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Woodpecker Pool
Woodpecker Pool


Location: Perigord Vert, Dordogne

Website: http://www.woodpecker-pool.co.uk


Description: Woodpecker Pool which is an exclusive carp and catfish fishery with exclusive use of the beautiful two and a half acre lake and outstanding accommodation for carp and catfish fishing holidays in France in the Perigord Vert region of the Dordogne in the South West of France, this area is one of the most beautiful in France and is an ideal location for fishing in France for carp and catfish.

The lake and superb Gite accommodation is exclusively for your use only, you will not have to compete with other angler's on the lake or anyone else on the grounds, we allow a maximum of 6 people with 4 fishing with 3 rods each.

We live on site so are available to give you any help or advice you may need while you are here for your carp and wels catfish fishing holiday. This may be on the fishing side to give you advice to hopefully help you catch more carp and wels catfish while you are here on your fishing holiday or to help you explore the surrounding area with its host of attractions, fine restaurants and the beautiful countryside of the Dordogne.

Woodpecker Pool is ideal for your carp and cat fishing holiday in the Dordogne, France and is a totally safe and secure location, fenced all around and gated so is ideally suited to families, their children and friends.

We have a good customer base of regular clients and friends but we always want to welcome new people, many of our guests have beaten their personal bests several times since coming here but however we cannot guarantee this will happen, so if you like being in beautiful surroundings, love nature and wildlife and enjoy catching superb hard fighting Carp into the mid 40s , Catfish into the 70s or bigger Grass Carp to high 20s then this could be the venue for you for exclusive carp and catfish fishing in France.{rokcomments}

Murphys Lake
Murphy's Lake

Location: Southwest DordogneWebsite :https://www.murphyslakefrance.com/Stock: 

If you're looking for the perfect French carp fishing holiday, look no further than Murphy's Lake. With huge carp to over 65lb's, Murphy's Lake is a venue for all anglers to come and experience the world of French carp fishing. Featured on the recent ITV1 Little England TV series, Murphy's Lake is classed as one of the best carp fishing waters France has to offer. With a warm welcome, massive carp and no nonsense rules, its time you booked Murphy's Lake and took your PB to another level.


Millstone Pool

Millstone Pool

Location: Situated in the heart of the beautiful Limousin countryside, thirty minutes north of the Dordogne.

Website: http://www.mirrorpool.co.uk/millstone.htm

Description:  Is a seven acre lake dating back to pre-Napoleonic times. It is situated fifteen minutes from the city of Limoges and half an hour from the Dordogne.

Rob Green and Symon Osborne bought the lake in 1999 when the previous owners unexpectedly decided to put the property on the market. With a seven acre lake over three hundred years old which was stream fed together with a millhouse, barns and stock pond it was an opportunity too good to miss.

Some of you may know Rob as co-owner of Mirror Pool fisheries. Symon and his father Tony have lived and fished in France for the past eight years. The fishery is owned by Rob Green and, Simon and Tony Osborne. All administration and bookings for Tony Osborne are carried out on his behalf by Mirror Pool Fisheries.

The fishery, once purchased, was netted and all the existing carp removed. We had access to a stock of high quality carp from one source. These fish were a result of selective breeding between the French carp and fast growing strain of Romanian fish. These hump backed carp have shown exceptional growth rates in the rich environment of Millstone Pool.

Stock: The lake holds a stock of approximately 180 large carp with the average weight over 30lb and at least 20 carp over 40lb and five different 50s two of which are commons. Millstone Pool is the perfect choice if you want the chance of catching your first 40lb or 50lb carp while still catching carp averaging over 30lb.

Only five anglers per week, fish of this quality and a stunning three hundred year old lake.

Booking through: Their website{rokcomments}

Mayflower Pool
Mayflower Pool

Location: Situated in the heart of the beautiful Limousin countryside, thirty minutes north of the Dordogne.

