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Family fishing holiday Lac du Val
Family fishing holiday Lac du Val

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Description: Lac du Val is around 4½ acres & set in northern Normandy, less than an hour's drive from the ferry port of Caen. The privacy of the site allows peaceful and tranquil carp fishing in lush rural surroundings for a maximum of five anglers - it is possible to book the lake exclusively.

Lake: The lake, which opened as a commercial fishery in 2004, is of the small Estate lake type surrounded by grassy banks, dammed at one end and with two islands providing a natural haven for the carp at the top end. It is fed by a trout stream so the water quality is excellent.

The depth varies from 3m at the right hand end of the damn wall, averaging 1.5m in the centre, down to as little as 50cm in the shallows by the islands at the top end.

Stock: The current stock is over 200 carp and the largest resident, a magnificent common, goes to 62lb 2oz!

The water currently has at least 30+ thirties and 15+ forties and 4 known 50+’s... and this number is increasing all the time.

David has stocked the lake himself and has followed a policy of introducing good quality fish in small batches and these have now grown to a very good size. The first batch of carp, stocked in 2000, were all mid to upper doubles and these fish now make up the bulk of the 20's in the water. Since then fish have been added on a regular basis, with a batch of 22 fish added in January 2004 - all these fish were over twenty pounds. In February 2004 a further 24 carp were added - 5 x 30lb, 15 x 20lb, 3 x big doubles and a cracking 43lb common. Finally in October 2005 a 52.04 mirror was stocked.{rokcomments}

Les Royautes
Les Royautes

Website Address: Les Royautés is situated 1.5 km from Saint Leopardin D’Augy, a small village in the Allier, in north of the Auvergne, in the heart of rural France. Set in 106 acres of prime French country side. It boasts a 3.5 acre fishing lake stocked with Carp ranging in size from 2kg to 20kg plus, 12 acres of woods, a swimming pool and all the peace and tranquility anyone could ask for. All the activities on the estate, including places to visit in the surrounding area are described on this website. You will see, that the hardly discovered centre of France can offer a quiet and relaxed holiday or an adventure and discovery holiday, on our estate you can experience a combination of both.

We welcome families with children, the surrounding are safe and there is plenty to keep them amused. We can accommodate you in one of our 3 large double, very tastefully decorated bedrooms, with en suite shower and toilet. This is on a bed and continental breakfast basis. Lunch and evening meals can be provided by booking a day in advance. We can also accommodate campers under canvas, caravans or camping cars/motor homes.If your interests include relaxing, reading, painting, good food, good wine, carp fishing, walking, cycling, golf, paintballing, clay pigeon shooting, air rifle shooting or just admiring nature itself, your coming to the right place.There are many places of interest in the area including, historic villages, the Forest Tronçais and Magny Cours, the French formula one race circuit. There is also a racing circuit at Lurcy Lévis


Etang de Mircomps
Etang de Mircomps

Website Address: www.theoldoakcarpfishery.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Fish Stocked: Carp

Awaiting summary information and photo from above{rokcomments}

Le Moulin du Chatain
Le Moulin du Chatain

Location: Aquitaine, DordogneWebsite Address: www.moulinduchatain.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Description: Set in delightful surroundings, the 7,000 sq metre lake is well stocked with Mirror Carp, Common Carp and Blond Carp.  Here Carp in excess of 20 kilos have been caught!  The lake will comfortably accommodate 4 fishermen and for the enthusiastic fisherman – night fishing is permitted.  In addition to the wonderfully stocked waters and perfect angling facilities, the nearby bar and restaurant provides a welcome watering hole.  

No need for the family to feel left out: whilst Dad's enjoying a days fishing - Mum can sunbathe and relax round the large swimming pool whilst the kids can enjoy themselves in the play park and childrens’ pool.

The Campsite: There are 23 pitches on site and each shady pitch is 8 x 5 metres. The pitches are surrounded by hedges for your privacy and each pitch has electric hook-up. The sanitary block is modern and has handicap, washing up and laundry facilities.

