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Etang De Chanet
Etang de Chanet

Location:  Champagne Ardenne, AubeWebsite: http://www.leetown.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/etang/

Summary: * MIRROR & COMMON CARP stocked in 2006 to 45lb * WEL`S CATFISH to 70lb* Stunning 12.5 acre lake 3h 40m from Calais* 10 Swims* Maximum 8 Anglers* Cabin with decking & benches* Cooking facilities (including oven, hobs & gas BBQ)* English Showers and Toilets* Electric Points for bait boats and phones etc.* Maximum 3 rods per Angler* No Poisson chat* Carp Mats & Weigh Slings Provided For Each AnglerDescription:  Etang de Chanet is situated in the heart of the Champagne Ardennes Region - Close to Troyes. A 3 Hour 40 Minute drive from Calais. The owners are Kev and Jo Saggers who are a very friendly english couple and will help you in every way they can to make you feel at home and enjoy your trip. Etang de Chanet is a stunning and peaceful, 12.5 acre lake set in dense woodland. In 2006 the lake was drained and netted and then stocked with 2 tonne of virgin fish as well as the original stock from the lake. Nearly all of the new and already present fish were Mirror and Common carp ranging from 12lb to just over 45lb. Taking into account the average yearly growth rate some specimens could be tipping the scales at 60lb. Considering quite a few of these are still uncaught and untarnished virginal fish this should make for a very exciting and active season.

Also present in the lake are some pike which were re-stocked from the original netting. As to how big they are we are not sure but some nice specimens have been caught on pike fishing sessions at the lake. Etang De Chanet is also home to some beautiful wildlife including Jays, Buzzards and Kingfisher to name but a few.    Lake:  The Lake has 10 swims which have been carefully situated around the lake to provide a feature to fish to for each angler. For example islands, overhanging trees, margins lilies and also open water. The depths vary from 2 ft. – 8 ft. with a silt bottom. We welcome a maximum of 8 anglers per week, which will ensure a more intimate fishing experience for you and also provide the option of moving swims if desired. There are no poisson-chats present in the lake (a nuisance species of catfish which are present in some French fisheries. We all know there is nothing more frustrating than fishing all night with no bait on your hook.)

 Stock: The rest of the stock consisted of a handful of wels catfish which at present time are estimated to be at around 40-50lb. Our newest edition to the lake is `Mandy`, a sexy specimen 70lb mandarine wels catfish whom we couldn’t resist buying down to her sheer beauty.

There is a cabin on site with full cooking facilities including oven, hobs & a big gas BBQ, freezer for bait (limited size) and electric points for charging phones, ipod docks and bait boats etc. There are also 2 english toilets and 2 powerful showers. We provide Carp Mats & Weigh Slings for every angler.

Booking through website


Goncourt Complex
GoncourtLocation: Champagne Ardenne, Marne

Website: http://www.hortonfishing.com/uk/rules/saules_rules.htmDescription: The lakes are situated in the heart of the Champagne region only a couple hours away from the European capital cities. We welcome you to live unforgettable fishing moments at le Domaine de Goncourt between March to the end of October. The carp is here the king of all fish and their unique strain will fill your cameras with very special images. There are three lakes to go for, each having their own unique attraction, the woods lake with its wild island is situated on the edge of a lush forest, the Lake de La Traque provides plenty of action from carp lurking below the overhanging willows and the Great Lake will rejoice lovers of big heavily scaled mirrors. Here all is set for you to enjoy your fishing holiday in the best conditions.Lakes in this complex are: Woods Lake, Lac de la Traque, and The Great Lake{rokcomments}


Location:  Champagne Ardenne, Marne

Website: http://www.hortonfishing.com/uk/venue/france/woodslake.htmDescription: Woodslake is only a couple of hundred yards from the Goncourt complex, yet the strains of fish present are totally different. All the usual amenities are present and the swims are all accessible by car. A peninsula has been built in July 2007 to reach the island. It is now possible to fish from the island for booking made on exclusive basis.

Lake & Stock: : The Lake is quite prolific with around 250 carp present up to 45lb, these make good use of the feature full mature 15 acre lake with a central area. The cats run up to 140lb and the average size is around 40-70lb. Plenty of fun is to be had in pleasant surroundings{rokcomments}

Les Quis
Les Quis

Location:  Île-de-France, Seine-et-MarneWebsite:  http://www.lesquis.comDescription: They will pick you up on a Friday night from a secure car park in Folkestone . Then you're taken to the complex on board a luxury 56 seat, air conditioned coach with TV, video, drinks facilities, a toilet. The coach is driven by two professional, licensed drivers, so there is no danger of driving fatigue, making the journey as stress free and comfortable as possible.

