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21 Cote-d'or
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The Graviers

Location: DijonWebsite:

Description: Opened in 2002, the Carp lakes at Dijon have as predicted, developed into a 1st class fishery. Both, in the quality of the fishing, and the lakes themselves as an un spoilt natural, aquatic environment.

We have worked very hard over the past 7 years to create the perfect Carp lake, breaking the mold of the "commercial" fishery in several ways.

Commercial ?  Not a word I like to use to describe the lakes, as it tends to paint a picture of exactly what I've bee trying hard to avoid here.

Angling pressure has been kept to an absolute functional minimum, in order to preserve the lakes and the angling, and it has now become a real pleasure to fish these un spoilt waters, surrounded by such a variety of wildlife found in and around the natural aquatic environment.

Small groups of anglers only, which means each angler has plenty of water to fish, which should make a nice change for lots of you who fish in France



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