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Etang de Janine
Etang de Janine


Location: Set in the beautiful Loir Valley, 3 hours from port.Website: Set in the heart of the Loire valley, Etang de Janine is only 3 hours from port, the lake is a mature 60 year old tree lined 18 acre gravel pit that is bordered by other lakes, maize fields and nearby flows the petit loir river. France does not get any more picturesque than this, and has an abundance of wildlife which includes, wild boar, deer, lizards, herons, kingfishers, woodpeckers; in fact the list is endless with hatfuls of birds of prey, owls and miles and miles of farm land. The nearest city is 30 miles away so you don't even have light pollution, sit at night and look up at the stars, fantastic!The bank side is mowed regularly, beautiful little flowers planted, trees kept plush and as we find a snag in the lake it is removed. Some of the swims are natural, grass that goes down to the water’s edge, some are cut out and edged off with railway sleepers. Because we are down in the valley there is normally a breeze coming from somewhere, and if not there are enough trees to shelter under when things warm up. There is a locked gate and the lake is fenced off, you can park your car behind every swim, so no mile hike with your tackle! the only vehicles we get here are the tractors out in the fields. With no factories, smells or noises. Peace and tranquillity is permanently at hand.

Lake: We are now into our first year, we have had some wonderful fish out. Lake depths vary from a general 10ft all over with cuts that go to 13ft, shelves that come up to 7 ft, the end by the shower and toilet have just received a good planting of lilies, the corner stays around 3-5 foot until you get to forty feet out where it drops down to 13 ft then comes up on a bar, the other side goes to 10 ft. Plumbing with a rod is worthwhile, you do need to think a little about your fishing here, it's not a supermarket type lake.Roger, the previous owner of Lyngors has fished Janine, formerly Etang de Vouvray for 8 years, he told me "the first year I arrived I watch a common of around 40lb in the margins, this fish has had me return every year."At first, maize scored well but now boilies have come into their own, and looking at the fish's diets there is a change in the baiting policy for 2005. (see bait for details)There are four stone picnic tables that resemble a setting at Stonehenge! They are along the side of the lake and have been well received. There is no need to move from the water’s edge as we deliver breakfast and a home cooked meal, many a night we bring over some meat, salad and have a bbq, We supply you with clean water, bin bags, take all you rubbish away, There are clean hot water showers, toilets bankside, we charge you batteries/phone, boat, lights, we have freezer space for your frozen baits, but as we roll our own and they go into the lake regularly, we suggest you use these on a couple of rods.At present we have 3 boats available around the lake and have not had any problems with them, I will monitor the situation with them yearly, and then decide for 2006.Bait: NO NEED TO FILL YOU CAR WITH STINKY BAITS THAT WEIGH A TON AND TAKE UP ALL YOUR ROOM! Our home rolled baits are a quality food source for Carp, below is a list of ingredients used in their manufacture, showing how much thought, time, effort and expense we have taken to achieve the end product, we hand roll, hand boil and hand pack them. The Facilities: We have two large chest freezers so we can store your favourite baits, tell us what you need and we will bring it over with your next delivery of food. Daily we supply fresh water in clean containers for your tea - coffee etc. We recharge your batteries for you bait boats, torches, telephones and walkie talkies. In fact we have even jump started a car after the driver flattened his battery with a dvd player running to his bivvy!We often pick up the odd thing from the shops, like a case of beer, two bottles of wine and a toothbrush, so you can concentrate on relaxing! Lakeside there is four stone picnic tables and a couple of large wooden tables where you can sit and enjoy the very quiet countryside. We supply buckets for mixing bait. We also sell all the bait you will need. We remove rubbish daily, and supply bin bags. There is a clean hot shower and clean toilet lakeside.Booking through:{rokcomments}

Hunters Retreat
Hunters Retreat

Location: Western Loire (loire atlantique) area 44


Description: The Lake is 5 acres with 6 swims, with a path going all the way around it. It is part gravel bottomed with underwater features, islands, trees and lily pads to make an appealing environment for the fish. The fish are regularly fed so are growing well and are used to feeding. The nearest airport is Nantes or Rennes. We can arrange to collect you and drop you off at the airport for a small additional charge. The nearest ferry port is St Malo, followed by a 1.5 hour drive to the lake. Other ports within driving distance are: Caen - 3 hours (max), Cherbourg - 3.5 hours, Roscoff - 4.5 hours and Calais - 5.5 hours (Price £600 - £725 total Exclusivity per week)

Facilities: For the fishing widow who doesn’t want to bivvy up or for a relaxing family holiday, we have a very comfortable, well laid out mobile home which sleeps 4 with 2 bedrooms 1 double and 1 twin. It has a shower room, toilet, cooker and hob, microwave, CD player, books, TV and DVD player - all the home comforts you need for a great holiday. The caravan sleeps 2 and also has kitchen facilities. The bait cabin has bait preparation facilities, fridge/freezer, shower, toilet so you can keep all the messy fishing gear outside of your accommodation.

Stock:. Fish include Common, Mirror, Grass Wild Carp up to 44lb with plenty of doubles, 20`s, 30`s and at least 4 over40 (over 200 fish double figures) 4 sturgeon only, Black Bass, and a few small Pike (NO POISSON CHAT OR CRAY FISH){rokcomments}

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