Website: http://www.mirrorpool.co.uk/mayflower.htm

Description: Incredible peace and tranquillity overwhelm you upon entering the grounds of Mayflower Pool. Quickly that turns to anticipation, as you see and hear the big carp crashing out of the water around the lake. It is this combination of tranquillity, and the excitement of huge carp that makes Mayflower Pool so unique.

Mayflower Pool offers something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned carp angler, or someone on their first overseas trip. Combining superb fishing in beautiful surroundings, and or warm and friendly staff, we will provide you with memories to treasure forever.

Until 2003 Mayflower Pool was selfishly kept for our personal fishing. Now we are making this superb ten acre lake available to six lucky anglers per week. With nearly two acres of available water for each angler, there is freedom to enjoy your holiday to its maximum.

Mayflower Pool is set in beautiful, peaceful surroundings within the Corrèze region of France. Situated down a long no-through lane surrounded by woods and meadows, the lake is a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Lake and stock: At Mirror Pool Fisheries we have built our reputation on growing on big fish to become huge fish. To these ends, we drained the lake once purchased and all the existing carp and silver fish were removed. When that task was completed, we refilled the lake after liming and fertilising the lake bed. This was then left to stabilise before restocking.

We now only use one source for our lakes. Many years ago this fish farmer cross-bred high-backed Romanian carp with the local deep bellied fish, these carp, in the right environment, achieve phenomenal growth rates. We initially introduced over 200 of these young fast growing carp into Mayflower Pool. All carp were over 20lb with forty over 30lb, four over 40lb and one over 50lb. As we predicted, these fish have all grown on and we are seeing a spectacular number of big carp caught every week. A further stocking of over 100 large carp takes place over winter 2003/04.

Facilities: Onsite facilities include toilet and hot shower, kitchen area and fridge. Our English bailiff has lived in the village at the top of the lane for the past three years and is always on hand to help and advise you when requested. Mayflower has undergone our usual fishery management improvements. We are not content with buying fisheries, putting more stock in with the existing fish then opening it to the public.

We can't promise you that you will achieve these results; however we can guarantee that the stocks are there for you to catch. For all the above reasons, together with Mirror Pool Fisheries reputation built over the past six years for providing fishing holidays to the highest standard, you can be sure of a holiday to remember.Booking Through: Their website{rokcomments}

Meadow Lake
Meadow Lake

Location: Situated in the heart of the beautiful Limousin countryside, thirty minutes north of the Dordogne.

Website: http://www.mirrorpool.co.uk/meadow.htm

Description: It has achieved phenomenal growth rates, the carp averaging over 30lb with more than 20 40lb carp in the lake with two different 50s caught in 2004. We fully expect Meadow Lake to take on Mirror Pool as our premier water over the next couple of years.

We bought Meadow Lake in 2000 with the aim of making the lake a prolific venue where the angler would experience arm aching action from 20lb plus carp. This we have achieved with over 350 big carp stocked over the past twelve months, in addition to the existing stock present in the lake over the past twenty years.

To make the venue even more exciting we have stocked fifty-five catfish together with a number of 30lb plus grass carp.

We restrict the number of anglers to only six on this beautiful ten acre lake. This provides enormous scope to move swims or go stalking without feeling hemmed in by other anglers. Meadow Lake nestles in the folds of the surrounding hills providing unbelievable peace and tranquillity only overlooked by a solitary farmhouse.

The stock of carp introduced to the lake come from the same source as those introduced to our other venues. These large framed carp have shown exceptional growth rates and have put on up to 9lb of weight a year.

Facilities: You can expect a holiday to remember at Meadow Lake with arm aching action in beautiful surroundings with only a small number of like minded anglers fishing the water at the same time as you. This, together with the on site shower, toilet and kitchen, provides you with all the facilities you would expect from a first class venue.

