice, sandwiches are available on request for meal times and we can do runs to the supermarket if given plenty of notice. For your comfort during your stay at Cherpont we have a shower, and toilet facilities that are cleaned regularly



Location: Situated a few kilometers from Reims in Northern France

Description: Coelacanthe, also known as “The Village”.  This lake beats everybody’s expectations in terms of lake quality, fish stocking, facilities and service. Every detail is looked after and the owners have managed to create a five star carp fishing venue. If you’re looking for a luxury Carp fishing holiday – for the same price as other lakes – choose Coelacanthe!The Lake: This former gravel pit has a surface of 17 hectares. The bottom is fairly flat with no holes and the maximum depth is about 2,40 m. The margins drop off very quickly. There’s no weed formation during the hotter months, and there’s no Poisson chat at all. The bottom is mainly gravel with a little silt. The property has a secure perimeter and the entrance door is closed at night, which will give you a safe feeling. Notice the presence of mussels and crayfish. On the far end of the venue you can find the restaurant that has a fantastic view over the lake. The owner’s house is situated next to it.The Swims: The Lake is equally dotted with 7 single swims and 7 double swims. The singles are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12. The doubles are 1, 3, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16. If you book two single swims for two anglers, you can still sit together in one of them and the other swim won’t be rented. All swims have good car access and you can park your car behind the swim. Just swims 14, 15 and 16 have no car access. The spacious swims are surrounded by lots of vegetation, which can provide you with enough shade in the summer.Boats are not allowed, but bait boats are. Placing of hook links is allowed but with restrictions. During the briefing, every angler will know exactly where he or she can fish up to, this is done to avoid crossing lines and to prevent jealous anglers from fishing on your hot spots.Every lake has its mythical swims where one catches presumably more fish, but the owner informed us that the fish are all over the lake. Ask Mr. Noll, the owner, about the hot spot of your swim…The Fish Stocks: Everybody knows that building a healthy carp stocking is difficult and takes a lot to time. It took 10 years to build the amazing Coelacanthe carp population of which 50% of the fish weigh over 15kg. You’ll catch mirrors, leathers, fully scales and commons. Every week a 20kg+ is landed and the lake record is 28,600 kg (2006). The 2009 lake record was a 26kg carp. The most exciting story of the 2009 season was an angler that caught 3 carp over 20 kg in less than 45 minutes!Besides carp you can also catch bass, sander, pike and catfish (over 100kg!).The Facilities: The facilities of Coelacanthe have a hygiene level of a five star hotel. Even your mother wouldn’t mind taking a shower. They charge 2 euros every time you have a shower, but it’s worth it!

Booking Through:{rokcomments}

Les Etang de l'Abbaye
Les Etang de l'Abbaye

Location: Picardy, OiseWebsite Address: Fox Lake, Etang du Renard (11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers)2) Heron Lake, Etang du Héron (14 Ha, 22 swims for 17 anglers)3) Attila Lake, Etang Attila (3 hectares, 10 double swims)4) Frog Lake, Etang de la Grenouille (3 hectares, 10 double swims)5) King Fisher Lake, Etang du Martin-pêcheur (13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers)6) Wild Boar Lake, Etang du Sanglier  (6 Ha, 30 swims for 25 anglers)Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Étang Negreloube
Étang Negreloube

Location: Limousin, Haute Vienne


Description: A totally private estate set in 60 acres of classic French countryside, offering you the opportunity to enjoy some outstanding carp fishing in truly unspoilt and tranquil surroundings.

At Étang Negreloube they offer 3 levels of travel packages to suit your personal taste.

Platinum – ‘Fly and fish’

This service includes return flights to France. You will be collected from the airport and driven through magnificent Limousin countryside to be welcomed at Étang Negreloube with a relaxing drink in the lodge before settling in and picking your swim.

Gold – ‘Self Drive’

For this service, we will arrange outbound and return ferry crossings. This gives you the chance to make the most of a luxury ferry with the added benefit of onboard entertainment, restaurants, casinos, duty free and the option of an overnight cabin.

Silver - ' Drive and Survive'

Making your own way to our facility where you can enjoy all the benefits of fishing in this relaxing environment.

