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Abbey Lakes
Abbey Lakes

Picture of Fox lake (Etang du Renard)Location: Picardy, OiseWebsite: Abby Lakes is made up of 6 lakes.1) Fox Lake, Etang du Renard (11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers)2) Heron Lake, Etang du Héron (14 Ha, 22 swims for 17 anglers)3) Attila Lake, Etang Attila (3 hectares, 10 double swims)4) Frog Lake, Etang de la Grenouille (3 hectares, 10 double swims)5) King Fisher Lake, Etang du Martin-pêcheur (13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers)6) Wild Boar Lake, Etang du Sanglier  (6 Ha, 30 swims for 25 anglers)Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Lake Bossard
Lake Bossard

Location: Champagne Ardenne region of FranceWebsite: Lake Bossard is a stunning 23 acre Lake set in 500 acres of forest in the Champagne Ardenne region of France. The Lake is over 400 years old and completely surrounded with very mature trees and has depths ranging from 3ft to 12ft. There are 4 doubles and 7 single swims cut naturally into the tree line. With 15 swims in total and only 8 anglers on the lake at any one time, there are always free swims available for you to move if you find you are not on the fish. (We will be happy to help you move with our 4x4 quad.)There are plenty of features to fish to including two islands and carp to over 71lb have been caught. Each swim has been cut naturally into the tree line. The lake was opened in 2008 having previously been unfished, so the fish have not been pressured.{rokcomments}

Mar Peche (Les Beaux Lacs)

Mar Peche (Les Beaux Lacs)


Location: The lovely, 25-acre Mar-Pêche, originally named Lac du Martin-Pêcheur, lies in the valley of the famous river Yonne, near Montereau only 3½ hours drive from the ports of Calais, Boulogne and Dunkerque. The lake is less than 10 minutes from the A5 autoroute.


Description: Virtually everyone that visits Mar-Pêche remarks on how comfortable the place is. The gently sloping, grass swims with large amounts of space behind each fishing area offer what can only be described as 'sheer comfort'. There is ample room in every swim to erect the largest of bivvies, to park your car and spread out your tackle. This, combined with a maximum of 10 anglers on the whole lake, ensures there's plenty of room for everyone

On three banks you will see the customary rows of French poplars, far enough away from the water to allow comfortable casting, yet close enough to offer good shade in mid-summer. The shorter west bank, on which there are no swims, has been allowed to grow more naturally and borders Lac Cachette, where you can sample the action of this wild, overgrown lake, heavily stocked with doubles, 20's and the occasional 30.

Stock: The lake holds about 160 carp with 95% being between 30 and 70 pounds (14-32kg). More than 35 DIFFERENT 50's and SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT 60's, including four different 70's have been caught in the last two years. The majority of stock are very young with many fish growing up to an incredible 10 pounds per year! The current lake record, stands at 71.8. There is a small head of catfish and the average size is about 50lbs with a sprinkling of 100lb plus fish, including a 180-pounder landed by Michael Scott{rokcomments}

freedom Lakes
Freedom Lakes

Location: Outside the village of Usson, South-east of PoitiersWebsite: Three lakes are open for fishing, they are approximately 9acres, 19acres and 29acres and represent carp fishing in France how we feel it should be with beautiful natural surroundings and immaculate bigfish. The 9acre and 19acre carp lakes are both well stocked with big carp and provide a high chance of catching 30lb+ carp and even 40lb+ during your fishing holiday aswell as the chance of very big grass carp to 50lb and catfish to well over 100lbLake – Sacha

The smallest of the 3 lakes at 9 Acres

Lake SACHA was drained in 2008 and has been meticulously landscaped.Nestled in the western edge of the property, in a very special location bordered on all sides by dense woodland. There are lots of interesting features in the lake to fish to, such as several small islands, sand and gravel spots, some lily pads and a densely reed lined far margin. The shallow depths means the lake fishes very well all year around, it warms up very early so the spring period can be very productive as well as being a good winter water with the fish reacting to any small change in conditions.

