Monday, September 23, 2019

Etang de Villaine


Location: Region Centre Dept 18


Etang de Villance

Description: Etang de Villiane is a stunning 6 acre stream-fed lake, dating back to Napoleonic times, set in 37 acres of beautiful French countryside. The lake is partially surrounded by willow and oak trees, providing both shelter and access to the spectacular views over the countryside a breathtaking experience in itself. Managed by experienced and enthusiastic carp angler, Stuart Eccleston, Etang de Villaine provides a tranquil spot in which to relax and catch some very impressive carp. At Etang de Villiane, you can relax in beautifully picturesque French countryside, knowing that you are in a fully secure environment, with all your fishing/catering needs provided for. For any assistance with any part of your holiday, an English bailiff will be on hand 24 hours a day. Located in central France near many historical and picturesque landmarks - such as the immense Chateau in Culan 3 minutes drive where Joan of Arc resided and drew up her battle plans.

 Lake: Varying in depth from 12 foot to 5 foot, each swim has underwater features to provide extra interest, including bars, drop-offs and holes, giving the experienced angler a little extra challenge in their pursuit of that special fish.

Stock:  Stocking levels have been sensibly set at 3 tonnes of carp, ranging from upper doubles right up to sixty pounds. This will give an average of half a tonne of carp per acre of water. 18lb - 20lb Carp – 40, 20lb - 30lb Carp  -  190,30lb - 40lb Carp  -  51,40lb -  50lb Carp  -  11,50lb - 60lb Carp  -  1,10 Catfish ranging 35lb up to 70lb


  • No licenses or permits are required.
  • Full night fishing is permitted.
  • Excellent shower and toilet facilities
  • Freezer storage for bait
  • Barbeque facilities
  • Fish for specimen carp up to 60lb
  • Fish for Wels catfish in excess of 60lb 
  • Have everything supplied and ready at your swim on arrival - including bait
  • Full tackle can be supplied, if required
  • Breakfast & evening meals can be supplied, if required

Booking: Information: see website

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