Le Monument

Location: Brittany, Ill et Vilaine

Le Monument

Website : http://le-monument.redmillcarpfrance.com/

Description: Big carp fishing in peace and seclusion. It's hardly been fished.  

The 5 acre lake is split in half by an island giving every angler his own water.

Lake: The island can be fished from all swims. But, with variations in depth to 12 feet and some fishy near margins, it takes a bit more thought than chucking 3 rods at the island.

It's a largely gravel bottom, with little in the way of snags or weed (other than in Chris Yates corner). There are some great stalking spots in the shallows and the island channels.

The fish haven't been pressured so aren't cute or riggy. With around 200 carp in 5 acres the fishing isn't hard. But, with a good average stamp (loads of 30's and a few 40's), and plenty of natural food - they're not mugs