On arriving we will unload at the lodge where you will be greeted with a cup of tea. Here you can chat to anglers already at the complex about the fishing and last weeks catches. We then give all new arrivals an hour or so to walk around the complex allowing you to ear mark potential swims. Once everyone returns to the patio the selection of swims/lakes will begin, with No.1 starting working through to the last drawn numberLakes: The 4 lakes themselves are all well established gravel pits which have been allowed to mature naturally. Most swims are enclosed by lush vegetation and the lakes' margins are lined with mature trees and bushes - perfect for the carp. In fact we've spent endless hours watching carp to over 60lbs browsing at our feet! The lakes are large enough to allow quiet, uninterrupted fishing without being too large to put the fish out of range. Indeed, standard "English" tackle is perfectly adequate for the Les Quis Complex, but be prepared for the fight of a lifetime, the Les Quis residents are renowned for their incredible fighting abilities


Etang Autels
Etang Autels

Location: Centre, Eure et LoirWebsite:  http://www.carp-france.com/venue-details.php?id=128Description: Etang Autels is situated in the Loire valley, one hour southwest of Paris. The journey from Calais can take as little as 3½ hours if you utilise the auto routes and skirt around the periferique of Paris. Alternatively, you can take the morescenic route, avoiding Paris, and following the west coast of France passing Rouen and Evreux. This may take a littlelonger but keeps the tolls down to a minimum. Only minutes from the nearest village of Authon-du-Perche, the lake isperfect for the bivvy angler wanting proven prolific fishing.Booking Through:  www.carp-france.com{rokcomments}

Les Bouffetieres
Les Bouffetieres

Location: Les Bouffétiéres is approximately 1½ hours from the port of ST Malo & 3 hours from Caen.

Website: http://www.millersfrenchfishingholidays.com/

Description: boasts a variety of specimen coarse fish as well as a fine head of common and mirror carp up to 40lbs, plus pike and double figure zander - perfect for beginners and experienced anglers alike. As well as the onsite fishing, there are a whole host of other activities for you and your family to enjoy - from local golf clubs, long sandy beaches a short drive away and the world famous Mont St Michel{rokcomments}



Location:  The lakes are situated in the heart of the Champagne region, around a 3 hour drive from Calais near the town of Chalons sur Marne.

Website: http://www.marnevalleycarping.co.uk/vraux.php

Description: A scenic 2 acre gravel pit, 30 years old, set in woodland in the French countryside with some stunning looking fish. There are 3 swims and a 6 rod limit for the whole lake, so 2 fishing with 3 rods each or 3 fishing with 2 rods each, I recommend 2 fishing as the best option. There is vehicle access to all swims and you can literally fish out the back of your car! No need to worry about carrying your equipment and your vehicle can be parked in your swim for ease of access.{rokcomments}

Orchard Lake
Orchard Lake

Location: “Champagne” region of France is approximately 3 hours drive from Calais.

Website: http://www.dreambreaks.info/venue.php?openTo=breaks&break=france&venue=orchard_lake

Description: Orchard Lake is well established and tree lined for total privacy. Since its opening in April 2003, the results have been truly amazing and won the affection of hundreds of anglers. Many have achieved their personal best time and time again, landing not only large carp but, in many cases, incredibly large catches too!The lake itself is just seven acres and will accommodate a maximum of 6 anglers, offering the opportunity to move swims if required. It has a gravel bottom with an average depth of around 6ft with marginal depths of around 4ft. The lake is designed as an ‘all action’ water and is heavily stocked with carp to 50lb-plus and catfish and sturgeon to 70lb-plus helping to ensure a prolific, rod-bending, arm-aching, fun filled holiday

Booking through Dreamfishing Holidays: http://www.dreambreaks.info/venue.php?openTo=breaks&break=france&venue=orchard_lake{rokcomments}

Lac Unique
Lac Unique

Location: Being only 3½ hours drive from Calais 7½ acre lakeWesbite: http://www.lac-unique.comDescription:  Being only 3½ hours drive from Calais, this beautiful and tranquil 7½ acre lake is fully secured in a conservation area surrounded by fields and woodlands. This beautiful and tranquil 7½ acre lake is only 3½ hours easy drive from Calais. The total area of the lake and its surrounding land is about 12 acres which is fully enclosed on all 4 sides by a 6ft fence. Lac Unique has 2 double and 5 single swims giving 4 or 5 anglers options to move if they wish. The lake is best fished into the overhanging tree margins so no long casts are needed. Most of the fish seem to come to small baited areas as they seem to shy away from large beds of bait.