Vehicle access is restricted to one location; however there is a Car Park. Lake SACHA can be booked for up to 6 anglers, or exclusively booked

STATS:Depths 2 to 9 feetCarp stocked: 250Average weight: 24lbs

Lake – Angele

The ‘middle’ sized lake at 19 Acres

Located in the centre of the complex, it is stocked with an incredible head of young and powerful 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and regularly produces some arm wrenching sport. In its first season the lake produced well in excess of 1000 fish landed. The lake also holds a number of big grass carp averaging over 35lb and a few catfish between 60lb and 130lb. The lake bed is a mix of sand silt and stone, a few weed beds and lily pads. There are several sunken islands plus lots of overhanging trees around the lake, every swim is capable of producing a result.

This lake has been intentionally developed as something approaching a ‘Runs Water’, but with a very big average size of fish (Sept 09 – 30lb average). Stocked with an incredible array of stunning carp from leathers to linears and everything in between. This lake is well worth looking at for 2010 if you want to catch some very nice 30’s with a great chance of fish over 40lb in fact we are confident enough to say that the best carp fishing holidays in France will be right here next year.

ANGELE can be booked for up to 10 anglers, or exclusively booked. Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between lake ANGELE  and Lake LOUANNE. There is also use of a chalet located at one of the swims.  ANGELE has Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 2 to 6 feetCarp stocked:400 x 25lb-35lbs100 x 35lb-40lbs30 x 40lbs plus

Lake – Louane

The largest of the 3 lakes at 29 Acres

LOUANE is the biggest lake open, situated on the East side.

LOUANE is home to some very special fish, the lake average is over 35lb. It is the biggest and deepest lake on the complex and is more suited to experienced anglers due to a lower stocking density and snaggy lake bed, it is not a runs water but with most of the fish being over 30lb it is a lake that has the potential to produce a once in a lifetime catch. Several anglers have had 20×30’s and 40’s in a week in 2009. The lake bed has a hard flat bottom, so a good baiting strategy combined with watercraft can pay dividends.

The lake is already producing a good growth rate, the average is over 35lb and will probably be around 40lb in 2010. The water also contains ONE big Catfish called Scarface (180lb+), he has been hooked a few times in 2009 and has won every battle!!

There are enough swims to accommodate up to a total of 8 anglers, there are two islands, one of these has 4 swims cut into it and is a fantastic location to spend a week or two with a few mates. The whole lake can be booked exclusively.

Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between ANGEL Lake and Lake LOUANE.  Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 3 to 11 feetCarp stocked:250 at 30lbs plus{rokcomments}

Etang du Frene
Etang du Frene

Location: Champagne Ardenne , MarneWebsite Address:

Description: If your idea of a great French Carp Fishing Holiday venue is a reed fringed, historic estate lake set amongst mature forest with beautiful features like lily pads, overhanging trees and reed beds, then look no further.

The larger lake is recorded as being in existence in 1833 but was originally created by the local monk’s centuries ago to breed carp for the table as were many of the best lakes in France. The carp are virgin fish as the lake has never been fished on a commercial basis by the previous French owners.

The natural surrounding give bags of features to fish to, from extensive lily beds to marginal rushes and fallen and overhanging trees, something for everyone regardless of style. Trois Fontaine combines all of these features with awesome fishing for carp to over 40lb, sensible rules and space and tranquillity that is hard to find on any venue.

Lakes: The two lakes at Trois Fontaine consist of a 21 acre mature estate lake and a two acre more recently built lake (still over 30 years old) that gives a variety of fishing, from feature rich margin to wide open vistas.

Stock: Mirror Carp of over 30lb are a common occurrence at Trois Fontaine, with a good chance of a 40lb+ specimen always on the cards, and the stock are piling on the weight year on year. We have carried out an extensive stocking program to complement the existing stock and we know that we have several 40's to crown the existing and introduced stock of 20's and 30's, one fish in particular is expected to top 50 this year.

The fishing is perfect, with no poisson chat or crayfish to bother you, and the carp are still not used to being caught so, while not perhaps being easy :-), they are very catchable.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments} 

Lac de Grosley
Lac de Grosley

Location: Lies in the valley of the river Risle (Normandy), at an hour’s drive from Le Havre.Description: Lac de Grosley is a very attractive fishery that. This venue consists of 2 beautiful lakes surrounded by woodlands and fields. The lakes feature overhanging trees, reeds, lily pad beds and grassy banks. In 2008 the venue was taken over by Mr. Eric Touzé who is determined to create a top destination for carp anglers. If you’re looking for an easy runs lake, Lac de Grosley would definitely be a good choice.

