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lac de Moisson

Lac de Moisson

Location: Situated northwest of Paris (Department Yvelines)

Description: Lac de Moisson is a securely fenced venue with a 120 hectares lake. It’s a real specimen lake where several carp have surpassed the 30kg barrier. We wouldn’t recommend Lac the Moisson for beginners because it’s not an easy lake. People that have fished bigger lakes like Lac du Der, Orient or Cassien however, will enjoy fishing this lake.

Lake: With its 120 hectares, Lac the Moisson is, with La Horre, one of the bigger lakes in our offer. The venue is fringed by the River Seine, from which it formerly made part of. The lake is quite deep; maximum depth is 6 m. In fact, the level of the lake depends on the level of the River Seine.  When the water level is high, there is normally no weed formation. On the contrary, when the level is low, there might be some weed formation. This occurs towards the hotter summer months. The bottom is very irregular and is mostly hard with stones and sand. The depth maps we’ve made of the lake, show lots of hidden spots and a very interesting plateau in front of swims 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 about 200m from the bank. The booking agent recommends taking enough line on your spool to be able to fish these spots. Order a depth map of your swim HERE.

 The management of the site has integrated the different activities well with carp fishing. The sailing activities are restricted to the Eastern part of the lake.

 Swims: On the Southwest banks there are 11 well-spaced double swims, each at a distance of 100 m. All swims have vehicle access over a gravel path. Cars can be parked at the swim.

 Stock: Originally, Lac de Moisson had a relatively small fish stock from the River Seine. These fish grew strongly due to the presence of plenty of natural food like mussels and crayfish. Now, the lake is very well stocked with both mirrors and commons, ranging in size from doubles to 30kg+ with a very good population of fish over the 30lb mark.

 The bailiff advises tiger nuts, fish meal and blood boilies. If you don’t want to catch bream he suggests larger boilies and no ground baiting with pellets. While choosing your hook links, take into account the presence of freshwater mussels and the crayfish (use braid hook links).

 Facilities: There are toilets and showers for the anglers near swim 11.

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