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Goncourt Complex
GoncourtLocation: Champagne Ardenne, Marne

Website: Domaine de GoncourtDescription: The lakes are situated in the heart of the Champagne region only a couple hours away from the European capital cities. We welcome you to live unforgettable fishing moments at le Domaine de Goncourt between March to the end of October. The carp is here the king of all fish and their unique strain will fill your cameras with very special images. There are three lakes to go for, each having their own unique attraction, the woods lake with its wild island is situated on the edge of a lush forest, the Lake de La Traque provides plenty of action from carp lurking below the overhanging willows and the Great Lake will rejoice lovers of big heavily scaled mirrors. Here all is set for you to enjoy your fishing holiday in the best conditions.Lakes in this complex are: Woods Lake, Lac de la Traque, and The Great Lake{rokcomments}


SapphireLocation: Pays de la Loire region, Mayenne

Website: Sapphire is set to become the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of Michel & Laurent Bigot’s carp venues (Margot, Morgane, Commons and Lords being the others). The Bigots are one of the top fish farming companies in France, so you can always be assured of plenty of top quality fish when you book one of their waters.

This venue has the best of both worlds. Great bivvy fishing with good facilities on hand... or pure luxury if you wish to book the large lodge for that family holiday, or just to offer more comfort for large groups.

The lodge has 6 bedrooms (all with bathrooms or ensuites) and would happily accommodate large parties who are after serious fishing alongside high standard accommodation.

There’s plenty to do locally for non anglers and plenty of space for children to explore and play without disturbing the anglers. The lake stretches out in a lovely valley and whilst tranquillity reigns on the lake, shops and restaurants are only a few minutes away.

Stock: 400 carp to 60lb+{rokcomments}

Etang de la Malvoisine
Etang de la Malvoisine

Website: The Etang de la Malvoisine is situated in a sleepy village in the heart of the Mayenne region, an easy drive from the channel ferry ports of Le Havre and Caen. The owners are French and we’ve been very impressed with the professional way they are setting their lake up. We’re confident that it’ll be a first class venue and it’s often the anglers who get on a new water early who have some cracking catches.

Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Etang de Janine
Etang de Janine


Location: Set in the beautiful Loir Valley, 3 hours from port.Website: Set in the heart of the Loire valley, Etang de Janine is only 3 hours from port, the lake is a mature 60 year old tree lined 18 acre gravel pit that is bordered by other lakes, maize fields and nearby flows the petit loir river. France does not get any more picturesque than this, and has an abundance of wildlife which includes, wild boar, deer, lizards, herons, kingfishers, woodpeckers; in fact the list is endless with hatfuls of birds of prey, owls and miles and miles of farm land. The nearest city is 30 miles away so you don't even have light pollution, sit at night and look up at the stars, fantastic!The bank side is mowed regularly, beautiful little flowers planted, trees kept plush and as we find a snag in the lake it is removed. Some of the swims are natural, grass that goes down to the water’s edge, some are cut out and edged off with railway sleepers. Because we are down in the valley there is normally a breeze coming from somewhere, and if not there are enough trees to shelter under when things warm up. There is a locked gate and the lake is fenced off, you can park your car behind every swim, so no mile hike with your tackle! the only vehicles we get here are the tractors out in the fields. With no factories, smells or noises. Peace and tranquillity is permanently at hand.