Lake:  Étang Negreloube, covering 13 acres is the largest lake ranging in depth from 3 to 10 feet and is well stocked with fabulous carp up to 60lb+. The lake offers all round access and 10 swims, with a maximum number of 8 anglers. Close by is a smaller lake covering 2 acres and is stocked with medium size carp - ideal for stalking, float fishing or free lining - the choice is yours. This smaller lake is suited to 2 anglers only

Facilities: Whichever way you decide to travel, all you need to bring are the following: Rods, Reels, Alarms, Sleeping bags , Clothes and any other personal belongings.

At each Swim you be supplied with a quality bivvy - bedchair - table - light - unhooking mat - weightsling - tripod - scales and a rod pod.Breakfast and a 2 course evening meal are supplied daily, with Tea, Coffee or Juice.A choice of menus is available. Light snacks and sandwiches can be purchased throughout the day from the lodge. Alcholic beverages are also available to purchase. Showers,Toilets and payphone are at your disposalBooking through their website{rokcomments}

Les Teillatts
Les Teillatts

Location: Ile de France, Seine et MarneWebsite Address: Les Teillatts is a beautiful, secluded lake set in the peace and quiet of the French countryside, 250 miles from the port of Calais, far enough south for improved weather but without the long haul drive. The lake is approximately 35 acres so has plenty of room for you, your four rods and a hassle free trip. The peace and quiet at Teillatts has to be experienced, apart from the odd barge chugging along the River Seine, there is very little to disturb you from your fishing. The swims at Les Teillatts are well spaced and control plenty of water. For those anglers who like a bit of company there are plenty of swims capable of housing two anglers

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish{rokcomments}

Les 3 Iles Pêche
Les 3 Iles Pêche

Location: Ile de France, Seine et MarneWebsite : www.3iles.euDescription: 1 hour away from Paris, via the A5 motorway, come to discover a new fishing venue… Les 3 îles pêche. This beautiful 60 acre lake, surrounded by woodland, is intended for carp, predator and coarse/match fishing. With its diverse bottom layout featuring plateaus, bars, sand banks and weed, variable depths averaging 3 meters (max. 5m) and three islands, makes this lake technically very interesting.

 Fish Stocked: Carp. The current lake record is 55 lb common carp.{rokcomments}

Great Lake
The Great Lake

Description: Has 18 swims (12 anglers max) spread out around this 50+ acre gravel pit. All swims are easily accessible by car. If it is fully scaled or linear’s that you are after, then this has to be the ultimate place. Roughly 1 out of 10 fish is a 30lb+, most being caught in the margins or close to the weed beds (present June to end of July) spread around the lake.There are also Pike and Perch in abundance. The place is a revelation in terms of fish beauty, the lake itself is fairly open with grassy banks, but the fishing is really special.

 Facilities: Full facilities on site include English toilets and showers, electric, fridge/freezer facilities, battery charging, a dining room and a fresh bait delivery service. Exclusive use for max 14 anglers

 Booking through: Great Lake{rokcomments}

Vaumigny Fishing Lake

Etang de VAUMIGNYLocation: Situated 90-minute’s south of Paris by car.

Description: Etang de Vaumigny is an 80 year old gravel pit of around 37 acres (15 hectares). Frank, the owner and full-time carp angler has created a first class carp fishery with a healthy stocking. Every year Vaumigny brings us new surprises, just like the 26,6kg fish that was landed in the 2009 season. We look forward to seeing what happens next year…The Lake: Etang de Vaumigny is an 80 year old gravel pit of around 37 acres. The venue consists of 3 lakes: a nursery lake, a cat fishing lake and a carp fishing lake. The property has a secure perimeter and is surrounded by woods and fields.The depths of the carp fishing lake vary from 1,50 to 3 meters. There’s plenty of natural food like crayfish, mussels, worms and larva. The lake features overhanging trees. The hard gravel bottom has hardly any obstacles. You might find some trees and stumps near swim 10 and the peninsula. When you arrive, ask the owner, he’ll tell you exactly where the obstacles are. Frank visits all the clients to see if everything is alright and if you wish he gives you some interesting tips… There’s no weed in the lake. The grass carp eat a lot of weed and every spring the lake is treated to prevent the weed from growing.Boats are allowed, but they have to have a hard bottom and the use of life vests is compulsory. You can rent boats on the site for 70 Euros per weekThe Swims: The Lake has 18 swims around its perimeter. Only 16 swims can be used at the same time, which gives you the possibility to move around a little during your stay. Swims 1 to 9, 15 and 16 are doubles, the others are single swims.Vehicle access is good around most of the lake; swims 8 to 14 however are only accessible by foot. There are trolleys to carry your tackle to these swims.At Vaumigny it isn´t possible to pre-book a swim, when you arrive you can choose your swim with Frank. There are enough swims for everybody, so the last one that arrives, still has enough swims to choose from. The fish are all over the lake, so all swims are quality swims.Fish Stocks: In 1997, when the actual owner took over the property, the fish stocking was very poor and the original fish were very difficult to catch. To improve the fish stock, since 1997, every year new carp has been introduced to the lake. It doesn’t surprise us that, due to this fantastic management, half of the carp weigh over 15kg. We know from local anglers that at least 5 original carp were over 20kg before Frank arrived. Frank is convinced that now there are at least 36 carp over 20kg in Vaumigny.Besides carp, you’ll also catch grassies, sturgeon and cat fish. By the way: the biggest catfish, called Stéphane, weighs more than 85 kg… Don’t complain that we didn’t warn you…Facilities: There is elementary sanitary with shower, WC, washbasin and electricity. There’s also a washing machine, fridge and freezer. There’s WIFI for the clients.

