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Etoile lake

Etoile LakeLocation: Picardy, Somme. Situated only 75 minutes drive from Calais and just 45 minutes away from BoulogneWebsite:

Description: Etoile Lake is situated only 75 minutes drive from Calais and just 45 minutes away from Boulogne. We are one of the closest lakes to the ferry points you will find, and better still, we are one of the best! Our site covers 7 acres, is completely surrounded by trees (and a security fence for your privacy) and is maintained to the highest standards. New fish are added all the time to maintain our stock and we do have several 50lb fish waiting to tease your rods. If it's a personal best you are looking for, Etoile will definitely be the place to achieve it.

We have great facilities and even accommodation for those of you who do not wish to camp at the lakeside overnight. Please feel free to check out the rest of our pages and see what we have to offer

Stock :  Carp{rokcomments}

Domaine Des Iles
Domaine Des Iles

Location: In the heart of Picardie Northern France


Description: Take a drive into the heart of Picardie, Northern France, and experience the delights of Le Domain des iles. The 60 acres of water on this private estate plays host to about 1,000 specimen carp up to 66lbs, with almost one hundred in the 40 to 60lb bracket. The complex, which is located within the most gorgeous settings, consists of three lakes which originally where all connected to each other by channels where the carp could move from lake to lake, however to enhance the quality of the fishing the channels have been blocked off so that we can offer different styles of fishing.

The Main LAKE: The main lake is limited to 12 anglers and offers the very realistic chance of some huge fish. There is one main Lodge at the North east end of the lake which when booked includes the 4 swims at that corner of the lake. There are also 2 cabins situated next to each other where it is possible to fish from the cabins. The lake record of 66 pounds is to be found in this lake along with a lot of the other big fish. As an added bonus 152 catfish where stocked into this lake in Jan 2000 ranging from 3 pounds to 30 pounds, and as expected these have piled on the weight pretty rapidly due to the amount of small fish in the lake and are now between 20 and 60 pounds. There are now 6 new benches situated around the main lake with power socket, lights and fridge. There are also lights and power situated in the swims. The lake bottom is clear firm peat and there is no weed to hinder you. Most baits work on this lake but the carp company baits sold on site really go well.

The Back Lake and new lodge: We now have a brand new luxury lodge which offers superb facilities for maximum comfort whilst fishing, including satellite TV, fridge freezer, cooking hob, microwave, large shower, toilet, 3 bedrooms, plates, cutlery, cooking utensils. Why not book the lodge and back lake exclusively and fish your own private estate lake. The back lake is about 7 acres and is limited to 6 anglers, as well as the originals this lake has been stocked with 400 carp to offer some easier fishing. The fish range from doubles to 40 pounds with the odd bigger fish which go up to a verified 52 pound common carp.{rokcomments}

Val Dore Lakes
Val Dore Lakes

Location: On the border of Picardy and Normandy, in the two departments La Somme(80) and La Seine-Maritime(76). 1 hr 30 from Calais. GPS location is E - 01°42'32" - N - 49°53'08"


Description: Val Dore lakes is a complex of five mature tree and reed lined gravel pits located in Northern France which is the nearest specimen venue for English carp anglers coming to France. Only 1h15mn driving from Calais (95% motorway driving)

 Lakes : There are 5 lakes – all for carp and stocked withLake 1 : 16 acres - 600 carpLake 2 : 16 acres - 500 carp – 100 catfishesLake 3 :  8 acres - 300 carpLake 4 : 8 acres - 350 carpLake 5 : 13 acres - 600 carp

Stock: The average weight fish is very high: over 28 lbs. More than 100 fish per lake are 30’s, 50 fish are over 40’s  and at least 30 fishes are over 50 lbs. Bigger fish is 74 lbs in lake 1 and also in lake 2, Biggest on lake 3 and 4 is over 64 lbs, Biggest on lake 5 ( run water …) 55 lbs


TOILETS - SHOWERSBAR - RESTAURANT (English breakfast)Food - BAKERY SUPPLYFood package available for weekBAITS & TACKLESBICYCLE FOR HIREBAIT BOAT FOR HIREELECTRICITY (on the swim or at lodge to fill batteriesFREEZER for food or baitsFRIDGE for food or baitsBIWY & BEDCHAIR for HIRE

 Booking information:  On their website there are contact numbers and booking information.{rokcomments}

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