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Croix Blanche Lakes
Croix Blanche Lakes

Location : Picardy, Aisne

Website: Description: Two established carp fishing lakes covering 6 & 8 acres, set in the Picardy region of France, just north of Reims, that were first opened in 1999 . The waters are only 150 miles (2.5 hours) from Calais. An ideal choice if you are looking for a French holiday venue with specimen fish that is a reasonable driving distance from the ferry. We have the capacity for upto 10 anglers per week (12 for excliusive lake bookings)The lakes contain a really good head of specimen carp averaging over 20lb with fish to well over 50lb. The majority of the carp are mirrors but there are a number of big commons to over 45lb. The waters contain a head of large grass carp too that occasionally grace the unhooking mats and are an unusual addition to your catches. The lakes have been stocked on a regular basis since I acquired them.Carp aren't the only big fish in the venue, we also have some very large catfish.  These superb fighting machines run to over 100lb..... the largest in 2009 topped the 107lb mark..Onsite facilities include hot showers and English style toilets. There is also a mobile home that is available for optional rental and is perfect for wives, girl friends or family holidays. The whole property is fenced in and secure.Booking information : Lakes can be booked on an individual basis, or one lakes can booked exclusively for upto 6 anglers. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; telephone: 0033670900433 (mob) landline: 0033 962 20 56 44

Location: Situated a few kilometers from Reims in Northern France

Description: Coelacanthe, also known as “The Village”.  This lake beats everybody’s expectations in terms of lake quality, fish stocking, facilities and service. Every detail is looked after and the owners have managed to create a five star carp fishing venue. If you’re looking for a luxury Carp fishing holiday – for the same price as other lakes – choose Coelacanthe!The Lake: This former gravel pit has a surface of 17 hectares. The bottom is fairly flat with no holes and the maximum depth is about 2,40 m. The margins drop off very quickly. There’s no weed formation during the hotter months, and there’s no Poisson chat at all. The bottom is mainly gravel with a little silt. The property has a secure perimeter and the entrance door is closed at night, which will give you a safe feeling. Notice the presence of mussels and crayfish. On the far end of the venue you can find the restaurant that has a fantastic view over the lake. The owner’s house is situated next to it.The Swims: The Lake is equally dotted with 7 single swims and 7 double swims. The singles are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12. The doubles are 1, 3, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16. If you book two single swims for two anglers, you can still sit together in one of them and the other swim won’t be rented. All swims have good car access and you can park your car behind the swim. Just swims 14, 15 and 16 have no car access. The spacious swims are surrounded by lots of vegetation, which can provide you with enough shade in the summer.Boats are not allowed, but bait boats are. Placing of hook links is allowed but with restrictions. During the briefing, every angler will know exactly where he or she can fish up to, this is done to avoid crossing lines and to prevent jealous anglers from fishing on your hot spots.Every lake has its mythical swims where one catches presumably more fish, but the owner informed us that the fish are all over the lake. Ask Mr. Noll, the owner, about the hot spot of your swim…The Fish Stocks: Everybody knows that building a healthy carp stocking is difficult and takes a lot to time. It took 10 years to build the amazing Coelacanthe carp population of which 50% of the fish weigh over 15kg. You’ll catch mirrors, leathers, fully scales and commons. Every week a 20kg+ is landed and the lake record is 28,600 kg (2006). The 2009 lake record was a 26kg carp. The most exciting story of the 2009 season was an angler that caught 3 carp over 20 kg in less than 45 minutes!Besides carp you can also catch bass, sander, pike and catfish (over 100kg!).The Facilities: The facilities of Coelacanthe have a hygiene level of a five star hotel. Even your mother wouldn’t mind taking a shower. They charge 2 euros every time you have a shower, but it’s worth it!

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Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite Address: Beaurepaire has been a well kept secret by many who have fished it. It’s a beautiful natural gravel pit, just 2.5 hours from Calais that’s stuffed with fish – it really is a runs water! It’s around 7 acres and would ideally suit a group of up to six anglers looking to book a lake exclusively… but individual bookings are welcome too. There are no designated swims but there’s plenty of room to bivvy up.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Crete Lakes


Location:  It is located in the beautiful department of Aisne in Picardy northeast France just 3 hours from Calais.



Description: These former gravel pits were created about 25 years ago and were stocked with carp and other course fish around this time. Carp fishing at the venue commenced in November 2008 and early indications suggest there are many big carp already present with fish to 50+ already landed. These carp have been left to thrive in there natural environment without fishing pressure for two decades! In the winter of 2008/2009.

