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Etang De Chanet
Etang de Chanet

Location:  Champagne Ardenne, AubeWebsite:

Summary: * MIRROR & COMMON CARP stocked in 2006 to 45lb * WEL`S CATFISH to 70lb* Stunning 12.5 acre lake 3h 40m from Calais* 10 Swims* Maximum 8 Anglers* Cabin with decking & benches* Cooking facilities (including oven, hobs & gas BBQ)* English Showers and Toilets* Electric Points for bait boats and phones etc.* Maximum 3 rods per Angler* No Poisson chat* Carp Mats & Weigh Slings Provided For Each AnglerDescription:  Etang de Chanet is situated in the heart of the Champagne Ardennes Region - Close to Troyes. A 3 Hour 40 Minute drive from Calais. The owners are Kev and Jo Saggers who are a very friendly english couple and will help you in every way they can to make you feel at home and enjoy your trip. Etang de Chanet is a stunning and peaceful, 12.5 acre lake set in dense woodland. In 2006 the lake was drained and netted and then stocked with 2 tonne of virgin fish as well as the original stock from the lake. Nearly all of the new and already present fish were Mirror and Common carp ranging from 12lb to just over 45lb. Taking into account the average yearly growth rate some specimens could be tipping the scales at 60lb. Considering quite a few of these are still uncaught and untarnished virginal fish this should make for a very exciting and active season.

Also present in the lake are some pike which were re-stocked from the original netting. As to how big they are we are not sure but some nice specimens have been caught on pike fishing sessions at the lake. Etang De Chanet is also home to some beautiful wildlife including Jays, Buzzards and Kingfisher to name but a few.    Lake:  The Lake has 10 swims which have been carefully situated around the lake to provide a feature to fish to for each angler. For example islands, overhanging trees, margins lilies and also open water. The depths vary from 2 ft. – 8 ft. with a silt bottom. We welcome a maximum of 8 anglers per week, which will ensure a more intimate fishing experience for you and also provide the option of moving swims if desired. There are no poisson-chats present in the lake (a nuisance species of catfish which are present in some French fisheries. We all know there is nothing more frustrating than fishing all night with no bait on your hook.)

 Stock: The rest of the stock consisted of a handful of wels catfish which at present time are estimated to be at around 40-50lb. Our newest edition to the lake is `Mandy`, a sexy specimen 70lb mandarine wels catfish whom we couldn’t resist buying down to her sheer beauty.

There is a cabin on site with full cooking facilities including oven, hobs & a big gas BBQ, freezer for bait (limited size) and electric points for charging phones, ipod docks and bait boats etc. There are also 2 english toilets and 2 powerful showers. We provide Carp Mats & Weigh Slings for every angler.

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Charlou Carping
Charlou Carping

Website Address: Champagne region

Description: This stunning sixteen acre gravel pit has clear blue water, excellent for your photos, and is tree lined around the entire lake set within 24 acres of beautiful French woodland and countryside. There are some lovely views across the lake to lay and gaze at from your bivvy as the sun goes down in between catching your prize carp. Most anglers who have fished here also take home some lovely shots of the lake and its borders to remind themselves and show others just how nice it really is. So many times I have spoken to other anglers on the ferries coming home after a week at some really well advertised venues only to hear that the fishing was ok but the location was just not up to scratch, to noisy, gravel works, noisy farms, pylons feet away from the pegs etc.

Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Lac Sebastian


Location: If you are looking for some action and being well looked after, then Lac Sebastian is definitely the place for you! A stunning 12-acre venue set in the gorgeous Champagne region of France, a straightforward drive of just over 3 hours from Calais.

Description: There is a big head of Carp living here, with twelve known forties and a couple of fifties to go for. The current lake record is a stunning Mirror of 53lb 4oz, there are also three Commons in excess of 42lbs. The unique shape of the lake and its’ large central island ensures that everyone has his own part of the lake, with the others not far away for a good social!

