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Star Lakes
Star Lakes

Location:  Brittany, Côtes d'ArmorWebsite:

Description: Star Lake is a stunning 2.8 acre lake within an idyllic forest setting.  The wonderful location is ideal to sit back, relax and catch some impressive fish.

The English owner of the lake and resident keeper has fished in France for 20 years and has all the necessary experience to assist you with every aspect of your holiday

Lake: Star Lake was initially excavated in the early 1970's.  In the past two years extensive work to the lake has been carried out specially for carp anglers. The depth of the lake is 3-9ft with gravel bars, lily pads, plenty of foliage and overhanging trees that enables excellent margin fishing.  The lake is totally weed free.

One of the main features of the lake is a central island with mature trees and foliage around which the larger carp patrol.

There is a large stock of fish in the lake including common carp up to 42lb,  mirror carp up to 48lb, grass carp up to 28lb and cat fish up to 62lb. (new stock introduced winter 2006).  The lake is free from crayfish and chat.

The lake has 6 excellent swims, all different, including 2 double swims.  Each swim has it's own pontoon and is contained in it's own barked area which includes:Stock: Carp{rokcomments}


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