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Etang Chassin
Etang Chassin

Website Address:  The carp lake is in the Burgundy area and we are now taking bookings for double swims or sole use for groups of 4/6 anglers. We are a family run carp fishing venue & we are based onsite so we are able to assist you as much as needed.It is 6.5 acres carp lake and has been set up as a runs water (approx 300 carp added to original stock) They range from doubles up to 45 lb + .(12 new 38lb to 44lb stocked Jan 08)There are 3 double swims, each has a 2.5m x 3.8m cabin 3m from waters edge. Fitted with 2 single beds 2 ring gas cooker(gas included)and kettle.Each swim supplied with 2 nets 2 slings and 2 unhooking mats.There is also 1.5 acres at the bottom end of lake set aside for stalkingTheres a small shop onsite for end tackle,snacks,bait,beer,bread ect Full food packages and bait packages available.English Toilet and shower block onsite.English owned French registered.

Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Boysaway Carping
Boysaway Carping

Website Address: www.boysaway-carping.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Contact: Steve or JackieFish Stocked: Carp, Catfish, Pike, Zander, Tench, Roach

Carp Fishing Holidays in France…  


Welcome to Boysaway Carping, the Paradis de la Peche fishing complex, which is a family run, three lake complex in the Burgundy region of France. The fishery is set in a thirty acre estate and covers twenty four acres of water.

The complex is set to a backdrop of woodland providing a quiet and relaxing atmosphere and is totally private and secure. The lakes cover various levels of carp angling offering all aspects from a runs water to harder lakes with larger fish for the more dedicated angler.

The site provides a relaxing holiday partly due to our policy of only having a limited number of anglers per week, allowing everyone the opportunity to move swims or lakes during their stay if they wish. Since we have owned the lakes there has been a continuous programme of works to improve the complex for both the anglers and our fish. This has consisted of desilting them, adding features and improving the stock levels of fish.

There is a fully equipped shower and toilet facilities located on the outside of the house and these are connected to all main services. 

The complex is located in a small hamlet,  about 5 minutes from the local town that provides all amenities including supermarkets, bars and banks. We trust this gives an insight into Paradis de la Peche and further details on each lake, facilities and the area can be found on this website.



Description: Carp Heaven is a beautiful and very tranquil tree lined lake of almost 15 acres (6 hectares) located in the Burgundy region of France. It is surrounded by woods and pastures grazed by the local white charolais cows.The depth varies from just under 3ft at the shallow end and it gets deeper towards the dam wall where it has depths of up to 8ft with the average of about 5ft.The shallows covers an area of about 4 acres and is an area that the fish love to sunbathe and feed and has 8 islands and 3 swims. The main area of the lake has 11 swims, many of which are doubles.The bottom is a sandy/clay which is quite common with many French lakes and there is very little weed.The lake was emptied in November 2006 when virtually 100% of the snags were removed.The longest cast required is only about 90 - 100 yd's so rods of 2.75lb test with fully loaded bait runners and 2.5oz leads should get you anywhere on this lake and bait boats are permitted.At more than 1/4 mile long, new clients pull into the car park and are delighted to see the lake stretching out before them. There is a fantastic mixture of wildlife that visits the lake including Deer, Golden Orielles, Hoopies, Buzzards, Kingfishers, Storks, Egrets, Red Squirrels, Pine Martins etc,etc.

Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters

Location: Situated in the Burgundy region of France, Sen



Description: Crystal Waters French carp fishery is situated in the Burgundy region of France. The fishery is a secured 25 acre two island lake set within a stunning and tranquil 35 acre complex just a 4 hour drive from Calais. The fishery offers 16 beautifully unique swims accommodating a maximum of 10 anglers on any trip. There are approximately 5.5 tonnes of carp to over 50lb. We offer a range of packages from ‘drive and survive’ to the ‘full package’ which includes transport in a first class mini coach, as well as daily breakfast and evening meals.

Stock: 5.5 tonnes of carpRecord Carp: 45lb 10ozNumber of Swims: 16Maximum number of Anglers: 10Facilities: Lodge (with SKY TV), Fridge/Freezer, Shower/Toilets{rokcomments}

Les Rivets
Les Rivets

Location: In the Burgundy region of France in the department of the Yonne, 10km from Saint Fargeau


2023 Bookings are now open via the website.

Description: Look no further, at Les Rivets you will discover an extra special fishery and experience some outstanding fishing. Our 9 acre lake is near to the town of St Fargeau in the Yonne district and has a large stock of Carp.  Looking to take the family on holiday and do some Carp fishing? Well, this is the place for you. We have a 4 bedroom house overlooking the lake with heated swimming pool. All the bedrooms have double beds and there a large patio area where to sit and relax.  We are located to a National Park where the family can go for long walks. Five minutes from the reservoir you can find beaches for family picnics or just sit around our heated pool. Four minutes away there is an Animal Park and an Adventure Park for the kids. For the ladies who love a day out shopping just take a 40 minute car trip into the main town of Auxerre.

Lake: the lake has 10 man made swims, 8 of these are double swims which gives comfort for 8 angler, and can take up to 10 anglers without a problem. It is spring and river fed and is closed water with night fishing allowed. There is plenty of tree cover and the bottom of the lake is clay and has some gravel areas. The depth of this lake is from 4 feet at the shallow end to 14 feet deep at the dam end and the average depth is over 7 ft deep.