Lake: We are now into our first year, we have had some wonderful fish out. Lake depths vary from a general 10ft all over with cuts that go to 13ft, shelves that come up to 7 ft, the end by the shower and toilet have just received a good planting of lilies, the corner stays around 3-5 foot until you get to forty feet out where it drops down to 13 ft then comes up on a bar, the other side goes to 10 ft. Plumbing with a rod is worthwhile, you do need to think a little about your fishing here, it's not a supermarket type lake.Roger, the previous owner of Lyngors has fished Janine, formerly Etang de Vouvray for 8 years, he told me "the first year I arrived I watch a common of around 40lb in the margins, this fish has had me return every year."At first, maize scored well but now boilies have come into their own, and looking at the fish's diets there is a change in the baiting policy for 2005. (see bait for details)There are four stone picnic tables that resemble a setting at Stonehenge! They are along the side of the lake and have been well received. There is no need to move from the water’s edge as we deliver breakfast and a home cooked meal, many a night we bring over some meat, salad and have a bbq, We supply you with clean water, bin bags, take all you rubbish away, There are clean hot water showers, toilets bankside, we charge you batteries/phone, boat, lights, we have freezer space for your frozen baits, but as we roll our own and they go into the lake regularly, we suggest you use these on a couple of rods.At present we have 3 boats available around the lake and have not had any problems with them, I will monitor the situation with them yearly, and then decide for 2006.Bait: NO NEED TO FILL YOU CAR WITH STINKY BAITS THAT WEIGH A TON AND TAKE UP ALL YOUR ROOM! Our home rolled baits are a quality food source for Carp, below is a list of ingredients used in their manufacture, showing how much thought, time, effort and expense we have taken to achieve the end product, we hand roll, hand boil and hand pack them. The Facilities: We have two large chest freezers so we can store your favourite baits, tell us what you need and we will bring it over with your next delivery of food. Daily we supply fresh water in clean containers for your tea - coffee etc. We recharge your batteries for you bait boats, torches, telephones and walkie talkies. In fact we have even jump started a car after the driver flattened his battery with a dvd player running to his bivvy!We often pick up the odd thing from the shops, like a case of beer, two bottles of wine and a toothbrush, so you can concentrate on relaxing! Lakeside there is four stone picnic tables and a couple of large wooden tables where you can sit and enjoy the very quiet countryside. We supply buckets for mixing bait. We also sell all the bait you will need. We remove rubbish daily, and supply bin bags. There is a clean hot shower and clean toilet lakeside.Booking through:{rokcomments}

Les Grand Champs
Les Grand Champs

Location: Pays de la Loire, SartheWebsite Address:

Description: Les Grand Champs is an approximately 50 year old, beautiful 18 acre mature gravel pit, situated in the middle of a well established wooded area. An amazing place to do some great carp fishing in France. The lake is situated on the border of Brittany and lower Normandy. On the lake there is a total of 20 swims and some of them are doubles, making your fishing in France trip an astonishing one. The woodland which is situated around the lake is around approximately 6 acres. When you arrive at the lake you will find useful facilities e.g. English toilets, showers and a freezer to store the fisherman's baits. Also onsite you will find bait, tackle and snack shop. There are mobile phone charging points. So if you fancy a carp fishing holiday in France why not check out Les Grand Champs, we have a gallery showing all our carp fish, catfish and fish caught at this fishing lake in France

Lake: The lake is an approximate 18 acre, 50 years old, mature gravel pit. The banks are tree lined and set on the edge of 6 acre wood. The site will include English toilets, showers and bait freezer for anglers use.

The lake has been virtually un-fished for the past 20 to 25 years according to locals, and also rumours of two 50lb Carp, but unconfirmed.

Best weight so far is 43.06lb mirror carp and numerous other 30lb plus fish. With a remainder being mainly 20lb plus. Grass carp to 38.8lb. There are Wells Catfish up to 42lbs. At least 9 different sturgeon to 34lb. When the lake open's, it will be the first year open for commercial operation{rokcomments}

Lake Heritage Saint Pardoux
Lake Heritage Saint Pardoux

Location: Limousin, Haute VienneWebsite Address: 

Lake Heritage is an English owned and run specimen Carp Lake set in the heart of the French countryside. It boosts a stunningly beautiful 17 acre Lake that requires no permits, has legal night fishing, and the use of three rods. All of the 15 posts on the lake give generous room, and we never fully book the lake ( 10 posts Maximum). Therefore, you will always have a choice of posts, and will never feel cramped. The majority of the posts are box sectioned and gravelled, as well as four of the posts being platformed, that have been beautifully constructed to give superb unhindered fishing access.

The Posts have been positioned to access the Lakes natural features, and the lake bed is blessed with a hard clay base which is weed free, and perfect for bait presentation. The lake has a superb stock, with at least 5 different 60lb plus carp, and a large head of 30lb, 40lb and 50lb mirrors and commons.