Stock:  we added a further 850 carp to forty pound, all uncaught mirrors from one of the best sources in France. We believe that added to the original stock Cretelakes will be among the very best carp fishing lakes France has to offer. In March 2010 we will be running organized all inclusive coach trips to and from Cretelakes with food packages included.

Lakes: Cretelakes is a beautiful 4 lake venue set in 60 acres. The French carp fishing lakes are former gravel pits dug around 25 years ago and around this time they were stocked with carp and other course fish.

Lake 1: 9 Acres

Lake 2: Just under 6 Acres

Lake 3: 8 Acres

Lake 4: 6 Acres

Facilities: Add to this the excellent onsite facilities which include an onsite restaurant with sky TV, a shower block with four showers and two toilets, and two full time English bailiffs. Food packages are available for our 2009 season which will be on a drive and survive basis. So if its carp fishing in France on beautiful French lakes with big uncaught carp you’re looking for then Cretelakes is for you.{rokcomments}


Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite Address:

Description: We’ve represented Roseau for 8 years and every year the fishing just gets better & better! 2010 sees an exciting new development for Roseau – the chance to take a fully inclusive trip here with the well respected Clearview Carp Tours. But if you prefer to drive yourself that’s no problem either as there’s plenty of Drive & Survive spaces available too

There are two lakes of 12 and 2 acres. Both have grassy banks which are ideal for setting up bivvies but the land surrounding Roseau is reclaimed marsh land and this means that during periods of heavy rain, particularly early season, it can get very muddy. Please go prepared. The swims are not accessible by car.

Large lake:  This 12 acre lake is a great choice for the angler looking for non-stop action. It has an awesome number of fish with 20 runs a days more than possible. Average size is around mid 20’s - and there are lots & lots of 30lb+ fish. The record from the Large Lake stands at 50.06. There are 11 swims for a maximum of 10 anglers. Baitboats are allowed & these can be rented on-site.

Small lake: This smaller 2 acre water holds a better stamp of fish in smaller numbers - best up to 51.08. The current stock for this small water is around 100 carp, including many 20lb plus fish. We can rent the small lake exclusively for a party of 3 or 4 anglers maximum - enquire for rates.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Etangs du Nenuphar
Etangs du Nenuphar

Location: Picardy, AisneWebsite Address: www.waterlilylakes.comDescription: The Estate Lake is around 9 acres and dotted with some 14 islands and many lily beds. Every swim offers visible features as well as submerged fish holding areas. Swims are spacious and comfortable, the lake having 18 of which three are doubles. The lake is open to a maximum of 8 anglers offering you the opportunity to move during your stay. Because of the shape and careful layout of swims every angler has a good area to fish without troubling others. The lake already held a good head of stunning original carp to 45lbs, and after a careful stocking program The Estate Lake now holds around 300 carp. At least 120 are over 30lbs, at least 25 of these are over 40lbs and a few are over 50lbs and a few fish are over the 60 mark. The lake also holds a number of catfish to 80lbs+.  

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish, Pike, Zander, Crayfish{rokcomments}

Etang Saint Pierremont
Etang Saint Pierremont

Location: Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite:

Description: Etang Saint Pierremont is a stunning 2.5 acre lake 5* luxury mobile home accommodation, set in 8 acres of one of the most outstanding areas of natural beauty in the Champagne Ardenne region of France. The mature grounds with attractive trees, bushes and woodland are fully enclosed making it an ideal setting for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. This venue is ideal for the whole family or 3 couples to enjoy the exclusive use of there own piece of tranquillity. There are 3 well placed swims around the lake and there is also a small island via a bridge with a swim.

The Lake: The lake is completely private and English owned so fishing 24 hrs is permitted, there is complete access around the lake on foot and car parking is adjacent the lake. All the carp that have been introduced to the lake have been bred locally by a well known French fish farmer whose fish are renowned for their powerful fighting qualities which we are sure will add to the enjoyment of your holiday at Etang St Pierremont.{rokcomments}

Lake Albert
Lake Albert

Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite:

Description: Looking for easy access to a lake in north eastern France, not too far from the channel tunnel with plenty big carp, then you've found it here. Lake Albert for Carp Fishing in France!

Just 2.5 hours from Calais on the autoroute, we're an easy drive down the A26/E17. Lake Albert is just off the N31/E46 west of Soissons.