Fish Stocked: Carp, Trout

Notes: There are two trout lakes on site which are approximately 5,000 m2 each and stock rainbow trout and salmon trout.  This area of the Dordogne is a popular region for fishing and within walking distance is the River Auvezere - a popular spot with local fishermen. Tourist permits for river fishing can be obtained locally for a small cost.Booking instruction on their website{rokcomments}

Domaine des Bigoussies
Domaine des Bigoussies

Description: Reserve the 150 hectares the 6 ponds, the kilometres of forest lanes, the swimming pool, and the manor house for yourselves alone.And in absolute calm, with family or friends, go carp or fly fishing to your heart's delight, The 6 ponds are absolutely Reserve the 150 hectares, the 6 ponds, the kilometres of forest lanes, the swimming pool, and the manor house for yourselves alone. And in absolute calm, with family or friends, go carp or fly fishing to your heart's delight ! The 6 ponds are absolutely exclusive to you ! In the heart of this 150-hectare property, six ponds ranging from 1 to 4 hectares await you. You will find, in the various ponds, mirror carps, record carps - the largest fished up to now 44 pounds - pike, black bass, zander and perch. Choose your favourite fishing spot, the shores are easily accessible, there are docks and there is a boat at your disposition. At the Domaine des Bigoussies, a fishing license is not needed as the ponds are private, and night fishing is allowed.  Fish Stocked: Carp, Pike, Zander, Perch


Chateau Lagorce
Chateau Lagorce


Location: The place is a family owned 15th Century French Castle in the village of Haux, near Bordeaux, South France. Our unique Chateau is set in the Dordogne and Gironde area of the Aquitaine region. We offer Golf holidays, Wine holidays, leisure holidays and with our own private carp fishing lake - Fishing holidays.


Description:  In the grounds of the Château Lagorce is our very own lake. Measuring 200 metres by 60 metres with a small island in the middle. The lake holds excitable Grass Carp and Mirror Carp sizing up to the mid 45lbs. These fish are by no means the biggest of fish in France. But you will feel that you are fishing a truly idyllic carp lake untouched by the peg builders and working party sessions. The lake holds secrets that you alone must discover. Backing onto the end wall of the chateau you can fish whilst eating your Sunday dinner. Then retire for a pleasurable game of Snooker and a few glasses of the local Vino.{rokcomments}

Etang de Beynac
Etang de Beynac

Website Address: www.frenchangling.comLocation: Aquitaine region in the Dordogne

Description:  This mature 300 year old 12 acre Carp Lake set on our 120 acre private estate.  The Carp Lake is an old gravel pit with many features. Depths range from 15 feet. Overhanging trees, reeds, weeds and stream beds are to be found. The bottom is mostly gravel with silty areas, a truly ideal and natural habitat for carp and water life. The lake is outstanding, being surrounded by mature oaks and pines; you really are in the wilderness. Wildlife abounds, there are many deer and other animals. The birdsong during the day and the Frog chorus in the night is spectacular. This truly is a place for you to unwind and relax.  Privacy, peace and tranquillity interrupted by screaming runs are what to expect. We wish for you to enjoy your holiday as much as we love to live here. We welcome you to come for your best ever carp fishing holiday which we are passionate at providing for you.

This part of the Aquitaine region in the Dordogne is largely a Regional park and renowned for some of the most spectacular scenery in France. This is how England used to be 50 years ago, come and experience it for yourself, you’ll love it. This is truly a water to cater for all anglers at all levels, you will definitely not get bored with the carp fishing or the scenery, all I can say is that a week is never enough, its that addictive. We provide for your convenience Internet, washing machine, large refrigerator, shower and toilet facilities plus barbeque, coolers and Ice packs.

There are 11 swims for a maximum of 8 anglers which gives you plenty of choice. Due to being very reasonably priced for 4 or even 2 anglers’ good catch rates are more attainable.