Booking through: Their website{rokcomments}

Lac Lucerne

Location: Dordogne south of France

Website: http://david.payn.free.fr/index.htm

Description: This picturesque 7 acre lake is set in the heart if the Dordogne region in the south of France. The lake has been restocked with fast growing carp ranging from 15lbs to over 40lbs. These are in addition to the already bulging population and bringing the lake average to over 20lbs.


• Shower• toilets• small kitchen• fridge/freezer

We have recently refitted the shower block to a very high standard, this is to make sure there are no porta-potti style facilities that you have to endure, like on other carp lakes. They are cleaned regularly and have a constant hot water supply , as well as a number of electricity points (don’t forget to bring your plug adapters). There is a fridge and freezer to ensure you don’t have to leave the bank to go shopping everyday and to keep your bait fresh all week.

Booking through: http://david.payn.free.fr{rokcomments}

Le Moulin du Chatain
Le Moulin du Chatain

Location: Aquitaine, DordogneWebsite Address: www.moulinduchatain.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Description: Set in delightful surroundings, the 7,000 sq metre lake is well stocked with Mirror Carp, Common Carp and Blond Carp.  Here Carp in excess of 20 kilos have been caught!  The lake will comfortably accommodate 4 fishermen and for the enthusiastic fisherman – night fishing is permitted.  In addition to the wonderfully stocked waters and perfect angling facilities, the nearby bar and restaurant provides a welcome watering hole.  

No need for the family to feel left out: whilst Dad's enjoying a days fishing - Mum can sunbathe and relax round the large swimming pool whilst the kids can enjoy themselves in the play park and childrens’ pool.

The Campsite: There are 23 pitches on site and each shady pitch is 8 x 5 metres. The pitches are surrounded by hedges for your privacy and each pitch has electric hook-up. The sanitary block is modern and has handicap, washing up and laundry facilities.

Fish Stocked: Carp, Trout

Notes: There are two trout lakes on site which are approximately 5,000 m2 each and stock rainbow trout and salmon trout.  This area of the Dordogne is a popular region for fishing and within walking distance is the River Auvezere - a popular spot with local fishermen. Tourist permits for river fishing can be obtained locally for a small cost.Booking instruction on their website{rokcomments}

Domaine des Bigoussies
Domaine des Bigoussies

Description: Reserve the 150 hectares the 6 ponds, the kilometres of forest lanes, the swimming pool, and the manor house for yourselves alone.And in absolute calm, with family or friends, go carp or fly fishing to your heart's delight, The 6 ponds are absolutely Reserve the 150 hectares, the 6 ponds, the kilometres of forest lanes, the swimming pool, and the manor house for yourselves alone. And in absolute calm, with family or friends, go carp or fly fishing to your heart's delight ! The 6 ponds are absolutely exclusive to you ! In the heart of this 150-hectare property, six ponds ranging from 1 to 4 hectares await you. You will find, in the various ponds, mirror carps, record carps - the largest fished up to now 44 pounds - pike, black bass, zander and perch. Choose your favourite fishing spot, the shores are easily accessible, there are docks and there is a boat at your disposition. At the Domaine des Bigoussies, a fishing license is not needed as the ponds are private, and night fishing is allowed.  Fish Stocked: Carp, Pike, Zander, Perch


Personal Best Angling
Personal Best Angling

Location:  Aquitaine, DordogneWebsite Address: www.personal-best-angling.com

Description: If its peace and quiet that you are looking for, where the only sound is the birds calling or your buzzer ringing then please read on.

From the moment you pull into the car park at Kingfisher Pools you realise it is the start of a peaceful, stress free holiday where the only hard work is getting off your bed chair to reel in another piece of history within Kingfisher Pools.

The newest addition to the personal-best-angling experience Kingfisher Pools was purchased in 1998 and is a must for the carp and pleasure angler. Whether you prefer to sit behind your buzzers, heart pounding, waiting for that large pair of lips to gulp away your floating crust, or to see that float disappear into the depths, there really is something here for every kind of angler.