 Lake: As we said before, this venue consists of 2 beautiful lakes surrounded by woodlands and fields. The lakes feature overhanging trees, reeds, lily pad beds and grassy banks. The first lake has a surface of 12 hectares and in the middle there’s an island; the second lake has 4 hectares. They are both accessible from all sides over a gravel path. The venue has a secure perimeter and at night the entrance is closed.

 Swims: The property counts 17 swims spread over the two lakes. Swims 2, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18 and 19 are single swims; all the other swims are doubles. The grassy swims are nice, spacious and several swims have a table and a wooden chalet to store your tackle or make some food (with your own equipment). Some anglers put their bed chair in the chalet. All swims have access by car.

 Stock: There's a natural stock that consists of mirrors and fully scale. Some are fat and heavy, while others are wild and strong, but they've all incredible coloring and you'll surely enjoy catching them. Although there are some small fish of less than 10 kg (normal natural stock) most carp are between 12 and 20 kg. The biggest fish was 22kg. You can expect more runs in the small lake because there’s more fish; overall they’re smaller than in the bigger lake. Because the venue is not well known, a lot of fish have never been caught before. That's why we wouldn't be surprised if bigger fish will be caught in the future.

 Facilities: Lac de Grosley offers excellent service. The bar and the restaurant are open from mid January until mid December; they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can order the meals on your swim. The clients also have a fridge, a freezer and a microwave oven at their disposal in the sanitary building. You can order fresh bread every day.

The venue also has a small tackle shop with all kinds of bait (particles and boilies) and small end tackle like hooks, lead, etc. Bait boats are for rent for 12 Euros per day.

 If you need help advice or if you have any doubts during your holiday, you can always ask the bailiff. He's a very kind person willing to help you at all times. There are two sanitary buildings: one near the entrance of the venue and one behind swim 10. Supermarkets, bars, bakery etc. lie at 5 min from the venue.

Booking through:{rokcomments}


Location: Champagne Region

Description: Near the Orient Forest (Eastern France) lies Maurepaire, an established 16 hectares (30 acres) lake with 8 comfortable swims. The venue is part of a big farm and is surrounded by vast fields. There’s a secure perimeter so outsiders can’t simply walk into the property. Maurepaire has an outstanding stock of about 500 mirrors and commons. We notice that this lake is becoming as famous as Jonchery, Domaine de Brocard and La Horre.Lake: Maurepaire is open from the end of March to the middle of August; this means that during 6 months the fish are left alone… The lake has a total surface of 16 hectare (30 acres). The bottom is flat and consists of clay and a layer of silt. In the center of the lake runs the old riverbed; here it’s max. 2 meters deep. Apart from the lilies at the far end, there are no obstacles. The lake is relatively thin (between 100 and 200 meters) and a lot of fish are taken from the far reed lined margins. Baitboats are allowed to fish these spots.The venue has a secure perimeter, which will give you a safe feeling.There are 8 comfortable swims for a maximum of 12 anglers. Several pegs are wooden swims, others are graveled pitches. Take into account that there’s very little shade on the swims; about 25 meters behind the swims there are a few trees that can provide some shade. Swims 1 until 6 have car access, but after unloading, the car has to be returned on the parking. Swims 7 and 8 are accessible over a path. There’s a wheelbarrow to bring your tackle to the swim.Stock: Maurepaire has an exceptional fish stock of 500 commons and mirrors between 18lb and 58 lb.

Booking Through:{rokcomments}

Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters

Location: Situated in the Burgundy region of France, Sen



Description: Crystal Waters French carp fishery is situated in the Burgundy region of France. The fishery is a secured 25 acre two island lake set within a stunning and tranquil 35 acre complex just a 4 hour drive from Calais. The fishery offers 16 beautifully unique swims accommodating a maximum of 10 anglers on any trip. There are approximately 5.5 tonnes of carp to over 50lb. We offer a range of packages from ‘drive and survive’ to the ‘full package’ which includes transport in a first class mini coach, as well as daily breakfast and evening meals.