Fish Stocked: Carp

Awaiting summary information and photo from above{rokcomments}

Lac de Curton (Rainbow)
Lac de Curton (Rainbow Lake)

Website Address: Located south of Bordeaux, this lake of 46 hectares is awaiting your visit.

The lake was stocked with very beautiful large carps.

A path accessible to cars connects all the fishing spots along this lake which is surrounded by a forest of pines and oaks.

A club house with showers, restrooms and telephones are available to the fishermen and their guests.

The depths of the lake varies from 1,5 to 15 , it has two large wooded islands of 2 hectares and many little islands, a paradise for fish and fishermen.

The installation is completely fenced in and a guard watches over your security.

Day and night only the fishes being caught are allowed to disturb the natural quietness dominating the surrounding of the lake.


Personal Best Angling
Personal Best Angling

Location:  Aquitaine, DordogneWebsite Address:

Description: If its peace and quiet that you are looking for, where the only sound is the birds calling or your buzzer ringing then please read on.

From the moment you pull into the car park at Kingfisher Pools you realise it is the start of a peaceful, stress free holiday where the only hard work is getting off your bed chair to reel in another piece of history within Kingfisher Pools.

The newest addition to the personal-best-angling experience Kingfisher Pools was purchased in 1998 and is a must for the carp and pleasure angler. Whether you prefer to sit behind your buzzers, heart pounding, waiting for that large pair of lips to gulp away your floating crust, or to see that float disappear into the depths, there really is something here for every kind of angler.

Lakes: Two pools in total seclusion and we mean total seclusion. Check this out and see if you could ever find what personal-best-angling has to offer anywhere else. The upper pool is around 1.75 acres and the lower being .75 acres, both pools start at around 2ft deep and slope off to around 9ft in depth.

The upper pool is sourced by springs and a stream which runs into the bottom pool. Both pools are tree lined which makes them ideal for stalking. As major underwater surgery has taken place both lakes at Kingfisher are virtually snag free.

Stock: The top pool has a firm bottom with the odd silt pocket here and there. The pool is highly stocked with grass, common and mirror carp ranging from 12lb up to mid 40’s, at least 15 carp over 30lb with an average fish weighing in at 22lb. Large catfish are also present and unlike most UK lakes (and many in France) these are very catchable simply because they can’t stop eating! Like the carp all catfish have been reared by personal-best-angling, the oldest being 10 years and weighing in at 70lb. Many other large cats are waiting to take your bait.

The lower pool is stocked with carp between 15lb and 40lb. With a softer bottom and over hanging trees this really is a carp enthusiast’s delight. Ideal for surface and float fishing, 1960’s carp fishing at its very best.

Built in 1969 these pools were not touched for over 20 years and still surprise us with original stock such as a 38lb mirror gracing the bank.

Half mile along a single rustic track road you turn left into drive that leads to Kingfishers car park. Once here is just a few feet across the lawn to either of the two log chalets. Decking adjoins both and complimented by a patio table and chairs. The distance to the water is just 10 feet. Unwind put your feet up and enjoy some of the finest settings you could ever wish for, because this is the Dordogne in France and this is Kingfisher Pools.Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish{rokcomments}

Etangs des Papillons Bleu
Etangs des Papillons Bleu

Location: Aquitaine, DordogneWebsite Address: Bleu lake draws its name from the woodland backdrop that fills with wonderful bluebells in April! Fish stocks are superior to those you would normally find in the UK or France; the carp here average 22lbs, with plenty of larger specimens up to around 38lbs (including a number of beautiful 30lb+ common carp).

Bleu  also contains plenty of catfish, with the average weight (excluding offspring) being 54lbs and the largest just touching 95lbs. The good news is that these are banked nearly every week, and sometimes in massive numbers as there are virtually no snags to worry about anywhere in the lake.

This lake is renowned for the quality and quantity of fish that can be landed, with weekly catches of over 1000lbs not uncommon. Feature laden, the 5 anglers it can accommodate can choose from gravel bars, an island, overhanging trees and beautiful lily patches to fish to. Bleu is a favourite with many of our customers who come back year after year for the sheer beauty of the surroundings, not to mention the personal best beating fish!