Booking though:{rokcomments}

La Botte
La Botte

Location:  is situated in the gorgeous Champagne region of France, just over 3 hours drive from Calais is La Botte.

Description: A super established carp fishery, added newly to our portfolio.With loads of carp to over 50lbs, this is a good place to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and get a bend in your rod.

Lake: The lake is almost square in shape, with an elongated island running roughly down the centre (the island cannot be fished from) 20 swims and a maximum of 12 anglers on this 40 acre venue ensures that everyone has plenty of water. An old gravel pit means there are lots of features, in addition to the large central island. Average depth is around 6' depending on the time of year. The use of boats is permitted.Booking through:{rokcomments}

LivardiereLocation:  Situated on the grounds of the château de Saint Fraimbault near Le Mans (2hr1/2 from Cherbourg, 5hr from Calais).

Description: The Lake being a 44 acre gravel pit in this estate is already famous worldwide for its exclusive shoot with exceptional management. It took us plenty of convincing to get the owner of the property to allow anglers on site. After 2 years of negotiations, the lake is now open for guests outside of the shooting season. The mature and tranquil lake is superbly shaped with plenty of features, islands and bays. The depths vary from 1m to just over 3m (10ft), given the shape of the lake, all features are within casting distance. Stock: The stock of carp has been established for quite a few years now, to say that our field testers were pleased is an understatement! From what we have assessed there are plenty of fish varying from upper doubles to mid forties, many fish display deep bodies and awesome scale patterns. The carp are still very naïve so the techniques to be used remain quite simple. La Livardière is not just another French venue, it is a special place where you can really enjoy the fishing and relax.

Facilities: Are those expected for such a property, clean and functional. They are based in a renovated 18th century farmhouse just 50 yards from the lake. The property is fully fenced and secured; even the foxes cannot get in. The adjacent town of Le Mans has plenty of hypermarkets, shops, restaurants and entertainment

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lac de Moisson

Lac de Moisson

Location: Situated northwest of Paris (Department Yvelines)

Description: Lac de Moisson is a securely fenced venue with a 120 hectares lake. It’s a real specimen lake where several carp have surpassed the 30kg barrier. We wouldn’t recommend Lac the Moisson for beginners because it’s not an easy lake. People that have fished bigger lakes like Lac du Der, Orient or Cassien however, will enjoy fishing this lake.

Lake: With its 120 hectares, Lac the Moisson is, with La Horre, one of the bigger lakes in our offer. The venue is fringed by the River Seine, from which it formerly made part of. The lake is quite deep; maximum depth is 6 m. In fact, the level of the lake depends on the level of the River Seine.  When the water level is high, there is normally no weed formation. On the contrary, when the level is low, there might be some weed formation. This occurs towards the hotter summer months. The bottom is very irregular and is mostly hard with stones and sand. The depth maps we’ve made of the lake, show lots of hidden spots and a very interesting plateau in front of swims 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 about 200m from the bank. The booking agent recommends taking enough line on your spool to be able to fish these spots. Order a depth map of your swim HERE.

 The management of the site has integrated the different activities well with carp fishing. The sailing activities are restricted to the Eastern part of the lake.

 Swims: On the Southwest banks there are 11 well-spaced double swims, each at a distance of 100 m. All swims have vehicle access over a gravel path. Cars can be parked at the swim.