The lake is set in an Idyllic peaceful location, and beside the lake is the small village of St Pardoux, that has a bar, restaurant and café/bakery.

As well as the standard drive and survive package, we also can offer a rental package where by you can fly over to our local airport in Limoges. The package includes airport pick up and full rental equipment hire, and flights are available from around the UK to Limoges with Ryanair and Flybe. We have an on call 24 hour English bailiff, toilets and shower, and shop that we can provide you with any baits you require. 

In the last two years the running of the Lake has been taken over in full by myself, and at the same time a new bailiff appointed. Together we have worked hard to substantially improve the organisation, fishing posts, equipment, and facilities on the Lake.

Please take time to visit our Website and Facebook page, for more information 

Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

The Old Mill Lake
The Old Mill Lake

Website Address: Open April to December inclusive. A five acre stream fed Lake with depths near the source of three feet and at the dam end over twelve feet. The Lake is situated on private agricultural land so no permit is required and night fishing is legal. At the shallow end the lake bed has a sandy bottom with large sandbanks along the far, tree-lined margin and deeper pockets towards the near-side bank. The Lake then runs through a large lily bed in front of the cabin and as the lake deepens towards the dam end the lake bed becomes silty.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Etang des Moulinots
Etang des Moulinots

Location : Moulinots is located in the Champagne Region of France, 240 miles from Calais. The journey involves 2 motorways and 1 other road (final 15 miles to the lake), most anglers complete the route in 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Website : : Moulinots is a picturesque 19 acre lake situated in a forest with no roads, railways or industry nearby, tranquillity is guaranteed. Although the lake is probably 200 years old, it was stocked and opened by Dave & Kathy Walsh as a carp fishery in 2002. The lake is surrounded by tall trees, shrubs and reeds, there are 19 swims and the number of anglers is restricted to 10 (+ Dave) ensuring that there is plenty of space for every angler. The lake has a silt bottom (though not deep silt), there are no nuisance fish i.e. crayfish, poisson chats or bream, the average depth of the lake is approximately 4 1/2 feet. Anglers are able to drive their vehicles to every swim. There is a lakeplan on the website with views from most of the swims. Fish Stock : There are approximately 300 carp stocked with an average weight in excess of 35lbs (1 of the best in France), 70% of the carp are over 30lbs and we estimate that there are 40 40's and 10 50's. The lake records (2009) currently stand at 56lbs (mirror) and 53lbs 6ozs (common). Detailed catch reports have been maintained since 2002, all information provided on catch rates, fish weights can be substantiated!Facilities: There is a large lodge located by the lake with a separate shower and toilet block. There are facilities available for charging electrical goods and freezers available (at the owners house) for baits etc. There is a large patio area for dining outside and within the lodge a dining area which can accommodate 10 anglers and a few guests (if required) in periods of increment weather. There is a food package available (not compulsory), quality and quantity, good old fashioned home made cooking.Other information: There is a free DVD available on request. If you fancy a visit to Moulinots you will probably need to book a year ahead, as 75% of the spaces available are taken by our regular customers a year (or 2) in advance. You may not have heard about Moulinots before, as we have not advertised in the last 4 years and have relied on recommendations, the problem these days is that our regular customers want to keep our little gem secret!


Etang du Vivier
Etang du Vivier

Website Address:

Description: Vivier is a privately owned, English run carp fishing holiday venue set amidst the beautiful Loir-et-Cher countryside of northern France, south west of Paris and is a 4.5 hrs drive from Calais or 3.5 from Le Harve. The lake is 15 acres of water sitting in 40 acres of quiet French woodland and fields and its surroundings are a real haven for wildlife so you can also expect to see buzzards, owls, herons and kingfishers during your visit. If you like getting away from it all Vivier is the perfect venue. Lake: Etang du Vivier is a rich, mature, estate type lake of 15 acres sitting in 40 acres of quiet woodland and fields. The water depths range from 1 metre at the shallow end and 2 metres down to the damn wall. There is a track around the whole lake so your gear can be dropped off behind your swims and then returned to the car park so no struggling around the lake with your mountain of gear. The lake bed is mainly sand, clay & fine silt and the water is heavily coloured due to the large head of carp continually rooting up the bottom looking for food. There are 7 single swims and 3 double swims all designed for anglers with plenty of room in each. All swims have their own uninterrupted areas of lake with visible features, margins and areas of shallow and deep water, we only allow a maximum of 6 anglers at any one time so there is always plenty of room for a move if you wish to try another area or fancy stalking one of the bays.There are a number of small grassy islands dotted around the lake which provide nice features to fish to and the marginal slopes and drop-offs are always worth a try. A couple of swims have purpose built wooden platforms where a rod pod is necessary. The fish patrol up and down the lake on the hunt for food all the time and can be seen rolling and jumping all over the lake on a regular basis and they get caught from all swims so expect plenty of action whatever swim you choose.The lake is extremely quiet and peaceful especially at night so all you will expect to hear are the owls hooting, the catfish slapping and your clutches screaming!

The carp fishing holidays are run on a drive and survive basis and the lake caters for groups of up to 6 angler’s maximum weekly so each angler will have 2.5 acres or more to themselves. The English owner Ian is at hand for advice and tips and there is a large mobile home with two bedrooms, sofas, showers, toilets, fridge, freezer & cooking facilities. There is a designated barbeque area outside with tables and chairs for eating alfresco. Should you wish to tear yourself away from the lake there are restaurants and a large supermarket nearby.

Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

La Francaise

LA FRANCAISELocation:  Champagne regionDescription: Is newly opened on the Goncourt Complex. It is an exhilarating runs water and you can expect no relaxation here! The lake is 16 acres of relatively unchartered territory with more fish per square metre than many of its counterparts. Many of the fish are high doubles, with 30lb to 35lb+ becoming a regualar occurance.

 It is also a brilliant coarse fishery with some huge Bream. The easy drive from Calais to this complex and the super facilities available make it an extremely enjoyable place to spend your holidayBook through:{rokcomments}
la Renarde
La Renarde

 Location: Département: Aube,

Description: Set in the middle of the fields, surrounded by old oak woods, La Renarde, a beautiful 10 hectare lake. Everything is there to enjoy a relaxed carp fishing trip without problems. There are only 5 swims: swims 1, 2, 3 and 5 lie in the sun. Swim 4 lies in the shade. All the swims have good access by car.

 Stock: The stocking consists of 200 big commons and mirrors, some of them already reach the 20 kg barrier. It’s an easy lake, so you can expect a lot of runs. On the site there’s no running water or electricity.


  Open: from March until October Surface: 10 hectares. Bottom: flat without obstacles. Clay and silt. Depth: 1,5 m Capacity: max. 10 anglers

Facilities:  On the venue there’s a simple sanitary: a washbasin and a WC. There’s no electricity. The clients can use the facilities (washbasin, shower, and toilet) in the nearby village (8 km).Booking through:{rokcomments}

Lac Desire
Lac Desire

Location: Champagne Region


Description: Lac Desire brings you to the Marne department of the Champagne region of France only 240 miles / 3.30 hrs from the ports at Calais and only 20mins from Lesmont. Completely surrounded by woodland this beautiful 40 acre estate is completely fenced and secure. The lake is spring fed, 16 acres in size, very mature and was originally excavated for gravel in the seventies. It has many features including gravel bars, plateaux's and silt areas in depths ranging from 3ft to 8ft. Fourteen comfortable swims have been prepared, two with disabled access and they have been positioned mainly around the centre of the lake (in the shape of a horse shoe) creating a perfect but at the same time private social holiday venue. With a max of ten anglers each week this leaves the choice of 4 swims should you require a move during your stay.{rokcomments}

Sky Lakes
Sky Lakes

Location: North east of paris 180 miles from Calais 3hr drivewebsite: Carp {rokcomments}

Etang le Fays
Welcome to Etang le Fays

Location: Champagne-Ardennes, Haute Marne


Description: Mark and Clare have built their home at Etang Le Fays and have many years experience of working on lakes in France. Mark is an experienced carp fisherman and his knowledge of the fishery is second to none. Clare not only fishes, she is a superb cook!  Their aims are to provide you with the best Carp Fishing at a spectacular venue in France and, the hospitality to make your stay as enjoyable and successful as possible.