Again, you have the sole use of a bankside summer chalet, containing a gas supply, cooker, pots, pans, sink and patio table/chairs.A toilet is also present within 50 metres and a boat is available on request. We allow a maximum of six people on this holiday with a maximum of five fishing at any one time.

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish{rokcomments}

Etang De Kingshaw
Etang De Kingshaw

Location: Located in the Champagne Ardenne region of France close to the Belgium border.

Website :

Description: It is approximately 7.5 acres in size and is available for a maximum of 6 anglers with a number of swims to choose from. All the necessary amenities are supplied for you to have a memorable weeks fishing. Journey time from Calais is approx 3.5 hours. Most of the journey is on very good motorways with plenty of service stations along the route. Formally a gravel pit, dug over 30 years ago. The large town of Sedan is a 5 minute drive away and the small village of Donchery is even less. With a small supermarket, open 7 days a week that will cater for all your needs. Take a 2 minute walk up the canal path that runs beside the lake and you will come across a small bar tabac where the landlord is very welcoming. For those wishing to explore further, the historic town of Bouillon in Belgium is only a 20 minute drive

Lake: This mature tree lined 7.5 acre lake is set within 12.5 acres of land. It has good depths ranging from 3ft-26ft. The owners have put in a number of swims to choose from, 5 singles and 3 doubles. All are purpose built and well spaced. Each angler is provided with a BBQ and a water container which will be filled daily. There is also a number of Carp Porters at your disposal to make life easier ferrying your gear to and from your chosen swim. The lake is stocked the lake with a mixture of common and mirror carp up to 44lbs plus a catfish weighing 40kg/88lbs.

Facilities: You will find 1st class shower and toilets within the lodge. Also provided are tea and coffee making facilities along with a fridge. Notice boards with local information can be found in the lodge as well. Located around the lake there are a number of portable toilets. There is small shop on site where you will be able to purchase boilies - maze - pop ups etc, plus a range of end tackle.We offer breakfast (pre-orderable the night before). Options and prices will be on the notice board. Once a week we will lay on a get together BBQ (weather and numbers permitting) charged at a small fee. Gives you the chance to unwind and catch up on what's been caught so far.

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 Location: Situated near to the small town of Caussac Bonneval in the Limosin region of France.

Description: Travel time from Calais is around 6 hours 30 mins, Limoges airport is only 30 minutes away and fly packages can be arranged. In the local town you will find all that you need to kit you out for your stay at the lake. A bakers, Butchers, Supermarche and a lovely restaurant are all within a 8km drive from the lake.

Lake: The Lake was constructed over 30 years ago and is fed by three springs and a small stream; this ensures a healthy supply of fresh water even in the heat of the summer. The lake spans just less than three acres and starts at 2 feet in depth, this depth drops to 11 feet along the barrage (dam) wall. The lake is spilt up by two large lilly beds that offer sanctuary to the lake's residents during the summer months.The lake bed is hard and offers excellent bait presentation. Some silty areas can be found around the roots of the Lilly beds.

Stock: We currently know of fish up to 41lb 8oz, this is not to say that there is not larger fish hiding in Rosewater. The lake is unpressured and has never been fished on a regular basis. Fish from 20lb to 41lb oz have now been recorded and they are now putting weight on due to regular feeding.

Facilities: In addition to four large bivvy pegs we have the lakeside house for you to enjoy during your stay. The house is of solid construction and has gone though a complete renovation during 2005/2006 and now offers the following:


Large double bedroom Toilet and shower Fully fitted kitchen and dining area Lounge area with Satellite TV and DVD Log burning fireplace Fridge Additional double sofa bed BBQ Large decked terrace

All you need to bring if you wish to use the kit on site is your own reels, buzzers, sleeping bags and scales! Weekly Rates - What you get??Included in our rental rate is the full and private use of the lake, gite and forest. We supply 6 carp rods, 3 bivvies, 4 bedchairs, bank sticks, slings etc. All you need to bring is reels, buzzers, terminal kit and sleeping bags. We ask you also to bring your own towels, bed linen is supplied

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Woods Lake
Woods Lake

 Location: Situated alongside stunning Champagne region forest.