Stock: 5.5 tonnes of carpRecord Carp: 45lb 10ozNumber of Swims: 16Maximum number of Anglers: 10Facilities: Lodge (with SKY TV), Fridge/Freezer, Shower/Toilets{rokcomments}

Domaine Du Brocard
Domaine Du Brocard (Three Lakes)

(Etang de la Barriere, Etang de la Fontaine)Location: Champagne regionWebsite:

Description: Domaine de Brocard is one of our most successful venues in France. No wonder the best pegs are already booked one year in advance. This former hunting domain, with a surface of 300 hectares, consists of 3 lakes surrounded by woodlands. The Lakes: On the first 12 hectare lake (550 m long, 100 wide) a maximum of 8 anglers can enjoy fishing from 4 pegs. They are situated on the south bank where anglers can fish without any possibility of snagging others lines. The gravel path provides good access to the pegs. The lake features over-hanging trees and reed-lined margins and on peg 1 there are some lily pads on the left side. Peg 1 is the only one-angler-peg of the venue. This first lake is stocked with 360 carp between 10 - 55 pounds. Maximum depth is 2 m. In the 2 hectare nurse-pond, fishing is not allowed. The third lake has a surface of 16 hectares and has a good access via a gravel path. Pegs 9 and 10 however can have a more difficult access by car when it rains. The tents stand on wooden pontoons. This lake is not deep, on average there's 1.5 m water and the bottom is soft without obstacles. Between pegs 6 and 7 lies a little island. Swim 12 is new for the 2007 season. Just like the first lake, there are over-hanging trees, reed-lined margins and lily pads in several areas. There are neither freshwater mussels nor crayfish. Take into account that there might be some weed formation when the water gets warmer (end of may, june...). This lake is stocked with 500 carp between 10 and 50 pounds. On the site there's a wooden toilet and in the village at 8 km there are facilities that consist of showers and toilets.Book through: Fishmans Holidays website {rokcomments}

Lac Baleine
Lac Baleine

Location:  Champagne region of Located less than 230 miles from Calais, the lake can be easily reached in less than 3 hours - just off the main auto route between Vitry La Francois and St Dizier.

The lake, which was excavated approximately 10 years ago, covers between 40 acres of open countryside - 23 swims Max 15. The lake offers plenty of choice for swims, is fenced and has two gated entrances for your security. Although close to the towns mentioned, the lake retains a quiet, secluded atmosphere. 25 spacious natural swims designed to complement the surroundings, provide a relaxing comfortable fishing environment.

A maximum of 15 anglers ensures plenty of freedom to move around if you so desire. All of the lake is within easy casting range and is well suited to English fishing tackle and methods.Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Lac Chateau (Nash Resorts)
Lac Chateau (Nash Resorts)

Location: South West FranceWebsite:

Description: Forget nightmare drives and Channel crossings, just hop on a 1½ hour flight from Stansted to Rodez and we will collect you at the airport for the 30 minute drive to Lac Chateau Cavagnac. Fly with us and you could be fishing – no, catching! – in little more time than it takes to cross the Channel by ferry.

Lake: The lake averages two metres in depth, going down to five metres in places with a flat, soft, silt bottom. Carp to over 50lbs have been caught at short range under the rod tips. Each swim is provided with a boat for accurate placing of baits and baiting. The lake was opened in 2004, having previously been un-fished, so the fish have not been pressured. We have cut seventeen secluded double swims that blend in naturally with the awe-inspiring countryside. We have also built a luxury, furnished lodge with high standard toilets and showers to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Facilities: Accommodation is in the latest Nash 1-man bivvies (already furnished with chair and bedchair!) but guests return to the lodge for meals every day.

The lodge is also where we provide a full English breakfast, or if you prefer, something lighter – cereal, croissants etc. A wholesome meal is served every evening when you can sit on the terrace, sipping a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer, and relax in this tranquil setting. We even fire-up a barbecue on a couple of evenings

Each angler is provided with a boat and lifejacket, rods, pod, landing net, unhooking mat, scales etc. All guests need to take are clothes, sleeping bag, reels, bite alarms, indicators and terminal tackle. Top quality Nashbait boilies can be purchased on site at the bargain price of only £6-a-kilo. Pop-ups, dips, pellets and particles, leads and Nash Bullet mono line are also available.


Etang Du Chef de Ville
Etang Du Chef de Ville

Location: Set in the tranquil Marne Valley with the River Marne as the southernmost border.



