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Croix Blanche Lakes
Croix Blanche Lakes

Location : Picardy, Aisne

Website: http://www.croixblanchelakes.com Description: Two established carp fishing lakes covering 6 & 8 acres, set in the Picardy region of France, just north of Reims, that were first opened in 1999 . The waters are only 150 miles (2.5 hours) from Calais. An ideal choice if you are looking for a French holiday venue with specimen fish that is a reasonable driving distance from the ferry. We have the capacity for upto 10 anglers per week (12 for excliusive lake bookings)The lakes contain a really good head of specimen carp averaging over 20lb with fish to well over 50lb. The majority of the carp are mirrors but there are a number of big commons to over 45lb. The waters contain a head of large grass carp too that occasionally grace the unhooking mats and are an unusual addition to your catches. The lakes have been stocked on a regular basis since I acquired them.Carp aren't the only big fish in the venue, we also have some very large catfish.  These superb fighting machines run to over 100lb..... the largest in 2009 topped the 107lb mark..Onsite facilities include hot showers and English style toilets. There is also a mobile home that is available for optional rental and is perfect for wives, girl friends or family holidays. The whole property is fenced in and secure.Booking information : Lakes can be booked on an individual basis, or one lakes can booked exclusively for upto 6 anglers. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; telephone: 0033670900433 (mob) landline: 0033 962 20 56 44
St Leonards
St Leonards

Location:  Basse Nomandie, OrneWebsite: http://www.carp-france.com/venue-details.php?id=140Description: St. Leonard’s Carp Lakes are situated in the beautiful countryside of Lower Normandy, in the “Orne” region. The lakes are 1 hour’s drive away from Caen and 3 and half hours away from Calais. (Easy access from the other ports too such as Le Havre, Dieppe and Boulogne and Dunkirk). They are between the pretty village of Ranes and the bigger market town of La Ferte Mace, which has a variety of supermarkets, local produce shops and a market on Thursdays. Food is available at this venue.Booking through:  www.carp-france.com{rokcomments}



Location:  The lakes are situated in the heart of the Champagne region, around a 3 hour drive from Calais near the town of Chalons sur Marne.

Website: http://www.marnevalleycarping.co.uk/vraux.php

Description: A scenic 2 acre gravel pit, 30 years old, set in woodland in the French countryside with some stunning looking fish. There are 3 swims and a 6 rod limit for the whole lake, so 2 fishing with 3 rods each or 3 fishing with 2 rods each, I recommend 2 fishing as the best option. There is vehicle access to all swims and you can literally fish out the back of your car! No need to worry about carrying your equipment and your vehicle can be parked in your swim for ease of access.{rokcomments}

Domaine de Morgard
Domaine de Morgard

Location: 4 to 4 ½ hour’s drive from Calais.

Website: http://www.dreamfishingholidays.co.uk/domaine-de-morgard

Description: This venue is the epitome of modern Carp angling holidays: a 12 acre lake, full of big fish … But there is more, five fantastic bungalows are also provided as part of the holiday package, all set beside this amazing lake. Fish from your garden if you chose to do so!

This venue is the epitome of modern Carp angling holidays: a 12 acre lake, full of big fish...But there is more, five fantastic bungalows are also provided as part of the holiday package, all set beside this amazing lake. Fish from your garden if you chose to do so!

Each bungalow has its own kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, dining table and chairs, TV, fireplace, fridge etc...and is ideally suited for anglers or family alike. On the terrace, you will also find a table, chairs, and even sun longers!

These superb holiday homes, scenery and settings are out of this world and must be seen to be believed, likewise, the quality of the carp fishing with fish to 62lbs!

Five 50's for one angler, countless big fish, the list goes on...This is one of Dream Fishing Holidays premier venues and demand is already high.

If you fancy a rest from your rods, you can enjoy a game of tennis on the on-site court. You could maybe go and visit one of the many "Chateaux" or museums the region has to offer, try some of the regional cuisine in one of the local restaurants or even go horse riding for the afternoon. For budding artists, painting tuition is also available at the studio only a few hundred yards away at the cost of 75 euros for 3 afternoons.

This venue has all the ingredients for an incredible fishing holiday experience. There are only a few places available so book early to avoid disappointment.