Description: It is a fourteen acre gravel pit excavated in 1987. In the centre of the lake is a lovely wild island that forms part of the carps regular patrol route. Relaxing and catching plenty of fish are the order of the day here.

Stock: The carp are present in numbers with commons, mirrors, leathers and some stunning big Koi awaiting your visit. The lake is also well known for its impressive number of Wels Catfish ranging from 30lbs to 100lbs plus.A great place to enjoy fishing for carp to 45lb+ and catfish at the same time. There are toilets and hot showers close to the lake, as well as a large eating area with bench seats. The owner is a regular visitor to the site and is always willing to help out with tips and advice.

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La Botte
La Botte

Location:  is situated in the gorgeous Champagne region of France, just over 3 hours drive from Calais is La Botte.

Description: A super established carp fishery, added newly to our portfolio.With loads of carp to over 50lbs, this is a good place to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and get a bend in your rod.

Lake: The lake is almost square in shape, with an elongated island running roughly down the centre (the island cannot be fished from) 20 swims and a maximum of 12 anglers on this 40 acre venue ensures that everyone has plenty of water. An old gravel pit means there are lots of features, in addition to the large central island. Average depth is around 6' depending on the time of year. The use of boats is permitted.Booking through:{rokcomments}

La Foret
LA Foret

Location: Located in Limousin countryside near the town of Limoges in France.

Description: This is a really super venue with accommodation included, 'La Foret' means the forest, and thus, is the name of the lake and house.The house and 2.2-acre lake are set in the middle of 5 acres of a private forested area. The lake is around 40 years old and very mature. It has been recently stocked with 80 carp over 20 lbs, up to mid forties. These fish are high quality, fast growing fish and recognised as being some of the finest in the country.

Lake: The lake ranges in depth from around 13 ft at the dam end to 1 ft down in the shallows, there are plenty of areas to stalk fish and watch them at close quarters in their watery home. Fishing is easy, with multiple captures of good fish every week.

Facilities: Included in the price is a beautifully appointed converted barn, which comprises bathroom with shower, WC, double bedroom, second bedroom with 2 single beds, fully equipped kitchen, satellite UK TV and DVD library.

All anglers are supplied with a large unhooking mat and weigh sling. 5 kilos of top quality pellet is also supplied to each angler. Six leg bed chairs and bivvies are available at the venue to hire. The lake is limited to 2 anglers at any one time on an exclusive basis, so offers a great experience for a couple of friends or families. There is plenty to do locally, if you are looking to take the family.


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La Francaise

LA FRANCAISELocation:  Champagne regionDescription: Is newly opened on the Goncourt Complex. It is an exhilarating runs water and you can expect no relaxation here! The lake is 16 acres of relatively unchartered territory with more fish per square metre than many of its counterparts. Many of the fish are high doubles, with 30lb to 35lb+ becoming a regualar occurance.

 It is also a brilliant coarse fishery with some huge Bream. The easy drive from Calais to this complex and the super facilities available make it an extremely enjoyable place to spend your holidayBook through:{rokcomments}
Graviere de la Traque


Location: Champagne Ardenne, Aube

Description: With 11 swims offers superb French fishing for genuine home grown carp. Its horseshoe shape ensures that every angler has his own part of the lake to himself whilst the others are never far away for a good social! The lake is easy fishing with catches of 10+ fish a day per person not uncommon.

Enjoy the bobbins action with a very fair chance of a real biggie during the course of a week’s fishing; no long range equipment is needed. The lake contains plenty of thirties (8 per acre) and enough 40's to 47lb+ to keep the most ambitious angler happy

Booking though: de la Traque{rokcomments}

Barn Owl Lake

Barn Owl Lake


Location: This private water in the South of France (1 h ? west of Toulouse) between the towns of Auch and Condom (no, it's not joke) in the Gers county.