Lakes: Two pools in total seclusion and we mean total seclusion. Check this out and see if you could ever find what personal-best-angling has to offer anywhere else. The upper pool is around 1.75 acres and the lower being .75 acres, both pools start at around 2ft deep and slope off to around 9ft in depth.

The upper pool is sourced by springs and a stream which runs into the bottom pool. Both pools are tree lined which makes them ideal for stalking. As major underwater surgery has taken place both lakes at Kingfisher are virtually snag free.

Stock: The top pool has a firm bottom with the odd silt pocket here and there. The pool is highly stocked with grass, common and mirror carp ranging from 12lb up to mid 40’s, at least 15 carp over 30lb with an average fish weighing in at 22lb. Large catfish are also present and unlike most UK lakes (and many in France) these are very catchable simply because they can’t stop eating! Like the carp all catfish have been reared by personal-best-angling, the oldest being 10 years and weighing in at 70lb. Many other large cats are waiting to take your bait.

The lower pool is stocked with carp between 15lb and 40lb. With a softer bottom and over hanging trees this really is a carp enthusiast’s delight. Ideal for surface and float fishing, 1960’s carp fishing at its very best.

Built in 1969 these pools were not touched for over 20 years and still surprise us with original stock such as a 38lb mirror gracing the bank.

Half mile along a single rustic track road you turn left into drive that leads to Kingfishers car park. Once here is just a few feet across the lawn to either of the two log chalets. Decking adjoins both and complimented by a patio table and chairs. The distance to the water is just 10 feet. Unwind put your feet up and enjoy some of the finest settings you could ever wish for, because this is the Dordogne in France and this is Kingfisher Pools.Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish{rokcomments}

Etangs des Papillons Bleu
Etangs des Papillons Bleu

Location: Aquitaine, DordogneWebsite Address: http://www.exclusiveanglingholidays.com/bleu.htmlDescription: Bleu lake draws its name from the woodland backdrop that fills with wonderful bluebells in April! Fish stocks are superior to those you would normally find in the UK or France; the carp here average 22lbs, with plenty of larger specimens up to around 38lbs (including a number of beautiful 30lb+ common carp).

Bleu  also contains plenty of catfish, with the average weight (excluding offspring) being 54lbs and the largest just touching 95lbs. The good news is that these are banked nearly every week, and sometimes in massive numbers as there are virtually no snags to worry about anywhere in the lake.

This lake is renowned for the quality and quantity of fish that can be landed, with weekly catches of over 1000lbs not uncommon. Feature laden, the 5 anglers it can accommodate can choose from gravel bars, an island, overhanging trees and beautiful lily patches to fish to. Bleu is a favourite with many of our customers who come back year after year for the sheer beauty of the surroundings, not to mention the personal best beating fish!

Again, you have the sole use of a bankside summer chalet, containing a gas supply, cooker, pots, pans, sink and patio table/chairs.A toilet is also present within 50 metres and a boat is available on request. We allow a maximum of six people on this holiday with a maximum of five fishing at any one time.

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish{rokcomments}

Mirror Pool Fisheries

Mirror Pool FisheriesWebsite : www.mirrorpool.co.ukMirror Pool Fisheries is made up of the following lakes, for more detail on the Lakes please click on the lake.Mirror PoolMeadow LakeMayflower PoolMillstone Pool{rokcomments}

Lionheart Lakes
Lionheart Lakes


Location: The Dordogne

Website: http://www.lionheartlakes.com/

Description:Lionheart Lakes are situated in an idyllic woodland setting. Surrounded by pine and oak trees and is picturesque, Lionheart Lakes welcomes Anglers and Nature Lovers to a truly peaceful and relaxing holiday in this most beautiful region of the South Dordogne. For wildlife enthusiasts wild boar, deer and a variety of reptiles including fire salamander are local inhabitants. This too is also regarded as ‘twitcher’s paradise’ where amongst our feathered friends comprises buzzards, kingfishers, owls …

Lionheart Lakes guarantees guests total privacy. Whilst set in a somewhat remote location, the nearest town is between 3 and 4 miles away where there are supermarkets, restaurants offering English and French cuisine, bars, tabac and newsagents. The local open market (Wednesdays) should not be missed, as this is when one could purchase delicious fresh local farm produce, and other local delicacies as well as hot spit-roast poultry and paella. A nearby restaurant, Le Champignon is just a 2-minute drive away and highly recommended.