 Stock: Originally, Lac de Moisson had a relatively small fish stock from the River Seine. These fish grew strongly due to the presence of plenty of natural food like mussels and crayfish. Now, the lake is very well stocked with both mirrors and commons, ranging in size from doubles to 30kg+ with a very good population of fish over the 30lb mark.

 The bailiff advises tiger nuts, fish meal and blood boilies. If you don’t want to catch bream he suggests larger boilies and no ground baiting with pellets. While choosing your hook links, take into account the presence of freshwater mussels and the crayfish (use braid hook links).

 Facilities: There are toilets and showers for the anglers near swim 11.

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Chateau Moulin
Chateau Moulin

Location: LimousinDescription: An established 42-acre lake. Surrounded by luscious oak and pine forests, it’s a well-stocked carp lake with 18 swims. A maximum of 10 anglers can fish the lake, which gives you options to move around a little. All this, combined with the fantastic service that the owners provide, will make your vacation a great one with fantastic atmosphere and some great carp. We invite you to come and experience the thrill of fishing this beautiful, unspoiled haven for carp.Lake: Chateau Moulin, an old mill, has a surface of 42 acres and is surrounded by amazing forests. The surroundings are just fantastic and you would believe the movie Lord of the Rings has been shot here… Established in the 11th century by monks, Chateau Moulin is now a well established, fully mature lake; featuring overhanging trees, reed lined margins and large beds of lilies, which help to support a whole host of insect life in this environment. Further up the food chain there is a large numbers of original carp (both common and mirror). Three natural streams come in the lake, which provide plenty of oxygen, even during the hottest summer months.The large, secure parking area just 15 yards from the lake provides plenty of parking space, and access all the way around the lake makes life that much easier for everyone. The owners are more than happy to help you bring your tackle to your swim.The bottom consists of silt with some sandy and stony patches. On average the lake is about 3-4 feet deep. The deepest area, which lies at the clubhouse, is around 12-14 feet deep.Swims: A graveled path connects the 18 swims around its perimeter. A maximum of 10 Anglers can fish the lake simultaneously. This means that every angler has about 4.2 acres at his disposal; this is a tremendous amount of water if you compare it to some lakes from our competitors…The graveled swims are clean and they don’t get muddy.Most of the swims are single swims, but for those who want to fish together, there are some larger double swims.Some swims are accessible by car, others aren’t. If you wish so, a member of the team (Steve or Brian) will help them to pack your things and boat them to the swim you have chosen. Very important: at Chateau Moulin it’s not possible to pre book a swim. At your arrival, you take a walk around the lake with the bailiff and you can pick your swim. The bailiff says the fish is everywhere and there is no constant swim. The fact that you can’t pre-book a swim has never been a problem, as there are 18 swims for only 10 anglers. During your stay you can move around a little if you wish to.Stock: Chateau Moulin has about 600 original carp (both common and mirror) living in the lake, which have reached considerable size. Also to be found are impressive catfish, zander and pike. The absence of any angling pressure has allowed the carp to grow undisturbed. Their weight lies between 9 kg and 23,5 kg (2007 biggest fish); and the average weight is about 16 kg. The lake is restocked every year and the owners expect to have a maximum of 800 big carp in the next couple of years. Facilities: This venue offers a wide range of services, which explains why 70% of the clients come back year on year, even several times per year.The on-site clubhouse, located only 20 yards from the lake, offers excellent home cooked food. Constructed in the old mill house, it is of ample space for up to 30 people so there will always be plenty of room. Even the most avid angler won't be able to resist its warm, homely atmosphere. You'll want to pop in at least once during your stay for a meal or just to relax for a while with a glass of wine or beer. The club is well stocked with drinks and snacks. It is available to you during your stay for a meal and a nice cold beer or glass of wine, or just to relax.Continental or full cooked English breakfast is available and there is also a lunchtime menu. The evening meal is home cooked and consists of two courses (main and dessert). Rose and Kim prepare all meals. Please note that the price of your stay does not include meals, drinks and snacks taken at the clubhouse. The meals can be delivered to the bivvy if the angler whishes. On the dam wall, there’s a BBQ at your disposal.Terminal tackle, a variety of Mistral bait, plus Château Moulin Pellets are available from our onsite café/shop. The owners also provide all anglers with walkie talkies so you can contact them day or night whether it be to bring you up a box of milk when Steve next walks around the lake or to help photograph your P.B at 3.00am.The WC in the clubhouse contributes to the ample numbers spread around the lake, and there's a shower block with 2 fully equipped shower units and washbasin where you can wash and dry yourself. You should bring your own flannels, towels, etc.Close to the car park is a WC for your convenience. There is also a second facility at the farthest end of the lake, there is a self-catering apartment which is situated on the first floor in the Old Mill on the lakeside and has three bedrooms, sleeping five persons (1 single, 1 double and a twin room). The apartment includes a shower room, separate toilet and a fully equipped kitchenette. Bed linen is supplied (but not towels).The apartment is ideal for fishing families, but is also available for non-fishing guests.

