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Chateau Lagorce
Chateau Lagorce


Location: The place is a family owned 15th Century French Castle in the village of Haux, near Bordeaux, South France. Our unique Chateau is set in the Dordogne and Gironde area of the Aquitaine region. We offer Golf holidays, Wine holidays, leisure holidays and with our own private carp fishing lake - Fishing holidays.


Description:  In the grounds of the Château Lagorce is our very own lake. Measuring 200 metres by 60 metres with a small island in the middle. The lake holds excitable Grass Carp and Mirror Carp sizing up to the mid 45lbs. These fish are by no means the biggest of fish in France. But you will feel that you are fishing a truly idyllic carp lake untouched by the peg builders and working party sessions. The lake holds secrets that you alone must discover. Backing onto the end wall of the chateau you can fish whilst eating your Sunday dinner. Then retire for a pleasurable game of Snooker and a few glasses of the local Vino.{rokcomments}

Lac de Curton (Rainbow)
Lac de Curton (Rainbow Lake)

Website Address: Located south of Bordeaux, this lake of 46 hectares is awaiting your visit.

The lake was stocked with very beautiful large carps.

A path accessible to cars connects all the fishing spots along this lake which is surrounded by a forest of pines and oaks.

A club house with showers, restrooms and telephones are available to the fishermen and their guests.

The depths of the lake varies from 1,5 to 15 , it has two large wooded islands of 2 hectares and many little islands, a paradise for fish and fishermen.

The installation is completely fenced in and a guard watches over your security.

Day and night only the fishes being caught are allowed to disturb the natural quietness dominating the surrounding of the lake.


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