Lionheart Lakes comprise of two lakes. Le Grand et Le Petit. The dimension of the larger lake is 2-acres, with varying depths of 2ft to 8ft. There is an island of trees which is central, and that is snag-free. The lake contains many types of fresh water fish including a stock of Common and Mirror Carp weighing up to 40lbs.

Stock:The lake contains many types of fresh water fish including a stock of Common and Mirror Carp weighing up to 40lbs. In addition, there are also Pike, Zander, Roach, Dace, Perch but NO POISSON CHATS! The smaller lake’s dimension is just less than 1 acre. This lake has been drained and cleared of snags and fish, and will be stocked with ornamental fish such as Golden Orf, Koi Carp, Golden Tench and small carp. This lake is designed to ‘catch’ all our younger avid Anglers and would be perfect for children to learn to fish, and could also provide some unusual fishing fun for adults staying at Lionheart Lakes.

Facilities:Accommodation available is a 3 bedroom eco lakeside cottage the will sleep up to 6 people. The cottage is currently being restored to a high standard & due to be finished in Summer 2008.

Richworth Bait is available & cooked particles can be pre-ordered on booking.

The local village supermarkets and restaurants are only 5-10 minutes away from Lionheart Lakes. Your welcome pack will supply maps & information.

Booking information:http://www.lionheartlakes.com/index.php?do=booking{rokcomments}

Oaklands Lake
Oaklands Lake

Location: A stunning 7.5 acre spring fed lake set in woodland in the beautiful Limousin countryside. Oaklands lake is located in the commune of La Meyze near to the Dordogne border in South West France.

Website: http://www.carp-fishing-in-france.eu

Description:Seven and a half acres in size with a mainly clean bottom, Oaklands lake offers nine comfortable swims with a maximum of six people fishing, so if you want to move swims it isnt a problem.

Stock:Stock levels are impressive with:

150 + Mirror Carp to over 40 lbs 100 + Common Carp to over 30 lbs 40 + Grass Carp to near 30's

Roach, Rudd and Tench are also present


We offer excellant facilities for the angler or non angler including many home comforts:

English toilets and showers Fridge freezer Bait fridge freezer Microwave cooker Gas cooker Equipment hire- please contact us for details Bait purchase Food shopping Airport pickups - please contact us for details Mobile home - 6 berth Caravan - 4 berth


Booking information:For more information and booking go to http://www.carp-fishing-in-france.eu{rokcomments}

Carp and Cats
Carp and Cats


Location: Dordogne: We are located approximately 45 minutes, by car from Limoges and 1 hour 15 minutes from Bergerac

Website: http://www.carpandcats.com


The lake at Carp and Cats is a well established haven for fish. Formerly owned by a French family who used it as their holiday home. It seems though that no fishing ever took place. Rumour has it that the French only fish to eat and not for pleasure so they missed out on the joys of sitting on these sleepy banks with a rod in hand.

The lake is three acres in size, set in ten acres of beautiful tranquil and secluded woodland, all of which is securely fenced but with easy vehicle access. It is fed by several natural springs with varying depths to cater for all types of angling. Ideally suited to four anglers with a maximum of six permitted. There is a small island adorned by one of many beautiful overhanging silver birch trees making an ideal spot to fish to. You may prefer to stalk in the margins or fish our open water. All of this is possible here. The hard bottom of the lake combined with gravel bars allows perfect bait presentation. For the less mobile angler, the flat banks are ideal for easy access. With depths ranging from 18 inches to 14 feet with no snags the lake is perfect for any type of fishing. All of these features will add to the fun of fishing at the Carp and Cats location.

