Friday, June 18, 2021


When fishing I always use backleads. Whether margin fishing or the middle of the lake I always backlead. I do this because backleads helps prevent line bites, hides the your line on bottom of a lake, and when fishing a small peg gives you that bit of extra room for netting of fish. After paying a very dear price,for a set of well known backleads, i must say i was very disappointed! whilst playing carp, i found the backleads come apart on their own accord. leaving me mid way through my session unable to backlead. which was annoying as i needed to backlead…

the two backleads ive been disappointed with recently are:


Although I’m not saying the leads are bad, i just personally think they could be manufactured better. The lead itself, I’ve had no problem with but the clips are a different story. Ive found while using the korda backleads i only get left with the clip and the lead gets lost after fighting a fish.

Ive found the fox backleads unclip themselves in snagy conditions, when twisted back on themselves.

I’ve been using korda and fox backleads for the last year, and seem to constantly run in to the same problems every time i fish. this is annoying and expensive, so a couple of weeks ago i thought id try my luck with a set of cheaper backleads, at least my money wouldn’t then be lying on the lake bed!!!!

I found these griffin backleads suit all conditions of fishing and i have yet to lose one of these. these leads have a more simplified design than the korda or fox. the simplified design means no unclipping, no falling apart, and even though they might not look as good i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

in my opinion: SIMPLER CHEAPER BETTER!!!

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