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Etang de Launay

Etang De Launay

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We have some beautiful commons and mirrors to 40lb and a lot of carp between 5 and 15 kilo. Other species of fish include Pike, Zander, Roach, Perch and a lone Catfish of approx 30lb.

Lake Description:

Launay Carp Lake is the perfect place to unwind, relax and chill in our beautiful environment around the lakeside.

Dave and Tez welcome you to this small but beautiful 4 acre lake, with 4 islands, set in the heart of the Normandy countryside, is an ideal location for 2-5 friends to spend a quiet and relaxing week.

We are situated three quarters of a mile from the nearest road, but only 2 miles from the medieval town of Domfront, so the only disturbance is the sound of the croaking of the frogs and the hooting of the owls or the fish crashing in the lake.

There is an abundance of bird life including buzzards, kingfishers, house-martens, woodpeckers, jays and many more.

We would like to add that our carp lake is a great place for catching carp on the float, if you want a break from the carp rods during the day.

Don't want to waste your time cooking breakfast on the bank-side or having to worry about snacks in the evening, we can offer you an appetising English breakfast to set you up for the day and evening snacks to keep you going.

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