Stock:The lake is stocked with the highest quality carp – sourced from the most reputable fish farmer in France. There is a mixture of commons and mirrors, including plenty of hard fighting virgin carp up to 40lbs+. There is also a large head of catfish up to 61lbs+, with none less than late doubles. We have a large stock pond and two basins that enable us to keep the fish population at an optimum level for all of our anglers. This will ensure you don’t go short of a decent run or two.

Facilities:Luxury Chalet

Nestling on the bank of the lake our luxury IRM chalet provides excellent accommodation for up to six people. It offers two double bedrooms (one with a double bed, the other with twin beds) and a double pull out sofa in the lounge area. It also has a bathroom and separate toilet and a well equipped kitchen. It is furnished to a high standard with almost every modern comfort you could wish for. In addition it benefits from an outside terrace with table and chairs where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views over the lake.

Tepee with Fire Pit

Why not try camping with a twist and spend one of your nights in a traditional Indian Tepee. Sleeping underneath the stars and cooking on our completely open fire pit will be an unforgettable magical experience never to be forgotten.


If you enjoy table tennis or badminton, then we have the equipment for you to use. Or for the younger ones, the Adventure Playground is available as well. We have something for everyone - whether you want to work off the great food that's available in the Dordogne or just entertain the children, we've got it all here at Carp and Cats.

Booking information:Click here for booking information{rokcomments}

Martins Lakes
Martins Lakes


Location: Martin’s Lakes are set in the Forêt de la Double area of the Dordogne. The Dordogne is a beautiful region of forests and rolling hills with some of the best vineyards in the world creating some of the finest wines.

Website: http://www.martinslakes.com/

Description: We have three lakes on site – the specimen lake, the course fishing lake and a third lake, which is not yet available for fishing as the dam is currently undergoing repair.

The lakes lie in tranquil and private woodland surroundings, set in 80 acres of rolling French countryside. The specimen lake is surrounded by mature trees providing peaceful seclusion for a very relaxing holiday.

4 anglers – 6 swims. If you book the whole lake exclusively for you, the number of angers may be increased to 6.

Stock:Carp to 46lbs

Facilities:Accommodation is bivvy with a shared chalet which is equipped with basic cooking facilities, kettle. Separate loo. Further facilities (English toilet, shower etc.) are available on site.

Booking information:http://www.martinslakes.com/contact.html{rokcomments}

Sweet Chestnut Lake
Sweet Chestnut Lake in Perigord-Limousin


Location: We are positioned midway between the large towns of Limoges, Perigueux and Angouleme, approximately a 50 minute drive from each. We are just over the Limousin border in the Dordogne region.

Website: http://www.sweetchestnutlake.co.uk

Description:A beautiful stream and spring fed mature lake of just under 4 acres, 200 metres long and 70 metres wide. Depths vary from 1 metre, where the stream enters, to up to 5 metres at the dam end.

Levels are always maintained in the lake by the incoming streams and also by springs that can be seen bubbling from the lake bed. In the severe drought in France, in summer 2006, when many lakes actually dried up, sweet chestnut lake retained it’s full height

The lake bed has a combination of hard areas and silt, and there is no significant weed or snags.

Half of the lake has lovely flat grassed banks, level with the waters edge. The remaining half is left undisturbed as a wild life haven.

The lake is surrounded by native woodland . The predominant tree species being Sweet Chestnut and Oak with Birch, Alder, Poplar and Willow also in abundance. Beneath the tree canopy is a profusion of other native vegetation, including Gorse and Broom. Orchids have been seen growing in the shade of the trees.