Description: There is no public access to the lake. The lake is about 2.5 acres (1 hectare). The depth is between 1 to 6m. The bottom is silt clay. It may seem a long drive but it worth it as you will enjoy the South climate which means warm temperature early and late in the year. The easy solution is to fly down. The flights companies offers very cheap flights to Toulouse and Pau and as we propose you to provide you bait, tackle, you only need a bag of clothes and wash bag. Stock: It is stocked with carp up to 20kg+ (44lb+). The average is 8-12kg (17 – 26lb). There are also koi carp up to 15kg (33lb), grass carp up to 16-18kg (35- 39lb), sturgeon up to 20kg (44lb) and 20kg (44lb) mandarin catfish. The fishing is easy to moderate. The lake is only fished occasionally so there is not a lot of pressure. To put things into perspective, the resident owner & fisherman Simon Horton easily manages 3-4 thirties per afternoon just fishing with a couple of rods in the margins. Facilities: On site there is a mobile home with a small kitchen, a lounge, 1 bedroom with double bed and a smaller bedroom with 2 single beds suitable for children. Of course a toilet and shower are also present. Saucepans, cutlery, dishes, bed linen, and tea towel are provided. Bait available on site : If needed, some particles may be supplied on site as well as frozen boilies. * Airport pick up service : 100 euros. If you prefer, we may help you to rent a car. * Fishing tackle to hire on site : You may hire rods, bivvys, bedchairs (if you prefer to sleep on the bank), rods, reel, rod pod. You only need to bring your end tackle box and sleeping bags. In the case you choose to hire tackle with us, a breakage deposit will be asked when you arrive and that will be refunded on departure if nothing is damaged. * Optional food available: So you will only have to focus on your fishing. It will comprise a breakfast + evening meal. Please contact us for more details.

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Location: Champagne Region

Description: Near the Orient Forest (Eastern France) lies Maurepaire, an established 16 hectares (30 acres) lake with 8 comfortable swims. The venue is part of a big farm and is surrounded by vast fields. There’s a secure perimeter so outsiders can’t simply walk into the property. Maurepaire has an outstanding stock of about 500 mirrors and commons. We notice that this lake is becoming as famous as Jonchery, Domaine de Brocard and La Horre.Lake: Maurepaire is open from the end of March to the middle of August; this means that during 6 months the fish are left alone… The lake has a total surface of 16 hectare (30 acres). The bottom is flat and consists of clay and a layer of silt. In the center of the lake runs the old riverbed; here it’s max. 2 meters deep. Apart from the lilies at the far end, there are no obstacles. The lake is relatively thin (between 100 and 200 meters) and a lot of fish are taken from the far reed lined margins. Baitboats are allowed to fish these spots.The venue has a secure perimeter, which will give you a safe feeling.There are 8 comfortable swims for a maximum of 12 anglers. Several pegs are wooden swims, others are graveled pitches. Take into account that there’s very little shade on the swims; about 25 meters behind the swims there are a few trees that can provide some shade. Swims 1 until 6 have car access, but after unloading, the car has to be returned on the parking. Swims 7 and 8 are accessible over a path. There’s a wheelbarrow to bring your tackle to the swim.Stock: Maurepaire has an exceptional fish stock of 500 commons and mirrors between 18lb and 58 lb.