Description: The use of boats is allowed on the lake as long as life jackets are worn and that the boat is used in a safe and responsible manner. Boats supplied with oars and lifejackets are available for hire. There plentiful supply of electric engines available for  the boats which comes with two fully charged leisure batteries. The use of bait boats is also allowed. 

Fishing is not allowed from the North bank which means that you will not have anyone fishing from the opposite bank. The swims have for the year (2007)  have undergone extensive work, making them spacious, safe and clean as too have the paths and roads. Major investment has been put into the whole site to enhance the pleasure of fishing Chef de Ville

Lake: This 27 acre lake is the first in a series of six. The Lake is up to 160 yards wide and over 900 yards long. Depths vary from 3 feet to 20 feet with the majority of the lake bed being clay or gravel. There are a number of weed beds mainly around the bars and margins. Fishing tight to these weed beds produces good catches

Stock: Following the restocking in 2003'4 we successfully introduced a further 1 ton of Carp up to 62 lbs. have in 2007. This pushes the the current stock levels to over 400 carp, half of which are in excess of 30lbs. A further Half ton of carp has been added in 2008 with a70lb Catfish.

Facilities:  Chef de Ville has recently purchased the house next to the entrance gate to the fishery. The property has a large basement which has been converted into a large dining area. There is also a new shower room with two showers, two toilets and hand basin.

A large breakfast and evening meal will be served in the dining area or it can be brought to your swim by request. 

Recharging facilities are available for Mobile Phones - Bait boat batteries etc. 

Limited Freezer storage facilities for bait.


Lac Serrerie
Lac Serreire

Website :

Location : Limousin


Description:  This beautiful and well stocked 24 acre lake holds stocks of carp up to the mid fifties. In this prolific water the average weight is steadily rising. By the start of the 2008 season the average weight will be in the mid thirties. Lake: The Large Lake is available for up-to six anglers per week including the use of a chalet cottage equipped with all the necessities to make your stay a comfortable one. This is an ideal venue for the angler who likes to take on a challenge and offers an excellent opportunity to top that personal best. Stocks in this lake currently include:

Carp up-to 50lb Catfish up-to 70lb
Trois Fontaine
Trois Fontaine


Location:  Nearest town is Vitry le Francois in the Champagne Ardenne department of the Marne


Description:  There are two ancient lakes, one at two plus acres and the main lake at 21 acres but only about 15 acres available as the lake narrows. Both lakes were originally dug by the Cistercian monks and were recorded in the 15th century by Thierry Casseni who was a French cartographer. The local abbey is now ruined but can still be visited. There is abundant wild life as you would expect and an atmosphere that is quiet and calming. We are planning a drain down at the end of the year as we do not know what the original stock totals are. We stocked the lake in 2007 but frequently see the original wild fish caught.Stock:  Mirror Carp over 30lb are common occurrence, with a good chance of a 40lb+ specimen always on the cards. We have carried out an intensive stocking program to complement the existing stock and we know that we have several 40’s to crown the existing and introduced stock of 20’s and 30’s.Facilities: We have luxury showers and toilets where anglers can also charge their phones etc. We can cater for a max of 10 anglers for both lakes.Booking: There is a booking form that can be downloaded from the internet along with Terms and Conditions and lake rules. We can cater for a max of 10 anglers for both lakes. Prices are also displayed.{rokcomments}

Etang de Brigueuil
Etang de Brigueuil


Location: Etang de Brigueuil is a 25 acre lake on the borders of the Charente and the Limousin.


Description: 25 acre lake on the borders of the Charente and the Limousin with Mirrors and Leathers to late 40’s, Commons to late 30’s, Grass Carp to late 40’s, Pike to mid 30’s, Zander to mid 20’s, 1 Catfish (silure) to mid 40’s, Roach, Perch.