Stock:In November 2006 and early January 2007 the lake was stocked with half a ton of 'Royale' strain Carp, from 20lbs to over 40lb's, supplied by premier french fish dealer Simon Horton. These immaculate fish have not seen a hook and have never been fished for, they are gorgeous specimens, mostly mirrors, and are just waiting to be caught.

Sweet Chestnut Lake has not been emptied for over 20 years and currently supports a healthy range of fish species. These include original Carp, Tench, Pike, Zander, Chub, Perch, Roach, Pumpkinseed and wild Trout. The lake is free of Poisson Chat and problem Crayfish.

We know from the previous owner that the lake contains 50 original carp and a further 50 have been introduced by him over the last 6 years. These are predominately commons and the original fish may be over 35 years old. The biggest carp recorded from the original stock is a 30lb 13 oz mirror. Last summer we spotted a group of over 80 of these carp basking on the surface, these included some 20 lb plus fish.

We are very much a ‘Runs Water’with plenty of carp of all sizes.

Facilities:The apartment itself is contained within the main house and has recently been refurbished and decorated to a high standard. It is a small self-contained, first floor open-plan apartment with a a small well equipped kitchen, separate bedroom and en-suite bathroom with English toilet and shower.

The accommodation is situated on the lake side, less that 10 metres from the water’s edge. Access is by way of an external stairway with a small viewing balcony and french doors to the living/dining area.

Outside the apartment exclusive to our guests, there is a lovely area with a table, chairs and parasol, ideal for sitting out and relaxing. Below this, accessed by natural steps, on the lake’s edge, is a hardstanding which can also be used and you can even fish from here if you like.

Booking information:Booking Info - http://www.sweetchestnutlake.co.uk/calendar.htm{rokcomments}

Lac Les Pins
Lac Les Pins -


Location: Our beautiful lake is situated in one of the most stunning settings in the Limousin area, on the border with the Dordogne.

Website: http://www.carpanglersparadise.com


Lac les Pins is set amongst Pine Trees in a most stunning and idyllic location, where you will be able to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation it offers. We acquired the lake from the French owner at the end of 2003. He had used the lake and surrounding area over the years for the hunting of wild boar. The lake is in a very secluded location, but you may spot a deer at sunrise and sunset, visiting and drinking from the lake. We have yet to see a wild boar, they are possibly hiding in the surrounding enclosed mature woodland, but there is plenty of other wildlife around to give that added feel of getting back to nature.

As the lake is stream fed, there is no need to worry about losing depths. The water quality is superb, with plenty of natural food resources, although we have been supplementing our fish with other nutrients in order to increase their growth prior to opening.

Our stunning specimens of Carp, a mixture of mirrors and commons, range from 20lbs to 50lbs, most were in excess of 30lbs to 38lbs in 2004 when newly stocked. They have now grown considerably, and our best recorded catch was in June 2005, weighing in at 48.5lb. In 2006, we will be continuing our stocking programme by introducing in excess of 150 Carp (Mirrors and Commons) into the lake and stock pond.

During 2005, we invited 24 angling friends to test out the lake for us. Overall, they caught 197 Carp, which is an average of 8.2 per person. There were 114 30's, with 36 over 35lbs, and 8 over 40lbs. There are 9 swims on the lake, accessible from all sides. We have decided not to permit more than 6 anglers on the lake at any one time. We believe in allowing each angler a larger area to themselves in which to fish, therefore enhancing the quality of your fishing holiday.

2005 was a year of much hard work and preparation to get our business on track for opening in 2006. We have recently had our 1 1/4 acre stock pond excavated to a depth of 5-8' in order for us to produce our own stock fish in the future.

Stock:CArp ranging from 20 to 50lbs


If you are flying, see Links for Ryanair and Flybe, both of whom have regular flights to Limoges. Please book as early as possible to ensure the cheapest flights, and to make sure that your booked dates are available.

Booking information:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.{rokcomments}

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