Lake: There are 12 swims, with a maximum of 8 anglers allowed per week ‘drive and survive’, so you’ve always got room to move should the need arise. Swims are purpose built, large and comfortable, with a picnic bench in ever swim.  Depths range from 3-9 feet, a clear sand/gravel bottom and maximum casts of 90 yards make the fishing simple and enjoyable.

Facilities: There is an on-site fully equipped lodge with bar, SKY TV, BBQ area, English style toilets/showers, full time English staff live on-site to help with your every need, vehicle access to all swims, plus the optional food package make Lac Sebastian a truly unique holiday choice. Shops and the local bar/restaurants are 10 minutes drive away. We have so many repeat bookings here, that speaks for itself!

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Champagne Carp Tours
Champagne Carp Tours

Website Address: www.champagnecarptours.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Contact: Richard or Kate HowellFish Stocked: Carp

Awaiting summary information and photo from above{rokcomments}

Lake Juvanzé
Lake Juvanzé

Location: Champagne Region Website Address:

Description: Lake Juvanzé offers fantastic fishing with large hauls of carp very common. So for a fun week of fishing with lots of action in the heart of the Champagne region, just 3.5 hours from Calais, this is the perfect lake for your holiday. The lodge area serves as a meeting point where meals are served. There are UK plug sockets for charging batteries and high standard toilet and shower facilities.

Lake: 5 acres in size the lake bed is an exciting and challenging combination of gravel bars, plateaus, clay and silt patches, as well as controlled weed beds. The water is rich with natural food and holds a large head of pretty carp ranging from 20lbs to 40lbs plus. The number of pegs has been kept to a minimum with five comfortable pegs including a large double. Each peg has plenty of space for any bivvy.

Stock: 2008 was an excellent season. The average number of fish per person was twelve carp with an average weight of 26lbs. The fish showed tremendous weight gains and the lake now holds an impressive head of fish - Many 30lb to 46lbs common and mirror carp are regularly caught and we are expecting at least 2 more fish to go 50lb+ in 2009.


Lac des Lesmont
Lac des Lesmont

Location: Champagne Region of FrenchWebsite Address: The lake is situated in the Champagne Region of France, just three hours and 45 minutes from Calais (257 miles) and is approximately 20 years old. It is very mature with plenty of tree's and bushes surrounding it. The water, 15 acre's of it, is a fantastic blue colour during the height of summer. With depths of up to 24 ft in the early part of the year only dropping to 22 - 23 feet in the latter part of summer. The lake bed is of a sandy/gravel consistency with lots of interesting features to go at.

Lake & Stock: The Carp are fast growing with a good mix of mirrors and commons. The original 20 year old stock of 300 - 400 Carp are already weighing over 50lbs!, In addition to these we have handpicked over a ton of thirties. By the end of the 2007 season the lake is now proud to hold 50 different 40's and 15 different 50's including mirror's up to 64lb 2oz, Common's up to 61lb 2oz, and Grass Carp weighing up to 45lb, also stocked are a selection of Catfish weighing up to 100lb!Beginning of 2010 Lesmont now holds mirrors up to 64lb 12oz, commons up to 61lb 2oz, grass carp up to 48lb 13oz and catfish up to 112lb 8oz, with over 20 different 50lbs up to 59lb, so hopefully we will see a few more 60lbs gracing our banks, over 50 different 40lbs again with some of these now sitting at 48lb-49lb mark, and a very big head of 30lb carp. Since opening Lesmont in 2004, we have carried on our stocking plan adding at least 20 carp a year, to boost our already outstanding stock levels{rokcomments}

Great Lake
The Great Lake

Description: Has 18 swims (12 anglers max) spread out around this 50+ acre gravel pit. All swims are easily accessible by car. If it is fully scaled or linear’s that you are after, then this has to be the ultimate place. Roughly 1 out of 10 fish is a 30lb+, most being caught in the margins or close to the weed beds (present June to end of July) spread around the lake.There are also Pike and Perch in abundance. The place is a revelation in terms of fish beauty, the lake itself is fairly open with grassy banks, but the fishing is really special.

