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Angel  Lakes

Location : Limousin region of South-West France

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Lakes: Two mature, spring-fed lakes of 7 acres and 2.5 acres set in 25 acres of quiet French woodland. We have two lakes here, to suit different types of anglers. We have a smaller lake to go along with a larger specimen lake. Please take a look at each lake individually.

Lake 1: Tree lined 8 acre lake with 8 comfortable swims for max 6 anglers stocked with big carp to 58lb+.

Lake 2: 2.5 acre lake also totally tree lined. Heavily stocked with carp to 30lb+. (Max 3 anglers). Ideal for beginners.

Stock:  See lake description

Facilities: Large timber lodge and decking overlooking the lake which can be booked for the week.
Cold drinks and snacks are available throughout the day.
English toilets and showers which are modern and clean, please see our photo’s of those.
English Bailiffs on hand 24 hours a day to help you out if/when you need it.

We also include the following equipment:

Nash two-man twin skin, JRC three-legged bed chair, Foxpod, buzzers and swingers Outcast rods 3.TC and Shimano 8000 bait runners loaded with 15lb Big Game. Reuben Heaton tripod, JRC scales, carp mat, cradle and Fox landing net.

They have a selection of bait available on site including the following: Mainline Baits Pulse, Fusion and Grange 2 boilies, maize, hemp and Angel Parti-Mix. Our particles are all cooked to order and to help you get the bait out there once you’ve decided on what you want to use, we have bait boats available to hire for the week including the ever popular viper range.

Lake Search

  • Graviers
  • Les Rivets
  • Lac de Passion
  • Etang Tissier
  • Barn Owl Lake
  • Charlou Carping
  • French Carp and Cats
  • Le Moulin du Mee
  • La Petite Martiniere
  • freedom Lakes
  • la Fritterie
  • Lake Jurrassica
  • Ribiere
  • Rushes Lake
  • Windmill Lakes
  • Le lac Fishabil
  • Etang des Moulinots
  • Le Monument

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