Booking through Dreamfishing Holidays: http://www.dreamfishingholidays.co.uk/domaine-de-morgard{rokcomments}

Roe Deer
Roe Deer

Location:  2 drive from Calais

Website: http://www.dreambreaks.info/venue.php?openTo=breaks&break=france&venue=roe_deer

Description: A new and exciting venue with largely uncaught carp to 50lbs+. This eight and a half acre lake features a large island with narrow backwater and large bay at the top - ideal for stalking as well as static fishing. There is a choice of 9 swims covering all parts of the lake and many underwater features to be found. Depths vary with an average of 6' to 8' and marginal trees and the island margins provide plenty of cover.Roe Deer Lake is set in peaceful and private surroundings and is named after the resident deer that are found within the lake’s surroundings. The lake is well stocked with both Mirrors and Commons and has only been test fished so far resulting in 38 carp being caught over a 4 day period with the best at 47lb.

Booking through Dreamfishing Holidays: http://www.dreambreaks.info/venue.php?openTo=breaks&break=france&venue=roe_deer{rokcomments}

Abbey Lakes
Abbey Lakes

Picture of Fox lake (Etang du Renard)Location: Picardy, OiseWebsite: http://www.abbeylakes.co.uk/Description: Abby Lakes is made up of 6 lakes.1) Fox Lake, Etang du Renard (11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers)2) Heron Lake, Etang du Héron (14 Ha, 22 swims for 17 anglers)3) Attila Lake, Etang Attila (3 hectares, 10 double swims)4) Frog Lake, Etang de la Grenouille (3 hectares, 10 double swims)5) King Fisher Lake, Etang du Martin-pêcheur (13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers)6) Wild Boar Lake, Etang du Sanglier  (6 Ha, 30 swims for 25 anglers)Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Rolan de Peche

Roland de PecheLocation: Fisherman's Paradise and 40 minutes north of PARIS in the Oise (60)Website: http://mrs37.hosteur.com/~roland30/

3 lakes

 - First Lake : Important Livestock carp between 18 and 31 Kg

- 2nd lake trout, salmon.

- 3 rd Lake: Carnivora (Zander, pike, roach, white ...)Sturgeon and trout released March 6, 2007

Night fishing allowed. Ponds fenced and guarded. Possibility of barbecue. Showers and toilets.Possibility of renting caravans.{rokcomments}

Lake Jurrassica
Lake Jurrassica

Location: A French carp fishing paradise in only 2 hours drive from Calais,

Website: http://www.carp-fishing-holidays.co.uk/jurrassica.htm

Description:  4 lakes from 2 to 30 acres set in over 80 acres of idyllic country side. Our stock includes common carp up to 61lbs, mirror carp to 64lbs and catfish to 120 lbs Size 24 acre 5 islands Lily pads gravel and clay bottom Marginal reed beds with depths from 2 to 12 feet deep with an average of 6 feet

Stock: Commons to 61.08lbs, Mirrors to 64.04lbs, Grass carp to 35lbs,Catfish to 120lbs +

Lake: There are currently 10 swims for a maximum of 8 anglers 2 of which may be used as doubles

Facilities: Club House, Toilets, Showers, with mains Hot and Cold running water.Purpose built swims on all venues. Log cabin hire available. Full English or Continental breakfast, plus 2 course evening meal available.{rokcomments}

Les Etang de l'Abbaye
Les Etang de l'Abbaye

Location: Picardy, OiseWebsite Address: www.abbeylake.com/uk/info.aspx1) Fox Lake, Etang du Renard (11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers)2) Heron Lake, Etang du Héron (14 Ha, 22 swims for 17 anglers)3) Attila Lake, Etang Attila (3 hectares, 10 double swims)4) Frog Lake, Etang de la Grenouille (3 hectares, 10 double swims)5) King Fisher Lake, Etang du Martin-pêcheur (13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers)6) Wild Boar Lake, Etang du Sanglier  (6 Ha, 30 swims for 25 anglers)Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}


Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite Address: http://www.anglinglines.com/Beaurepaire/Description: Beaurepaire has been a well kept secret by many who have fished it. It’s a beautiful natural gravel pit, just 2.5 hours from Calais that’s stuffed with fish – it really is a runs water! It’s around 7 acres and would ideally suit a group of up to six anglers looking to book a lake exclusively… but individual bookings are welcome too. There are no designated swims but there’s plenty of room to bivvy up.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}


Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite Address: www.anglinglines.com/docs/ourvenues/lakes/roseau

Description: We’ve represented Roseau for 8 years and every year the fishing just gets better & better! 2010 sees an exciting new development for Roseau – the chance to take a fully inclusive trip here with the well respected Clearview Carp Tours. But if you prefer to drive yourself that’s no problem either as there’s plenty of Drive & Survive spaces available too

There are two lakes of 12 and 2 acres. Both have grassy banks which are ideal for setting up bivvies but the land surrounding Roseau is reclaimed marsh land and this means that during periods of heavy rain, particularly early season, it can get very muddy. Please go prepared. The swims are not accessible by car.

Large lake:  This 12 acre lake is a great choice for the angler looking for non-stop action. It has an awesome number of fish with 20 runs a days more than possible. Average size is around mid 20’s - and there are lots & lots of 30lb+ fish. The record from the Large Lake stands at 50.06. There are 11 swims for a maximum of 10 anglers. Baitboats are allowed & these can be rented on-site.

Small lake: This smaller 2 acre water holds a better stamp of fish in smaller numbers - best up to 51.08. The current stock for this small water is around 100 carp, including many 20lb plus fish. We can rent the small lake exclusively for a party of 3 or 4 anglers maximum - enquire for rates.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Wintons France
Wintons France


Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

Les Saisons
Les Saisons

Location: Champagne Ardenne, Marne

Website: http://www.lessaisons.co.uk

Description: Les Saisons offers carp fishing holidays in France set in the beautiful Champagne region.  The lake is only a 3.5 hour drive from Calais.Privately owned until 2004, Les Saisons is 70 years old and has a very good existing carp stock. With fishing having been limited to a handful of anglers over the last 25 years, many of the carp have never been caught.

In addition we have stocked the lake with mirror carp up to 55lbs, common carp up to 40lbs and grass carp up to 36lbs. The lake record mirror is 54lbs 4ozs and the record common is 46lbs 12ozs.

At 14 acres, this mature tree-lined gravel pit is exclusively yours and can be booked for up to 6 anglers.  With 14 swims, there is ample space to move around or stalk carp in the margins. The average depth of 5 ft, it has 2 islands, gravel bars and silt channels. Les Saisons offers a combination of 14 natural and newly built man-made swims. The lake is fenced in and all snags have been removed.     {rokcomments}

La Francaise

LA FRANCAISELocation:  Champagne regionDescription: Is newly opened on the Goncourt Complex. It is an exhilarating runs water and you can expect no relaxation here! The lake is 16 acres of relatively unchartered territory with more fish per square metre than many of its counterparts. Many of the fish are high doubles, with 30lb to 35lb+ becoming a regualar occurance.

 It is also a brilliant coarse fishery with some huge Bream. The easy drive from Calais to this complex and the super facilities available make it an extremely enjoyable place to spend your holidayBook through: http://www.essexanglingholidays.com{rokcomments}

Location: Champagne Region

Description: Near the Orient Forest (Eastern France) lies Maurepaire, an established 16 hectares (30 acres) lake with 8 comfortable swims. The venue is part of a big farm and is surrounded by vast fields. There’s a secure perimeter so outsiders can’t simply walk into the property. Maurepaire has an outstanding stock of about 500 mirrors and commons. We notice that this lake is becoming as famous as Jonchery, Domaine de Brocard and La Horre.Lake: Maurepaire is open from the end of March to the middle of August; this means that during 6 months the fish are left alone… The lake has a total surface of 16 hectare (30 acres). The bottom is flat and consists of clay and a layer of silt. In the center of the lake runs the old riverbed; here it’s max. 2 meters deep. Apart from the lilies at the far end, there are no obstacles. The lake is relatively thin (between 100 and 200 meters) and a lot of fish are taken from the far reed lined margins. Baitboats are allowed to fish these spots.The venue has a secure perimeter, which will give you a safe feeling.There are 8 comfortable swims for a maximum of 12 anglers. Several pegs are wooden swims, others are graveled pitches. Take into account that there’s very little shade on the swims; about 25 meters behind the swims there are a few trees that can provide some shade. Swims 1 until 6 have car access, but after unloading, the car has to be returned on the parking. Swims 7 and 8 are accessible over a path. There’s a wheelbarrow to bring your tackle to the swim.Stock: Maurepaire has an exceptional fish stock of 500 commons and mirrors between 18lb and 58 lb.

