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freedom Lakes
Freedom Lakes

Location: Outside the village of Usson, South-east of PoitiersWebsite: Three lakes are open for fishing, they are approximately 9acres, 19acres and 29acres and represent carp fishing in France how we feel it should be with beautiful natural surroundings and immaculate bigfish. The 9acre and 19acre carp lakes are both well stocked with big carp and provide a high chance of catching 30lb+ carp and even 40lb+ during your fishing holiday aswell as the chance of very big grass carp to 50lb and catfish to well over 100lbLake – Sacha

The smallest of the 3 lakes at 9 Acres

Lake SACHA was drained in 2008 and has been meticulously landscaped.Nestled in the western edge of the property, in a very special location bordered on all sides by dense woodland. There are lots of interesting features in the lake to fish to, such as several small islands, sand and gravel spots, some lily pads and a densely reed lined far margin. The shallow depths means the lake fishes very well all year around, it warms up very early so the spring period can be very productive as well as being a good winter water with the fish reacting to any small change in conditions.

Vehicle access is restricted to one location; however there is a Car Park. Lake SACHA can be booked for up to 6 anglers, or exclusively booked

STATS:Depths 2 to 9 feetCarp stocked: 250Average weight: 24lbs

Lake – Angele

The ‘middle’ sized lake at 19 Acres

Located in the centre of the complex, it is stocked with an incredible head of young and powerful 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and regularly produces some arm wrenching sport. In its first season the lake produced well in excess of 1000 fish landed. The lake also holds a number of big grass carp averaging over 35lb and a few catfish between 60lb and 130lb. The lake bed is a mix of sand silt and stone, a few weed beds and lily pads. There are several sunken islands plus lots of overhanging trees around the lake, every swim is capable of producing a result.

This lake has been intentionally developed as something approaching a ‘Runs Water’, but with a very big average size of fish (Sept 09 – 30lb average). Stocked with an incredible array of stunning carp from leathers to linears and everything in between. This lake is well worth looking at for 2010 if you want to catch some very nice 30’s with a great chance of fish over 40lb in fact we are confident enough to say that the best carp fishing holidays in France will be right here next year.

ANGELE can be booked for up to 10 anglers, or exclusively booked. Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between lake ANGELE  and Lake LOUANNE. There is also use of a chalet located at one of the swims.  ANGELE has Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 2 to 6 feetCarp stocked:400 x 25lb-35lbs100 x 35lb-40lbs30 x 40lbs plus

Lake – Louane

The largest of the 3 lakes at 29 Acres

LOUANE is the biggest lake open, situated on the East side.

LOUANE is home to some very special fish, the lake average is over 35lb. It is the biggest and deepest lake on the complex and is more suited to experienced anglers due to a lower stocking density and snaggy lake bed, it is not a runs water but with most of the fish being over 30lb it is a lake that has the potential to produce a once in a lifetime catch. Several anglers have had 20×30’s and 40’s in a week in 2009. The lake bed has a hard flat bottom, so a good baiting strategy combined with watercraft can pay dividends.

The lake is already producing a good growth rate, the average is over 35lb and will probably be around 40lb in 2010. The water also contains ONE big Catfish called Scarface (180lb+), he has been hooked a few times in 2009 and has won every battle!!

There are enough swims to accommodate up to a total of 8 anglers, there are two islands, one of these has 4 swims cut into it and is a fantastic location to spend a week or two with a few mates. The whole lake can be booked exclusively.

Toilets and showers, including the Clubhouse are situated between ANGEL Lake and Lake LOUANE.  Vehicle access to all swims.

STATS:Depths: 3 to 11 feetCarp stocked:250 at 30lbs plus{rokcomments}

Lac de Villedon
Lac de Villedon

Location:  Poitou-Charentes, VienneWebsite:

Description: Through the Haute Vienne a small stream, fed by the cleanest sources, passes the village 'Asnieres sur Blour'. Straight after Asnieres, the first dam wall that blocks this river Blour has created one of the most complete fisheries in France, a 100 acre lake called Lac de Villedon. Surrounded by grazing and slowly rising landscape your first view of the country side makes you relax and realise you 're holiday has really started.

The lake shows an old river bed, wandering around through the middle of the lake. This part is a bit silty. Most of the bottom towards the banks is clean and hard, you will hardly find any obstacles. Sometimes a rock or gravel bed make the features. From where the river enters towards the dam wall the depth varies from 1 up to 6 meters.

The swims at Villedon are very natural. You can reach them only by boat, which are for rent (with or without battery + motor) at the shop. There is plenty of space per fisherman; the average per swim is 5 acres per double swim! You can bivvy up, as long as they're green or camouflaged. Swims are pretty much soft and bank sticks will do the job.

Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

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