Lake:  Albert is approx. 4.5 acres in size and fed with spring water. We have stocked the lake with a selection of grass, common and mirror carp ranging from 20lbs through to 40+lbs. We are still trying to catch the existing lake carp stock that has so far evaded us. The lake also contains many other species such as roach and pike. There are seven swims around the lake, including one double.{rokcomments}

Maya Lake

Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite Address:

Description: Located a little over 2hrs from Calais and 2.5hrs from Le Havre in Picardie near the historic town of Soissons Over 120 Carp to 42lb+ With a good percentage of 30's. Nothing ever stocked below 20lb .A beautiful mix of Mirror, Leather and Common carp to 42lb, Grass Carp to 28lb with a single Catfish over 50lbs. The Lake had never been fished before other than for Pike, the owner of 40yrs only ever used a spinner! Luxury chalet style accommodation available, with 2 bedrooms, Living/Dining room, fully equipped fitted kitchen and bathroom facilities or the most comfortable Drive n Survive ever, with shower, toilet and kitchenette for your use, along with a large covered patio area with table and chairs. A perfect family fishing destination, with luxury accommodation, TV, DVD, Stereo etc, good local amenities and only 45mins from the sights and shopping of Paris.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Three Islands Lake
Three Islands Lake


Location: Two hours from Calais


Description:A newly established fishery in France.

Why bother driving 5 hours through France, when you could be at Three Islands Lake in just 2 hours?...

An 11 acre lake, set within 20 acres of completely fenced, gated & secure land, totally peaceful, just waiting to be discovered. Teaming with wildlife, you'll share the lake with all sorts of rare birdlife, water fowl, rabbits, deer & of course, lots of carp.

Whether you prefer to drive & survive, or like things a little more comfortable, we can cater for your requirements. Our newly installed cabins include such luxuries as hot & cold running water, shower, toilet & kitchen facilities. Using a state of the art ecological power system that runs on sustainable energy, our cabins are equipped with lighting & sockets for you to charge your personal electrical equipment, i.e. mobile phones.

With a strong emphasis on the environment & all that it contains, Three Islands Lake is responsibly managed in an eco-friendly way, to ensure our wildlife neighbours are also respected & can thrive.

Don't just wish that you could be there, go ahead & make the booking now!!

Stock:The stock is unknown at present but the handful of times it has been fished it has produced Large Carp. The lake also has Tench, Bream, Pike, Zander, Perch, Roach and Eels.

Facilities:There are three log cabins on site. The first cabin is lakeside and customers can stay in there if they don't want to stay in there bivies. The other two cabins are next to each other one has kitchen facilities and the other cabin has a toilet and shower.

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Domaine de la Vallee
Domaine de la Vallée


Location: The Domaine de la Vallée is set in the lush countryside in the Aisne department of northern France, about 2 hours drive from the ferry port of Calais.



In the Oise Valley, Northern France, lies Domaine de la Vallée, a marvelous lake that has become a fantastic Carp Fishing Venue. It’s a large, varied venue with lots of islands, bays, lily pads and overhanging trees that provide plenty of challenges. The swims can be booked for weekends, weeks or midweeks.

The Lake

Domaine de la Vallée has a total surface of 50 hectares (123 acres). Old trees and extensive fields surround the lake. Main features are islands, bays, overhanging trees and lily pads that provide plenty of challenges. In the northern part of the lake, a stream flows into the lake and provides plenty of oxygen, and natural food. This explains also why this part of the lake is colder and has clearer water. The fish, however, prefer the southern part with warmer water and more plankton.The bottom is irregular and has a soft layer of silk. Apart from the lilies, there are no obstacles. The depth varies between 0,50 m and 4 m.

The Swims

The swims 1 to 12 lie in the southern part of the lake. Swims 7 to 11 are closed by the end of August due to the duck hunt that is organized there. This is not dangerous, but can be annoying. Swim 3 is located on a small island and provides interesting fishing possibilities. Swims 4 and 5 are very popular and a good choice for groups of 3 or 4 anglers. Swims 1 and 2 are spacious and deeper water; the car can be parked close to these swims. Swims 7+9 are interesting for a group of 3 anglers, whereas peg 8 is a good double swim. The swims on the island only have access by boat. You can bring your own boat or rent a boat on the site (8 euros per day). Bait boats are also allowed and so is placing off hook links and ground feeding with a boat.

The Stocking

Domaine de la Vallée has an unknown, old stock of carp up to 50 pounds. The owners restocked the lake several times with younger animals. There’s plenty of natural food (crayfish, mussels, etc) and the carp are growing steadily. The bigger carp are not so easy to catch, but every good angler will catch some stunning carp.

Facilities and services

The venue has a decent sanitary block with showers, washbasins and toilets. There are also 2 fridges, a freezer and a microwave oven for the anglers


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