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Chateau Moulin
Chateau Moulin

Location: LimousinDescription: An established 42-acre lake. Surrounded by luscious oak and pine forests, it’s a well-stocked carp lake with 18 swims. A maximum of 10 anglers can fish the lake, which gives you options to move around a little. All this, combined with the fantastic service that the owners provide, will make your vacation a great one with fantastic atmosphere and some great carp. We invite you to come and experience the thrill of fishing this beautiful, unspoiled haven for carp.Lake: Chateau Moulin, an old mill, has a surface of 42 acres and is surrounded by amazing forests. The surroundings are just fantastic and you would believe the movie Lord of the Rings has been shot here… Established in the 11th century by monks, Chateau Moulin is now a well established, fully mature lake; featuring overhanging trees, reed lined margins and large beds of lilies, which help to support a whole host of insect life in this environment. Further up the food chain there is a large numbers of original carp (both common and mirror). Three natural streams come in the lake, which provide plenty of oxygen, even during the hottest summer months.The large, secure parking area just 15 yards from the lake provides plenty of parking space, and access all the way around the lake makes life that much easier for everyone. The owners are more than happy to help you bring your tackle to your swim.The bottom consists of silt with some sandy and stony patches. On average the lake is about 3-4 feet deep. The deepest area, which lies at the clubhouse, is around 12-14 feet deep.Swims: A graveled path connects the 18 swims around its perimeter. A maximum of 10 Anglers can fish the lake simultaneously. This means that every angler has about 4.2 acres at his disposal; this is a tremendous amount of water if you compare it to some lakes from our competitors…The graveled swims are clean and they don’t get muddy.Most of the swims are single swims, but for those who want to fish together, there are some larger double swims.Some swims are accessible by car, others aren’t. If you wish so, a member of the team (Steve or Brian) will help them to pack your things and boat them to the swim you have chosen. Very important: at Chateau Moulin it’s not possible to pre book a swim. At your arrival, you take a walk around the lake with the bailiff and you can pick your swim. The bailiff says the fish is everywhere and there is no constant swim. The fact that you can’t pre-book a swim has never been a problem, as there are 18 swims for only 10 anglers. During your stay you can move around a little if you wish to.Stock: Chateau Moulin has about 600 original carp (both common and mirror) living in the lake, which have reached considerable size. Also to be found are impressive catfish, zander and pike. The absence of any angling pressure has allowed the carp to grow undisturbed. Their weight lies between 9 kg and 23,5 kg (2007 biggest fish); and the average weight is about 16 kg. The lake is restocked every year and the owners expect to have a maximum of 800 big carp in the next couple of years. Facilities: This venue offers a wide range of services, which explains why 70% of the clients come back year on year, even several times per year.The on-site clubhouse, located only 20 yards from the lake, offers excellent home cooked food. Constructed in the old mill house, it is of ample space for up to 30 people so there will always be plenty of room. Even the most avid angler won't be able to resist its warm, homely atmosphere. You'll want to pop in at least once during your stay for a meal or just to relax for a while with a glass of wine or beer. The club is well stocked with drinks and snacks. It is available to you during your stay for a meal and a nice cold beer or glass of wine, or just to relax.Continental or full cooked English breakfast is available and there is also a lunchtime menu. The evening meal is home cooked and consists of two courses (main and dessert). Rose and Kim prepare all meals. Please note that the price of your stay does not include meals, drinks and snacks taken at the clubhouse. The meals can be delivered to the bivvy if the angler whishes. On the dam wall, there’s a BBQ at your disposal.Terminal tackle, a variety of Mistral bait, plus Château Moulin Pellets are available from our onsite café/shop. The owners also provide all anglers with walkie talkies so you can contact them day or night whether it be to bring you up a box of milk when Steve next walks around the lake or to help photograph your P.B at 3.00am.The WC in the clubhouse contributes to the ample numbers spread around the lake, and there's a shower block with 2 fully equipped shower units and washbasin where you can wash and dry yourself. You should bring your own flannels, towels, etc.Close to the car park is a WC for your convenience. There is also a second facility at the farthest end of the lake, there is a self-catering apartment which is situated on the first floor in the Old Mill on the lakeside and has three bedrooms, sleeping five persons (1 single, 1 double and a twin room). The apartment includes a shower room, separate toilet and a fully equipped kitchenette. Bed linen is supplied (but not towels).The apartment is ideal for fishing families, but is also available for non-fishing guests.

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