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Les Montautiers

Location: Pays de la Loire, Mayenne


Les Montautiers

Hooked in France is an established venue situated in the heart of South Normandy, just 1¼ hours from St. Malo and under 3 hours from Cherbourg. The lake is 5 acres in size and can be booked exclusively for up to 6 anglers, although individual non-exclusive bookings are also taken.

Lake: This beautiful lake is over 350 years old and is bordered by mature oak and traditional French poplars – an appearance that reminds one of an old English estate lake. It has many features including two islands, overhanging trees, reeds, bays, several sets of pads and a large channel between the islands and the hidden plateaus. It’s approximately 5 acres in size and is stream and spring fed ensuring good quality water throughout the year.

The banks offer easy access to the water and the swims have been designed to drain in even the wettest of conditions - no wellies required! They have been generously constructed to accommodate even the largest two man bivvies with room to spare and three of the swims have been designed as double swims allowing sociable fishing. One double and one single swim also have disabled access.

Stock: Hooked in France was initially stocked in the winter of 1998/9 with 130 fish. Most of these were low to mid twenties with a good head of thirties and a sprinkling of forties. In the winter of 2001/2 more fish were added including approximately 50 x 20lb+ mirrors.

During the autumn of 2003 repair work was carried out on the lake banks which necessitated the fish being held in an adjacent stock pond. Angling Lines were there when the fish were re-introduced to the main lake.

On completion of this work an additional 50+ large fish were added, including 10 of 40lb+.  The total stock is now around 240 carp which should give all guests the opportunity of some great catches. The lake record common is 52.02 & mirror 46.03... and there is a really big head of fish over 30lbs.

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