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Lac de Grosley
Lac de Grosley

Location: Lies in the valley of the river Risle (Normandy), at an hour’s drive from Le Havre.Description: Lac de Grosley is a very attractive fishery that. This venue consists of 2 beautiful lakes surrounded by woodlands and fields. The lakes feature overhanging trees, reeds, lily pad beds and grassy banks. In 2008 the venue was taken over by Mr. Eric Touzé who is determined to create a top destination for carp anglers. If you’re looking for an easy runs lake, Lac de Grosley would definitely be a good choice.

 Lake: As we said before, this venue consists of 2 beautiful lakes surrounded by woodlands and fields. The lakes feature overhanging trees, reeds, lily pad beds and grassy banks. The first lake has a surface of 12 hectares and in the middle there’s an island; the second lake has 4 hectares. They are both accessible from all sides over a gravel path. The venue has a secure perimeter and at night the entrance is closed.

 Swims: The property counts 17 swims spread over the two lakes. Swims 2, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18 and 19 are single swims; all the other swims are doubles. The grassy swims are nice, spacious and several swims have a table and a wooden chalet to store your tackle or make some food (with your own equipment). Some anglers put their bed chair in the chalet. All swims have access by car.

 Stock: There's a natural stock that consists of mirrors and fully scale. Some are fat and heavy, while others are wild and strong, but they've all incredible coloring and you'll surely enjoy catching them. Although there are some small fish of less than 10 kg (normal natural stock) most carp are between 12 and 20 kg. The biggest fish was 22kg. You can expect more runs in the small lake because there’s more fish; overall they’re smaller than in the bigger lake. Because the venue is not well known, a lot of fish have never been caught before. That's why we wouldn't be surprised if bigger fish will be caught in the future.

 Facilities: Lac de Grosley offers excellent service. The bar and the restaurant are open from mid January until mid December; they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can order the meals on your swim. The clients also have a fridge, a freezer and a microwave oven at their disposal in the sanitary building. You can order fresh bread every day.

The venue also has a small tackle shop with all kinds of bait (particles and boilies) and small end tackle like hooks, lead, etc. Bait boats are for rent for 12 Euros per day.

 If you need help advice or if you have any doubts during your holiday, you can always ask the bailiff. He's a very kind person willing to help you at all times. There are two sanitary buildings: one near the entrance of the venue and one behind swim 10. Supermarkets, bars, bakery etc. lie at 5 min from the venue.

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Etoile lake

Etoile LakeLocation: Picardy, Somme. Situated only 75 minutes drive from Calais and just 45 minutes away from BoulogneWebsite:

Description: Etoile Lake is situated only 75 minutes drive from Calais and just 45 minutes away from Boulogne. We are one of the closest lakes to the ferry points you will find, and better still, we are one of the best! Our site covers 7 acres, is completely surrounded by trees (and a security fence for your privacy) and is maintained to the highest standards. New fish are added all the time to maintain our stock and we do have several 50lb fish waiting to tease your rods. If it's a personal best you are looking for, Etoile will definitely be the place to achieve it.

We have great facilities and even accommodation for those of you who do not wish to camp at the lakeside overnight. Please feel free to check out the rest of our pages and see what we have to offer

Stock :  Carp{rokcomments}

Val Dore Lakes
Val Dore Lakes

Location: On the border of Picardy and Normandy, in the two departments La Somme(80) and La Seine-Maritime(76). 1 hr 30 from Calais. GPS location is E - 01°42'32" - N - 49°53'08"


Description: Val Dore lakes is a complex of five mature tree and reed lined gravel pits located in Northern France which is the nearest specimen venue for English carp anglers coming to France. Only 1h15mn driving from Calais (95% motorway driving)

 Lakes : There are 5 lakes – all for carp and stocked withLake 1 : 16 acres - 600 carpLake 2 : 16 acres - 500 carp – 100 catfishesLake 3 :  8 acres - 300 carpLake 4 : 8 acres - 350 carpLake 5 : 13 acres - 600 carp

