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Etang des Moulinots

Location : Moulinots is located in the Champagne Region of France, 240 miles from Calais. The journey involves 2 motorways and 1 other road (final 15 miles to the lake), most anglers complete the route in 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

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Etang des Moulinots

Description : Moulinots is a picturesque 19 acre lake situated in a forest with no roads, railways or industry nearby, tranquillity is guaranteed. Although the lake is probably 200 years old, it was stocked and opened by Dave & Kathy Walsh as a carp fishery in 2002. The lake is surrounded by tall trees, shrubs and reeds, there are 19 swims and the number of anglers is restricted to 10 (+ Dave) ensuring that there is plenty of space for every angler. The lake has a silt bottom (though not deep silt), there are no nuisance fish i.e. crayfish, poisson chats or bream, the average depth of the lake is approximately 4 1/2 feet. Anglers are able to drive their vehicles to every swim. There is a lakeplan on the website with views from most of the swims.

Fish Stock : There are approximately 300 carp stocked with an average weight in excess of 35lbs (1 of the best in France), 70% of the carp are over 30lbs and we estimate that there are 40 40's and 10 50's. The lake records (2009) currently stand at 56lbs (mirror) and 53lbs 6ozs (common). Detailed catch reports have been maintained since 2002, all information provided on catch rates, fish weights can be substantiated!

Facilities: There is a large lodge located by the lake with a separate shower and toilet block. There are facilities available for charging electrical goods and freezers available (at the owners house) for baits etc. There is a large patio area for dining outside and within the lodge a dining area which can accommodate 10 anglers and a few guests (if required) in periods of increment weather. There is a food package available (not compulsory), quality and quantity, good old fashioned home made cooking.

Other information: There is a free DVD available on request. If you fancy a visit to Moulinots you will probably need to book a year ahead, as 75% of the spaces available are taken by our regular customers a year (or 2) in advance. You may not have heard about Moulinots before, as we have not advertised in the last 4 years and have relied on recommendations, the problem these days is that our regular customers want to keep our little gem secret!

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