The lake is close to the picturesque village of Robert Magny. Surrounded on all sides by forest, the 22 acre estate comprises of two lakes - the Main Lake of 17 acres and a small stock lake of approximately 3/4 acres.

Stock: The Main Lake is stocked with 500 plus Mirror / Common / Leather and Grass Carp of 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lbs - with larger carp up to 70lbs. There are two Cats over 80lbs. There are also Pike to 25lbs, Tench, Roach and Rudd providing a well balanced fishery. The small lake is teeming with small carp up to 12lbs which can be fished for using float tackle should you so wish.

Lake: Nineteen swims have been prepared, including five doubles and two suitable for disabled access. The maximum number of anglers per week is restricted to a maximum but, we try to keep numbers around twelve where possible, depending on demand. This will provide anglers with the opportunity to move swims should they wish to do so. Night fishing is allowed and no permits are required.

Facilities: Radio controlled Bait Boats are welcome (please see our Fishery Rules for more information). We have bait boats for hire at the lake. Inflatable boats, other types of personal craft and individual use of the lake boat are not permitted for insurance reasons. We provide a boat service for tackle delivery and collection to the far bank. During daylight hours, carpet and spot baiting can be undertaken by Mark as requested.{rokcomments}

Domaine Des Iles
Domaine Des Iles

Location: In the heart of Picardie Northern France


Description: Take a drive into the heart of Picardie, Northern France, and experience the delights of Le Domain des iles. The 60 acres of water on this private estate plays host to about 1,000 specimen carp up to 66lbs, with almost one hundred in the 40 to 60lb bracket. The complex, which is located within the most gorgeous settings, consists of three lakes which originally where all connected to each other by channels where the carp could move from lake to lake, however to enhance the quality of the fishing the channels have been blocked off so that we can offer different styles of fishing.

The Main LAKE: The main lake is limited to 12 anglers and offers the very realistic chance of some huge fish. There is one main Lodge at the North east end of the lake which when booked includes the 4 swims at that corner of the lake. There are also 2 cabins situated next to each other where it is possible to fish from the cabins. The lake record of 66 pounds is to be found in this lake along with a lot of the other big fish. As an added bonus 152 catfish where stocked into this lake in Jan 2000 ranging from 3 pounds to 30 pounds, and as expected these have piled on the weight pretty rapidly due to the amount of small fish in the lake and are now between 20 and 60 pounds. There are now 6 new benches situated around the main lake with power socket, lights and fridge. There are also lights and power situated in the swims. The lake bottom is clear firm peat and there is no weed to hinder you. Most baits work on this lake but the carp company baits sold on site really go well.

The Back Lake and new lodge: We now have a brand new luxury lodge which offers superb facilities for maximum comfort whilst fishing, including satellite TV, fridge freezer, cooking hob, microwave, large shower, toilet, 3 bedrooms, plates, cutlery, cooking utensils. Why not book the lodge and back lake exclusively and fish your own private estate lake. The back lake is about 7 acres and is limited to 6 anglers, as well as the originals this lake has been stocked with 400 carp to offer some easier fishing. The fish range from doubles to 40 pounds with the odd bigger fish which go up to a verified 52 pound common carp.{rokcomments}

Lac du Charlou
Lac Du Charlou (Charlou Carping)

Location: Troyes


Description: Lac Du Charlou was purchased at the beginning of 2005 knowing that it had bag loads of potential to become a truly stunning location to bivvy up at and catch some very big carp. So, that is what we set out to do, and have now achieved our goal after a lot of hard graft, travelling, and also parting with a lot of hard earned money. The lake was named Lac Du Charlou after our two daughters, Charlotte and Louise, lucky beggars! Having been carp fishing to France enough times to know what, for me, makes a great week for a carper I wanted to put it in to practice by supplying this at a sensible cost, and enjoying it along the way by making it a week to remember for every visitor.