Size of lake 25 acres (10 hectares) No of Swims 12, some doubles (swims 1-8 along bank 1km in legnth) Max No of Anglers 15 Fish stock  Mirrors and Leathers to late 40’s, Commons to late 30’s, Grass Carp to late 40’s, Pike to mid 30’s, Zander to mid 20’s, 1 Catfish (silure) to mid 40’s, Roach, Perch. Features of lake  Mainly silt and sand with some rock features and gravel bars. Numerous bands of lilies. Banks well shaded, swims easily accessible. Water quality Excellent Water source 2 natural springs Date last Drained 11 November 2006 Rod Licence reqd No Night Fishing allowed Yes Bait boats allowed Yes, also on sale/for rent in shop on site. Boats Available For bailiff for baiting up Bait Available on site Yes, in tackle shop Meals Freshly prepared and can be delivered to your swim

Facilities:For those of you who select the drive and survive option, a brand new shower block has been installed in a large building opposite the lake, with English toilets.This building also houses a large freezer for all your baits.

It is possible to order food cooked fresh and brought to you in your bivvy. A simple menu offers breakfast, lunch and evening meal at reasonable prices e.g. home made lasagne and salad for 7 euro.

For those anglers wishing to bring the family there is a superb, fully furnished, 2 bedroom bungalow less than 10 metres from the banks of the lake, and fishing is easily accessible within the private grounds. It boasts a fully fitted kitchen with dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, satellite TV, so you won’t have to miss those important games in the World Cup, shower room, and terrace with spectacular views across the lake.

In case you run out of or break something, there is a fishing shop on site, selling top of the range equipment e.g. Fox, Nash, JRC; All your bait requirements e.g. boilies from Nash, Mainline, Fun Fishing, Mistral, and pellets all at very competitive prices; We work in conjunction with a large tackle shop so if we do not have it in stock it can be brought in for you usually for the next day (subject to availability). Second hand equipment is also on sale. A social evening will be held on a Wednesday evening in the form of a lakeside BBQ, a chance to bring your rods in for a few hours and enjoy an evening of good food, fine wines and beers, and of course good company.

Booking information :{rokcomments}



Location: 4 hours from Calais


Description:Remy is 25 acres in size, set in the heart of a forest near the famous Lac D'Orient, around 4 hours from Calais. The setting is wild & undisturbed with overhanging trees, lilies & fringes of reeds around the perimeter. The surrounding woodland is rich in flora and fauna with deer, wild boar and a myriad of other birds and animals. Remy accommodates up to 10 anglers and can be booked exclusively.

The lake is fairly deep at the dam wall end, going to about 3m. There's a feeder stream running down the length of the lake bed so it has the classic features of gentle slopes to the centre with shallow water at the top end. There's a number of lily beds which not only add to the beauty of Remy but also provide good fish holding features to fish to.

Stock:330 carp with numerous fish over 35lb. Largest over 50lb

Facilities:Remy is a carp anglers paradise set in wonderful woodland scenery, but the lakeside facilities are somewhat basic, consisting of a small wooden toilet block at the entrance. There is no running water or electricity but additional facilities, which include a hot shower, toilet, kitchen and sleeping quarters are available in the nearby village (2-3 minutes by car). Alternatively you could use the main club house on the nearby Jonchery lake which is about ten minutes away.

Booking through:{rokcomments}

Le Beau Lacs
Le Beau Lacs

Location: Brittany

Description:Le Beau Lacs (Etang de Muez) is a very pretty lake set in its own 35 acre grounds in Brittany, just two hours from the ferry port of Caen. In contrast to the majority of venues in this part of Brittany, which are typically of only 2 to 5 acres in size, Le Beau Lacs is a much larger, mature lake that dates back over 300 years - it's a beautiful 27 acre, lily fringed water set in the rolling countryside of Ile et Vilaine. It was originally created in the early 1700's and is surrounded by oak and poplar trees that are themselves hundreds of years old. The venue is open to a maximum of ten anglers but is also suitable for groups of four or five anglers when offered for exclusive bookings. Le Beau Lacs has English owners, Ian Muir and Geoff Ward. They purchased the property in 2004 and have since stocked it with common and mirror carp to 30lb+. Geoff and Ian are both keen carp anglers, Geoff having run a tackle shop in the UK... both will be only too pleased to assist visiting fishermen.

Stock:Approx 300 commons and mirrors, to 44lb, catfish to 20lb and some koi. Plus a good original stock to 40lb+

Facilities:There's a shower and toilet facility outside the main house which is for anglers use. Full food package available (please ask for details). Also available: lunch, beverages, batteries, gas canisters, end tackle & bollies. Delivered to your swim throughout the day via the walkie talkie's supplied for each swim.

Booking information:

For booking email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.{rokcomments}

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