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Lamber Lake


Website : Lamber-lake

Location : Normandy , Northern France (Seine-Maritime)

Lakes & Stock :

This is a beautiful, tree-lined lake of 2,5 acres with an excellent stock of carp. The owner has worked very hard to reveal the lake’s potential. In the middle of it, there’s an island which the carp seem to love! In heatwaves, you will very often see fish at the surface of the lake around the island.

I discovered this lake around 3 years ago and the carp stock was already more than satisfactory. In order to enhance the angling potential, we decided to feed the fish to help them grow and the results are stunning.

All the carp have gained weight regularly and now have an average weight of 11kg (24lbs 4oz). There are magnificent Common Carp, well-scaled and some of up to 19kg (41lbs).

 Accommodation :

Opposite the lake, less than 30 metres away, you will find a beautiful building where you can stay. The lake is in full view of the windows and only the noise of the fish will wake you!

This is an absolutely charming spot where you can thoroughly enjoy yourself.

The spacious bedrooms are tastefully decorated and each has a private bathroom. On the ground floor is a spacious and smart living room. Finally, for dining, you have the choice between an equipped kitchen and the garden area with barbecue.

Val Dore Lakes
Val Dore Lakes

Location: On the border of Picardy and Normandy, in the two departments La Somme(80) and La Seine-Maritime(76). 1 hr 30 from Calais. GPS location is E - 01°42'32" - N - 49°53'08"


Description: Val Dore lakes is a complex of five mature tree and reed lined gravel pits located in Northern France which is the nearest specimen venue for English carp anglers coming to France. Only 1h15mn driving from Calais (95% motorway driving)

 Lakes : There are 5 lakes – all for carp and stocked withLake 1 : 16 acres - 600 carpLake 2 : 16 acres - 500 carp – 100 catfishesLake 3 :  8 acres - 300 carpLake 4 : 8 acres - 350 carpLake 5 : 13 acres - 600 carp

Stock: The average weight fish is very high: over 28 lbs. More than 100 fish per lake are 30’s, 50 fish are over 40’s  and at least 30 fishes are over 50 lbs. Bigger fish is 74 lbs in lake 1 and also in lake 2, Biggest on lake 3 and 4 is over 64 lbs, Biggest on lake 5 ( run water …) 55 lbs


TOILETS - SHOWERSBAR - RESTAURANT (English breakfast)Food - BAKERY SUPPLYFood package available for weekBAITS & TACKLESBICYCLE FOR HIREBAIT BOAT FOR HIREELECTRICITY (on the swim or at lodge to fill batteriesFREEZER for food or baitsFRIDGE for food or baitsBIWY & BEDCHAIR for HIRE

 Booking information:  On their website there are contact numbers and booking information.{rokcomments}

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