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Etang Autels
Etang Autels

Location: Centre, Eure et LoirWebsite: Etang Autels is situated in the Loire valley, one hour southwest of Paris. The journey from Calais can take as little as 3½ hours if you utilise the auto routes and skirt around the periferique of Paris. Alternatively, you can take the morescenic route, avoiding Paris, and following the west coast of France passing Rouen and Evreux. This may take a littlelonger but keeps the tolls down to a minimum. Only minutes from the nearest village of Authon-du-Perche, the lake isperfect for the bivvy angler wanting proven prolific fishing.Booking Through:{rokcomments}

Vaumigny Fishing Lake

Etang de VAUMIGNYLocation: Situated 90-minute’s south of Paris by car.

Description: Etang de Vaumigny is an 80 year old gravel pit of around 37 acres (15 hectares). Frank, the owner and full-time carp angler has created a first class carp fishery with a healthy stocking. Every year Vaumigny brings us new surprises, just like the 26,6kg fish that was landed in the 2009 season. We look forward to seeing what happens next year…The Lake: Etang de Vaumigny is an 80 year old gravel pit of around 37 acres. The venue consists of 3 lakes: a nursery lake, a cat fishing lake and a carp fishing lake. The property has a secure perimeter and is surrounded by woods and fields.The depths of the carp fishing lake vary from 1,50 to 3 meters. There’s plenty of natural food like crayfish, mussels, worms and larva. The lake features overhanging trees. The hard gravel bottom has hardly any obstacles. You might find some trees and stumps near swim 10 and the peninsula. When you arrive, ask the owner, he’ll tell you exactly where the obstacles are. Frank visits all the clients to see if everything is alright and if you wish he gives you some interesting tips… There’s no weed in the lake. The grass carp eat a lot of weed and every spring the lake is treated to prevent the weed from growing.Boats are allowed, but they have to have a hard bottom and the use of life vests is compulsory. You can rent boats on the site for 70 Euros per weekThe Swims: The Lake has 18 swims around its perimeter. Only 16 swims can be used at the same time, which gives you the possibility to move around a little during your stay. Swims 1 to 9, 15 and 16 are doubles, the others are single swims.Vehicle access is good around most of the lake; swims 8 to 14 however are only accessible by foot. There are trolleys to carry your tackle to these swims.At Vaumigny it isn´t possible to pre-book a swim, when you arrive you can choose your swim with Frank. There are enough swims for everybody, so the last one that arrives, still has enough swims to choose from. The fish are all over the lake, so all swims are quality swims.Fish Stocks: In 1997, when the actual owner took over the property, the fish stocking was very poor and the original fish were very difficult to catch. To improve the fish stock, since 1997, every year new carp has been introduced to the lake. It doesn’t surprise us that, due to this fantastic management, half of the carp weigh over 15kg. We know from local anglers that at least 5 original carp were over 20kg before Frank arrived. Frank is convinced that now there are at least 36 carp over 20kg in Vaumigny.Besides carp, you’ll also catch grassies, sturgeon and cat fish. By the way: the biggest catfish, called Stéphane, weighs more than 85 kg… Don’t complain that we didn’t warn you…Facilities: There is elementary sanitary with shower, WC, washbasin and electricity. There’s also a washing machine, fridge and freezer. There’s WIFI for the clients.

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