Stock: There are now about 260 Carp with 40% of the stock being common's and the biggest are the moment is 52.14lb common, largest Mirror caught 46lbs.

Facilities: For the Drive and Survive there are two shower and kitchen area, with Freezer, fridge, cooker, and microwave. There are four bedrooms two on the ground floor and two bedrooms are on the top floor, both top floor bedrooms are double sized rooms. On request we can add more beds in these bedrooms. In the TV room at the top of the stairs there is a put me up bed. All bedrooms have double beds.




The Graviers

Location: DijonWebsite:

Description: Opened in 2002, the Carp lakes at Dijon have as predicted, developed into a 1st class fishery. Both, in the quality of the fishing, and the lakes themselves as an un spoilt natural, aquatic environment.

We have worked very hard over the past 7 years to create the perfect Carp lake, breaking the mold of the "commercial" fishery in several ways.

Commercial ?  Not a word I like to use to describe the lakes, as it tends to paint a picture of exactly what I've bee trying hard to avoid here.

Angling pressure has been kept to an absolute functional minimum, in order to preserve the lakes and the angling, and it has now become a real pleasure to fish these un spoilt waters, surrounded by such a variety of wildlife found in and around the natural aquatic environment.

Small groups of anglers only, which means each angler has plenty of water to fish, which should make a nice change for lots of you who fish in France



Etang du Roivre (Moorland Fisheries)
Etang du Roivre (Moorland Fisheries)

Location:  Beautiful Burgundy region of France.


Description: Etang du roivre is a fifteen acre lake set in our own 33 acre estate which in turn is situated in the middle of the renowned, beautiful Burgundy region of France. The lake is over three hundred years old and has only been fished since we bought it in early 2002 before which it had been kept as a nature reserve. It is now a French carp fishing holiday venue with a superb stock of very big fish

Lake:  We have cut 20 level swims around the lake but limit the numbers of anglers to a maximum of 12 per week. This ensures that there are always empty swims to move to if you need to or for stalking during the day. The bed of the lake is composed of clay and clean, non-smelling silt. The hard sandy clay shoulders stretch out for twenty to thirty yards and the water depth ranges from three feet immediately in front of each swim to six or seven feet in the middle The reason that the silt is not the normal black, smelly kind is that the lake is teeming with blood worms, cadis fly larvae and literally thousands of swan mussels which are filter feeders and the reason for “clean Silt”.

Stock: We can accurately forecast the likely spring results for 2010 as we are carrying out a drain down for the autumn of 2009. We are confident that these will show at least 130 different thirties plus a further 40 of over 40 lb with a current lake record of 56.07 lb. On top of these we have exactly 49 catfish to well over 100 lb. During 2009 we have so far seen 125 forty pound plus carp landed as well as 591 thirties. The total captures this year have recorded over 52% as being over 30.00 lb and we are expecting these figures to easily be eclipsed during 2010.Facilities: On one corner of the lake we have constructed a dining lodge which is based on a small “English country pub.” It has a log fire for the colder months and it is where English breakfasts and evening meals (included within the price) are served and where beers and wines are available. We have English toilet and shower facilities with free hot water 24/7Booking: Please see the website for details.{rokcomments}

The Old Oak Carp Fishery
The Old Oak Carp Fishery


Location: France nr St Pourcain


Description:A well established lake offering not only beautiful surroundings, but some of the best carp fishing in France. Accommodation and catering can also be provided or you can "Drive and Survive".

A 10 acre lake set in 33 acre surroundings, containing woodlands, streams and fields. Quiet and remote location near the village Le Theil. Nearest main town is St Pourcain, approximately 6km away.

Situated in the beautiful Burgundy region.

Fully stocked with Mirror Carp up to 56lbs and Common Carp up to 46 lbs.

The lake has 10 swims, 8 single swims and 2 double swims, for a maximum of 12 fishermen.

Just five hours from Calais.

Easy access from the motorway.

Owners are all English with 12 years of fishing experience in France, now the proud owners of their very own, well established, 200 year old fishing lake.

Stock:Fully stocked with Mirror Carp up to 56lbs and Common Carp up to 46 lbs


Fully Catered:

With fully catered you will receive:

Exclusive fishing of the 10 acre lake that is full of Mirror and Common carp, as well as a few other species. Catering, including Breakfast and Dinner.

Drive and Survive:

This means you can drive, or any other means of transport, have exclusive fishing rights on the lake, and can pitch up your own bivvy You will also need to provide your own catering.

Accommodation and Catering:

If fishing is not your thing or you have people travelling with you who do not wish to fish the lake, you can always book accommodation and catering. You will recieve full accommodation in one of the Gites, and will be catered for at breakfast and dinner.

Accommodation Only:

Exactly as it says, book accommodation only, to stay in one of our Gites, handy for those who like sight seeing holidays and will be off the premises most of the time.


Charging points for bait boats and mobile phones. Freezers available for bait. Small rowing boat available for retrieving snagged fish. Particles prepared by us to be used only. We can supply all baits.

Booking information:{rokcomments}

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