 Facilities: Full facilities on site include English toilets and showers, electric, fridge/freezer facilities, battery charging, a dining room and a fresh bait delivery service. Exclusive use for max 14 anglers

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Graviere de la Traque


Location: Champagne Ardenne, Aube

Description: With 11 swims offers superb French fishing for genuine home grown carp. Its horseshoe shape ensures that every angler has his own part of the lake to himself whilst the others are never far away for a good social! The lake is easy fishing with catches of 10+ fish a day per person not uncommon.

Enjoy the bobbins action with a very fair chance of a real biggie during the course of a week’s fishing; no long range equipment is needed. The lake contains plenty of thirties (8 per acre) and enough 40's to 47lb+ to keep the most ambitious angler happy

Booking though: de la Traque{rokcomments}

Lac Desire
Lac Desire

Location: Champagne Region


Description: Lac Desire brings you to the Marne department of the Champagne region of France only 240 miles / 3.30 hrs from the ports at Calais and only 20mins from Lesmont. Completely surrounded by woodland this beautiful 40 acre estate is completely fenced and secure. The lake is spring fed, 16 acres in size, very mature and was originally excavated for gravel in the seventies. It has many features including gravel bars, plateaux's and silt areas in depths ranging from 3ft to 8ft. Fourteen comfortable swims have been prepared, two with disabled access and they have been positioned mainly around the centre of the lake (in the shape of a horse shoe) creating a perfect but at the same time private social holiday venue. With a max of ten anglers each week this leaves the choice of 4 swims should you require a move during your stay.{rokcomments}

Lac du Charlou
Lac Du Charlou (Charlou Carping)

Location: Troyes


Description: Lac Du Charlou was purchased at the beginning of 2005 knowing that it had bag loads of potential to become a truly stunning location to bivvy up at and catch some very big carp. So, that is what we set out to do, and have now achieved our goal after a lot of hard graft, travelling, and also parting with a lot of hard earned money. The lake was named Lac Du Charlou after our two daughters, Charlotte and Louise, lucky beggars! Having been carp fishing to France enough times to know what, for me, makes a great week for a carper I wanted to put it in to practice by supplying this at a sensible cost, and enjoying it along the way by making it a week to remember for every visitor.

Lake: This stunning sixteen acre gravel pit has clear blue water, excellent for your photos, and is tree lined around the entire lake set within 24 acres of beautiful French woodland and countryside. There are some lovely views across the lake to lay and gaze at from your bivvy as the sun goes down in between catching your prize carp. Most anglers who have fished here also take home some lovely shots of the lake and its borders to remind themselves and show others just how nice it really is. The venue is nestled amongst some of the world’s most famous big carp waters on the border of the Orient Forest, home to Lac Orient and Lac Ammance, and I can guarantee you will be well impressed with the tranquillity of this one. The pegs, both double and single, are well spaced out for a maximum of ten anglers who will have ample room to fish with three or even four rods in certain pegs. There is plenty of space to bivvy up, with every peg being level and gravelled for drainage and comfort. Unhooking mats are supplied in each peg to lighten your load and care for our fish which are all in tip top condition.

Stock: The depths of the lake vary from 2 feet to 26 feet and the lake bed in mainly hard gravel with features to find and fish to. At present the lake holds over 350 carp, including mirrors, commons and leathers, ranging from 15lb to over 56b and growing fast!  The nearest main town for everything you could possibly want is only a 5 minute drive away and includes a tackle and gaming shop which believe it or not sells carping gear. For those who do like to get away from fishing for a while can relax in the town at one of the lovely bars next to the waterfall in the town centre. Personally I would prefer to be fishing but at times it can get very hot in the Champagne region, and do not forget that you are also on holiday lads, and we will try our utmost to make it one to remember for you.{rokcomments}

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