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Lac Du Charlou (Charlou Carping)

Location: Troyes


lac de Charlou

Description: Lac Du Charlou was purchased at the beginning of 2005 knowing that it had bag loads of potential to become a truly stunning location to bivvy up at and catch some very big carp. So, that is what we set out to do, and have now achieved our goal after a lot of hard graft, travelling, and also parting with a lot of hard earned money. The lake was named Lac Du Charlou after our two daughters, Charlotte and Louise, lucky beggars! Having been carp fishing to France enough times to know what, for me, makes a great week for a carper I wanted to put it in to practice by supplying this at a sensible cost, and enjoying it along the way by making it a week to remember for every visitor.

Lake: This stunning sixteen acre gravel pit has clear blue water, excellent for your photos, and is tree lined around the entire lake set within 24 acres of beautiful French woodland and countryside. There are some lovely views across the lake to lay and gaze at from your bivvy as the sun goes down in between catching your prize carp. Most anglers who have fished here also take home some lovely shots of the lake and its borders to remind themselves and show others just how nice it really is. The venue is nestled amongst some of the world’s most famous big carp waters on the border of the Orient Forest, home to Lac Orient and Lac Ammance, and I can guarantee you will be well impressed with the tranquillity of this one. The pegs, both double and single, are well spaced out for a maximum of ten anglers who will have ample room to fish with three or even four rods in certain pegs. There is plenty of space to bivvy up, with every peg being level and gravelled for drainage and comfort. Unhooking mats are supplied in each peg to lighten your load and care for our fish which are all in tip top condition.

Stock: The depths of the lake vary from 2 feet to 26 feet and the lake bed in mainly hard gravel with features to find and fish to. At present the lake holds over 350 carp, including mirrors, commons and leathers, ranging from 15lb to over 56b and growing fast! 

The nearest main town for everything you could possibly want is only a 5 minute drive away and includes a tackle and gaming shop which believe it or not sells carping gear. For those who do like to get away from fishing for a while can relax in the town at one of the lovely bars next to the waterfall in the town centre. Personally I would prefer to be fishing but at times it can get very hot in the Champagne region, and do not forget that you are also on holiday lads, and we will try our utmost to make it one to remember for you.

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