Lake: This stunning sixteen acre gravel pit has clear blue water, excellent for your photos, and is tree lined around the entire lake set within 24 acres of beautiful French woodland and countryside. There are some lovely views across the lake to lay and gaze at from your bivvy as the sun goes down in between catching your prize carp. Most anglers who have fished here also take home some lovely shots of the lake and its borders to remind themselves and show others just how nice it really is. The venue is nestled amongst some of the world’s most famous big carp waters on the border of the Orient Forest, home to Lac Orient and Lac Ammance, and I can guarantee you will be well impressed with the tranquillity of this one. The pegs, both double and single, are well spaced out for a maximum of ten anglers who will have ample room to fish with three or even four rods in certain pegs. There is plenty of space to bivvy up, with every peg being level and gravelled for drainage and comfort. Unhooking mats are supplied in each peg to lighten your load and care for our fish which are all in tip top condition.

Stock: The depths of the lake vary from 2 feet to 26 feet and the lake bed in mainly hard gravel with features to find and fish to. At present the lake holds over 350 carp, including mirrors, commons and leathers, ranging from 15lb to over 56b and growing fast!  The nearest main town for everything you could possibly want is only a 5 minute drive away and includes a tackle and gaming shop which believe it or not sells carping gear. For those who do like to get away from fishing for a while can relax in the town at one of the lovely bars next to the waterfall in the town centre. Personally I would prefer to be fishing but at times it can get very hot in the Champagne region, and do not forget that you are also on holiday lads, and we will try our utmost to make it one to remember for you.{rokcomments}

Brittany Mill Lakes

Brittany Mill Lakes Location : BrittanyWebsite : Since opening we have gone from strength to strength, the carp continue to show massive growth rates in the mild climate and rich waters of southern Brittany, could 2009 be the year for our first carp over 60lb? We hope so as a number of our 50lb + fish are still growing and their huge frames show great potential for reaching not just sixty pounds but record breaking sizes.

Mill Lake is our flagship lake and it is heaving with big carp! Many forties, up to 6 fifties and untold thirties and twenties, as well as cats to 116lbs and mervin the sturgeon currently 105lbs! Adorable is a nice description of this 12 acre lake set amidst traditional French countryside its old established woodland along one bank is full of wildlife while the grass bank on the opposite side is the area for sun lovers. A most pleasant place to fish, relax and enjoy nature, watch big carp cruise the surface in the heat of the summer sun occasionally throwing themselves out of the surface water crashing back in with a wallop that sounds more like a pig falling into the lake! Sitting right next to our main facilities and holding the largest of all our carp it really is so many anglers favourite lake.

Lake Cadouzan is set up for those that like loads of big carp action! Restocking began in 2005, when we introduced over 400 big carp mainly mid to upper twenties and thirties and 40's were stocked and they are growing fast!, biggest carp in 2009 52lbs followed by a nice 51lbs mirror and a good number of 40's and loads of upper 30's it keeps most anglers bite alarms singing! 17 acres of rich stream fed lake with a few Lilly beds in some of the best looking and most tranquil surroundings in France. A maximum of just 8 anglers (9 if a group booking) with 17 acres of water it guarantees you all the space you could ever want for your carp fishing adventure holiday. Our aim is to help you enjoy a fantastic and fun carp fishing holiday with great carp, great surroundings, great food, and to have a memorable time for all the right reasons. Huge stock now over 500 carp! Best catch of 2008 for one angler was 58 carp for a total weight of 1800lbs with 27 thirties to 39lbs. best so far for 2009 is 78 carp for angler Steve Major whilst his fishing buddy Leigh Wakeford had 63 carp for a total weight of 3135 lbs! Including loads of 30's, 2 x 40's and a 52lbs mirror.

