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Etang Tissier

Location: 2.5 hours south of Paris


Etang Tissier

Peter Boswell will make you feel welcome at his French fishery. Holiday packages can be tailored to suit your requirements, choose drive and survive or our all inclusive carp fishing catering package. Which includes a hearty breakfast and dinner - there is no need to leave your swim as we can deliver to the bivvy.

Lake: Seven acre carp fishing lake in France can be described as scenic venue in tranquil surroundings that is full of carp to over 46 lb, it's an ideal venue for fishing holidays. In addition to the large existing stock we have recently introduced a further 4 carp over 40 lbs, will you land the first 50? The lake is heavily stocked with carp of all sizes, including several 40s, it's a venue where multiple catches are frequent and anglers landing 100s during a weeklong session in France. In May 2008 a group of 3 anglers managed to land 260 carp, and even then they could have landed more had they not reeled in their rods for a well earned rest. In addition we have added a good head of catfish; when hooked they will get the heart racing through long powerful fights!

Quick list

  • Drive & survive carp fishing holidays in France
  • Full catering with swim delivery
  • Exclusive lake reservation or book as individuals
  • High quality fishing facilities
  • Private lake in France with idyllic surroundings
  • Onsite bait
  • Full use of toilet, shower & kitchen facilities

Lake Search

  • Graviers
  • Les Rivets
  • Lac de Passion
  • Etang Tissier
  • Barn Owl Lake
  • Charlou Carping
  • French Carp and Cats
  • Le Moulin du Mee
  • La Petite Martiniere
  • freedom Lakes
  • la Fritterie
  • Lake Jurrassica
  • Ribiere
  • Rushes Lake
  • Windmill Lakes
  • Le lac Fishabil
  • Etang des Moulinots
  • Le Monument

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