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Location: South of France, not far from Nice and Cannes

Description: Is, has been, and probably will be for a long time the mecca of continental carp fishing. Whilst other venues occasionally steal the limelight, Cassien is always at the hearts of serious carp anglers and just to walk the banks of this incredible venue is a privilege. Catching form there is a dream. We are the only company to offer holidays to this fantastic location which basks in the sunshine near to Nice in the south of France. The holiday season out here is between the middle of June and the middle of September and it's the ideal place to get a bit of sunshine and land a historic carp.We've got accommodation, transfers from the airport, tackle provided and also full advice on the best way to fish there so you literally just need to bring yourself, your clothes, some buzzers and reels, and your terminal tackle box. We've got the rest, and it's exactly the sort of kit that you need.

If you want to experience Cassien at its best then look no further. This is the place for you.

You fly into Nice airport with one of the cheapy airlines (Easyjet and BMI fly to Nice from the UK for less than a hundred quid) and we'll pick you up from the airport and take you to our base 10 minutes from the lake. From there we'll kit you out, point you in the right direction, and get you fishing. French rules only allow fishing from dawn until dusk but this is often the most productive time especially though the holiday season.

 What's Included?

Transfers from airport to Lake Fishing Tackle Bait Permits Advice Accommodation Transport between lake and accommodation

What do we need to bring:

Yourself and your clothes Camera Terminal Tackle Box Reels and Buzzers

You stay on a fantastic camp site a few minutes away from Cassien and we take you down to the lake and bring you back every day.

Included in the price is tented accommodation but you can upgrade to either a mobile home or a chalet for a small charge should you so wish. A lot of guys like to bring their wives' or girlfriends with them and we would suggest an upgrade in this circumstance for extra privacy.

The Site has a fantastic pool and restaurant area where you can chill out if you don't want to fish all day, and there is always the opportunity of a trip out to the beach to either Nice or Cannes, or alternatively if you fancy a bit of action then you can visit the local water park.

All of our equipment is exactly what you need to fish Cassien so there is no need to bring anything with you other than reels, buzzers and your terminal tackle box. We suggest you buy a terminal pack, details of which you will get when you book, but other that we have got everything that you need.{rokcomments}

Domaine Du Brocard
Domaine Du Brocard (Three Lakes)

(Etang de la Barriere, Etang de la Fontaine)Location: Champagne regionWebsite:

Description: Domaine de Brocard is one of our most successful venues in France. No wonder the best pegs are already booked one year in advance. This former hunting domain, with a surface of 300 hectares, consists of 3 lakes surrounded by woodlands. The Lakes: On the first 12 hectare lake (550 m long, 100 wide) a maximum of 8 anglers can enjoy fishing from 4 pegs. They are situated on the south bank where anglers can fish without any possibility of snagging others lines. The gravel path provides good access to the pegs. The lake features over-hanging trees and reed-lined margins and on peg 1 there are some lily pads on the left side. Peg 1 is the only one-angler-peg of the venue. This first lake is stocked with 360 carp between 10 - 55 pounds. Maximum depth is 2 m. In the 2 hectare nurse-pond, fishing is not allowed. The third lake has a surface of 16 hectares and has a good access via a gravel path. Pegs 9 and 10 however can have a more difficult access by car when it rains. The tents stand on wooden pontoons. This lake is not deep, on average there's 1.5 m water and the bottom is soft without obstacles. Between pegs 6 and 7 lies a little island. Swim 12 is new for the 2007 season. Just like the first lake, there are over-hanging trees, reed-lined margins and lily pads in several areas. There are neither freshwater mussels nor crayfish. Take into account that there might be some weed formation when the water gets warmer (end of may, june...). This lake is stocked with 500 carp between 10 and 50 pounds. On the site there's a wooden toilet and in the village at 8 km there are facilities that consist of showers and toilets.Book through: Fishmans Holidays website {rokcomments}

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