Lake Lezay is a true big fish venue where the likelihood of catching a whacker carp of 30, 40 or 50lb exceeds the chances of catching 20s because of the ratio of big carp in the lake. This water is by no means a pushover though as some of the carp are wise old lumps and the anglers that put in the most effort reap the best rewards, some of the catches here have been phenomenal! like Ashley who banked 10 big forties during his week or Gary who had 6 forties and a fifty pound carp plus others. Its not just a big carp water though, it also has a number of large catfish (silure) to 110 lbs and one huge diamond back sturgeon (named Mervin) who now weighs over 105 lbs! This is a peaceful and tranquil venue one in which to relax and soak up the angling environment until the line over your buzzer suddenly jolts you in to action that is! All Lezay stocks have been returned to mill lake prior to 2008 season (see the video) lezay should reopen in 2012 {rokcomments}

Val Dore Lakes
Val Dore Lakes

Location: On the border of Picardy and Normandy, in the two departments La Somme(80) and La Seine-Maritime(76). 1 hr 30 from Calais. GPS location is E - 01°42'32" - N - 49°53'08"


Description: Val Dore lakes is a complex of five mature tree and reed lined gravel pits located in Northern France which is the nearest specimen venue for English carp anglers coming to France. Only 1h15mn driving from Calais (95% motorway driving)

 Lakes : There are 5 lakes – all for carp and stocked withLake 1 : 16 acres - 600 carpLake 2 : 16 acres - 500 carp – 100 catfishesLake 3 :  8 acres - 300 carpLake 4 : 8 acres - 350 carpLake 5 : 13 acres - 600 carp

Stock: The average weight fish is very high: over 28 lbs. More than 100 fish per lake are 30’s, 50 fish are over 40’s  and at least 30 fishes are over 50 lbs. Bigger fish is 74 lbs in lake 1 and also in lake 2, Biggest on lake 3 and 4 is over 64 lbs, Biggest on lake 5 ( run water …) 55 lbs


TOILETS - SHOWERSBAR - RESTAURANT (English breakfast)Food - BAKERY SUPPLYFood package available for weekBAITS & TACKLESBICYCLE FOR HIREBAIT BOAT FOR HIREELECTRICITY (on the swim or at lodge to fill batteriesFREEZER for food or baitsFRIDGE for food or baitsBIWY & BEDCHAIR for HIRE

 Booking information:  On their website there are contact numbers and booking information.{rokcomments}

Three Islands Lake
Three Islands Lake


Location: Two hours from Calais


Description:A newly established fishery in France.

Why bother driving 5 hours through France, when you could be at Three Islands Lake in just 2 hours?...

An 11 acre lake, set within 20 acres of completely fenced, gated & secure land, totally peaceful, just waiting to be discovered. Teaming with wildlife, you'll share the lake with all sorts of rare birdlife, water fowl, rabbits, deer & of course, lots of carp.

Whether you prefer to drive & survive, or like things a little more comfortable, we can cater for your requirements. Our newly installed cabins include such luxuries as hot & cold running water, shower, toilet & kitchen facilities. Using a state of the art ecological power system that runs on sustainable energy, our cabins are equipped with lighting & sockets for you to charge your personal electrical equipment, i.e. mobile phones.

With a strong emphasis on the environment & all that it contains, Three Islands Lake is responsibly managed in an eco-friendly way, to ensure our wildlife neighbours are also respected & can thrive.

Don't just wish that you could be there, go ahead & make the booking now!!

Stock:The stock is unknown at present but the handful of times it has been fished it has produced Large Carp. The lake also has Tench, Bream, Pike, Zander, Perch, Roach and Eels.

Facilities:There are three log cabins on site. The first cabin is lakeside and customers can stay in there if they don't want to stay in there bivies. The other two cabins are next to each other one has kitchen facilities and the other cabin has a toilet and shower.

Booking information:{rokcomments}

Lac du Charlou
Lac du Charlou


Location: Lac du Charlou is located in the Champagne region of France. A 3 1/2 hour drive from Calais on the autoroute.


Description:Lac du Charlou is a beautiful fully fringed gravel pit of over 16 acres and has depths up to 25 feet.

Stock:The lake holds just under 400 carp up to 60lb plus. Many of the fish are 45lb plus, with the majority being 35lb plus.

Facilities:We have an English toilet, shower, and a fully equiped kitchin lodge with charging points. We have a full range of bait for sale as well as food, drink, ciggies, and small end tackle. Also baitboat hire.

Booking information:{rokcomments}

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