Booking Through: http://www.fishermanholidays.com/en/lake/detail.phtml?id=3{rokcomments}

Etang de la Horre

Etang de la HorreLocation: Champagne regionWebsite: http://www.fishermanholidays.com/en/lake/detail.phtml?id=4Description: Just imagine. A lake of 110 hectare, surrounded by a spectacular National Park of 250 hectare, stocked with 3000 big carps from 10 until 60 pounds, and all this for you… yes, this is THE ultimate carp fishing venue where every serious carp hunter must have fished at least once in his lifetime. We rate La Horre as a moderate, to difficult water. There's a feeder stream running down the length of the lake bed so it has the classic features of gentle slopes to the centre with shallow water at the top end. Maximum depth of La Horre is 2.5 m. Two bivvies can be placed on each pontoon (6 m x 4.5 m). Use screws or cup hooks to fix the bivvies, nails are not allowed. When it rains it can be quite muddy around the peg. The pegs 4 to 9 lie at a considerable distance from the parking place, you will need a little barrow to carry your tackle. The bathrooms and the showers can be used 24 h a day.Booking through: http://www.fishermanholidays.com/en/lake/detail.phtml?id=4Fishing on this lake is subject to local regulations, please ask for details{rokcomments}

Farm lake

Farm lakeLocation: City of Beauvais the village of HondainvilleWebsite: http://www.farmlake.co.uk/Stock: CarpLake: weedy{rokcomments}

Lac de Passion
Lake de Passion

Location: Picardie, Oise

Description: The lake is situated in the small French village of Houndainville and is an easy drive of approx 2 1/2 hours from the ferry port at Calais most of which is motorway. The lake is well away from roads and noise.  There are showers and toilets that can be used by anglers on the lake.

Lake: Lac de Passion is a mature lake of approximately 7 acres set in quiet, secure and peaceful surroundings behind locked gates. Offering exclusive fishing for the carp angler seeking great action and the opportunity of 50lb plus carp!

Lac de Passion is a mature lake of approximately 7 acres set in quiet, secure and peaceful surroundings behind locked gates. The lake has legal night fishing and no additional permits are required other than the booking fee paid to the fishery.{rokcomments}

Lake Albert
Lake Albert

Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite: http://lake-albert.co.uk/index.php

Description: Looking for easy access to a lake in north eastern France, not too far from the channel tunnel with plenty big carp, then you've found it here. Lake Albert for Carp Fishing in France!

Just 2.5 hours from Calais on the autoroute, we're an easy drive down the A26/E17. Lake Albert is just off the N31/E46 west of Soissons.

Lake:  Albert is approx. 4.5 acres in size and fed with spring water. We have stocked the lake with a selection of grass, common and mirror carp ranging from 20lbs through to 40+lbs. We are still trying to catch the existing lake carp stock that has so far evaded us. The lake also contains many other species such as roach and pike. There are seven swims around the lake, including one double.{rokcomments}

Maya Lake

Location: Picardie, AisneWebsite Address: www.frenchcarplake.com

Description: Located a little over 2hrs from Calais and 2.5hrs from Le Havre in Picardie near the historic town of Soissons Over 120 Carp to 42lb+ With a good percentage of 30's. Nothing ever stocked below 20lb .A beautiful mix of Mirror, Leather and Common carp to 42lb, Grass Carp to 28lb with a single Catfish over 50lbs. The Lake had never been fished before other than for Pike, the owner of 40yrs only ever used a spinner! Luxury chalet style accommodation available, with 2 bedrooms, Living/Dining room, fully equipped fitted kitchen and bathroom facilities or the most comfortable Drive n Survive ever, with shower, toilet and kitchenette for your use, along with a large covered patio area with table and chairs. A perfect family fishing destination, with luxury accommodation, TV, DVD, Stereo etc, good local amenities and only 45mins from the sights and shopping of Paris.Fish Stocked: Carp{rokcomments}

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