Thursday, June 17, 2021

Chub to bring new readymade rigs!

Tackle manufactures Chub are launching a new range of ready tied hair rigs onto the market.

The new rigs come in three difference varieties utilising; 15lb super supple camo braid, 15lb semi-stiff low-vis mono & 20lb coated combi-link braid. Available in both barbed and barbless forms with each rig being individually hand tied and tested for total reliability.

Each rig is tied using size eight swivels which are compatible with most lead clips and in-line lead systems available on the market? they also incorporate high quality super sharp straight pointed Japanese hooks with clear curved shrink tubing to help the hook to turn and maximise hooking potential. The rigs have a small silicone sleeve to protect the swivel knot and also to help prevent tangles.

Each rig has a universal hair length that is suitable for particles, pellets and boilies up to 18mm and with a suggested RRP from only £1.25 for the braid and mono rigs and £1.49 for the combi-link rig these are expected to be very popular with both novice and experienced anglers alike.

For more information on the new Chub Rigs visit

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