Stock: The average weight fish is very high: over 28 lbs. More than 100 fish per lake are 30’s, 50 fish are over 40’s  and at least 30 fishes are over 50 lbs. Bigger fish is 74 lbs in lake 1 and also in lake 2, Biggest on lake 3 and 4 is over 64 lbs, Biggest on lake 5 ( run water …) 55 lbs


TOILETS - SHOWERSBAR - RESTAURANT (English breakfast)Food - BAKERY SUPPLYFood package available for weekBAITS & TACKLESBICYCLE FOR HIREBAIT BOAT FOR HIREELECTRICITY (on the swim or at lodge to fill batteriesFREEZER for food or baitsFRIDGE for food or baitsBIWY & BEDCHAIR for HIRE

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Three Islands Lake
Three Islands Lake


Location: Two hours from Calais


Description:A newly established fishery in France.

Why bother driving 5 hours through France, when you could be at Three Islands Lake in just 2 hours?...

An 11 acre lake, set within 20 acres of completely fenced, gated & secure land, totally peaceful, just waiting to be discovered. Teaming with wildlife, you'll share the lake with all sorts of rare birdlife, water fowl, rabbits, deer & of course, lots of carp.

Whether you prefer to drive & survive, or like things a little more comfortable, we can cater for your requirements. Our newly installed cabins include such luxuries as hot & cold running water, shower, toilet & kitchen facilities. Using a state of the art ecological power system that runs on sustainable energy, our cabins are equipped with lighting & sockets for you to charge your personal electrical equipment, i.e. mobile phones.

With a strong emphasis on the environment & all that it contains, Three Islands Lake is responsibly managed in an eco-friendly way, to ensure our wildlife neighbours are also respected & can thrive.

Don't just wish that you could be there, go ahead & make the booking now!!

Stock:The stock is unknown at present but the handful of times it has been fished it has produced Large Carp. The lake also has Tench, Bream, Pike, Zander, Perch, Roach and Eels.

Facilities:There are three log cabins on site. The first cabin is lakeside and customers can stay in there if they don't want to stay in there bivies. The other two cabins are next to each other one has kitchen facilities and the other cabin has a toilet and shower.

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Domaine de la Vallee
Domaine de la Vallée


Location: The Domaine de la Vallée is set in the lush countryside in the Aisne department of northern France, about 2 hours drive from the ferry port of Calais.



In the Oise Valley, Northern France, lies Domaine de la Vallée, a marvelous lake that has become a fantastic Carp Fishing Venue. It’s a large, varied venue with lots of islands, bays, lily pads and overhanging trees that provide plenty of challenges. The swims can be booked for weekends, weeks or midweeks.

The Lake

Domaine de la Vallée has a total surface of 50 hectares (123 acres). Old trees and extensive fields surround the lake. Main features are islands, bays, overhanging trees and lily pads that provide plenty of challenges. In the northern part of the lake, a stream flows into the lake and provides plenty of oxygen, and natural food. This explains also why this part of the lake is colder and has clearer water. The fish, however, prefer the southern part with warmer water and more plankton.The bottom is irregular and has a soft layer of silk. Apart from the lilies, there are no obstacles. The depth varies between 0,50 m and 4 m.

The Swims

The swims 1 to 12 lie in the southern part of the lake. Swims 7 to 11 are closed by the end of August due to the duck hunt that is organized there. This is not dangerous, but can be annoying. Swim 3 is located on a small island and provides interesting fishing possibilities. Swims 4 and 5 are very popular and a good choice for groups of 3 or 4 anglers. Swims 1 and 2 are spacious and deeper water; the car can be parked close to these swims. Swims 7+9 are interesting for a group of 3 anglers, whereas peg 8 is a good double swim. The swims on the island only have access by boat. You can bring your own boat or rent a boat on the site (8 euros per day). Bait boats are also allowed and so is placing off hook links and ground feeding with a boat.

The Stocking

Domaine de la Vallée has an unknown, old stock of carp up to 50 pounds. The owners restocked the lake several times with younger animals. There’s plenty of natural food (crayfish, mussels, etc) and the carp are growing steadily. The bigger carp are not so easy to catch, but every good angler will catch some stunning carp.

Facilities and services

The venue has a decent sanitary block with showers, washbasins and toilets. There are also 2 fridges, a freezer and a microwave oven for the anglers


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