Stock: Carp{rokcomments}

Lake Bossard
Lake Bossard

Location: Champagne Ardenne region of FranceWebsite: http://www.60pluscarp.com/Description: Lake Bossard is a stunning 23 acre Lake set in 500 acres of forest in the Champagne Ardenne region of France. The Lake is over 400 years old and completely surrounded with very mature trees and has depths ranging from 3ft to 12ft. There are 4 doubles and 7 single swims cut naturally into the tree line. With 15 swims in total and only 8 anglers on the lake at any one time, there are always free swims available for you to move if you find you are not on the fish. (We will be happy to help you move with our 4x4 quad.)There are plenty of features to fish to including two islands and carp to over 71lb have been caught. Each swim has been cut naturally into the tree line. The lake was opened in 2008 having previously been unfished, so the fish have not been pressured.{rokcomments}


Location: The new Labyrinth fishery nestles amongst 100 acres of wild, overgrown woodland in the famous Yonne valley. It comprises one beautiful, intriguingly-shaped lake of nearly 60 acres, another of 6 acres and one mile of the River Yonne.Website: http://www.lesbeauxlacs.net/Stock:  There are about 400 carp in the main lake at present(January 2009) and this is made up of about 150 original fish and a further 250 that have been introduced (see website for details and pictures of some of the stock fish). We intend to stock another 100 fish in the not-too-distant future. A photographic record is being kept of as many fish as possible and this shows more and more originals still being caught. The current Labyrinth lake record was 57.4 mirror landed by Bob Nicholls in November 2008 and this is one of six different 50's landed in 2008. The lake record is not expected to stand very long and the fishery should produce its first 60 quite soon, especially as there has been several reliable sightings of at least one huge, original common! In addition to the carp stock, there are a few catfish present and although these average only 40lbs, a huge fish of well over 100lb was seen, hooked and lost, and soon adopted the name of the Minotaur (the guardian of the Labyrinth).{rokcomments}

Mar Peche (Les Beaux Lacs)

Mar Peche (Les Beaux Lacs)


Location: The lovely, 25-acre Mar-Pêche, originally named Lac du Martin-Pêcheur, lies in the valley of the famous river Yonne, near Montereau only 3½ hours drive from the ports of Calais, Boulogne and Dunkerque. The lake is less than 10 minutes from the A5 autoroute.

Website: http://www.lesbeauxlacs.net/

Description: Virtually everyone that visits Mar-Pêche remarks on how comfortable the place is. The gently sloping, grass swims with large amounts of space behind each fishing area offer what can only be described as 'sheer comfort'. There is ample room in every swim to erect the largest of bivvies, to park your car and spread out your tackle. This, combined with a maximum of 10 anglers on the whole lake, ensures there's plenty of room for everyone

On three banks you will see the customary rows of French poplars, far enough away from the water to allow comfortable casting, yet close enough to offer good shade in mid-summer. The shorter west bank, on which there are no swims, has been allowed to grow more naturally and borders Lac Cachette, where you can sample the action of this wild, overgrown lake, heavily stocked with doubles, 20's and the occasional 30.

Stock: The lake holds about 160 carp with 95% being between 30 and 70 pounds (14-32kg). More than 35 DIFFERENT 50's and SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT 60's, including four different 70's have been caught in the last two years. The majority of stock are very young with many fish growing up to an incredible 10 pounds per year! The current lake record, stands at 71.8. There is a small head of catfish and the average size is about 50lbs with a sprinkling of 100lb plus fish, including a 180-pounder landed by Michael Scott{rokcomments}

la Fritterie
La Fritterie

Location:  Champagne Ardenne, MarneWebsite: http://www.la-fritterie.com/lafritterie.htmlStock: Carp

La Fritterie is owned and run by Jeff and Lisa Powell the founders of JRC, one of the UK's leading carp tackle brands.

Set in the Marne Valley approx 3 1/2 hours drive from Calais; the 30-year-old, mature 12 acre carp lake has a large lodge with internally fitted showers, toilets and kitchen facilities. There are eating areas inside the lodge and a covered area outside which has panoramic views of the entire lake.

The maximum number of anglers allowed at one time is 8, this gives you plenty of space to move swims during your weeks fishing , we do not take part bookings for the lake.

To be fair to all anglers we operate a draw system on arrival, swims unfortunately cannot be pre-booked but all swims can produce big carp. The lake has 10 swims, all of which are accessible by car


Gigantica (formerly St Christophe)


Location: Champagne Ardenne, Aube

Website: http://www.anglinglines.com/docs/ourvenues/lakes/gigantica/index.php

Description: In September 2008 the venue which used to be known as St. Christophe was bought by Danny Fairbrass of Korda. He has changed the name to Gigantica .Gigantica lies in the Champagne region of Eastern France, around 4 hours from Calais, with the majority of the journey being by motorway. The lake is around 35 acres in size and is a cobalt blue gravel pit. It’s a true specimen hunters water – there are some truly exceptional carp swimming in its clear, aqua blue water

Lake: Gigantica is 35 acres (14 hectacres) of water... the water is cobalt blue because of the heavily alkaline gravel it has been dug from.Depths range between 18 and 25 feet, there are no ‘deep holes’ contrary to rumours from anglers. The bottom is fairly flat with very few lumps and bumps, it is therefore better to establish a baited area at a comfortable range and then stick to it.

Stock: Gigantica’s stock is still uncertain... the old owner boasted 950 fish; we can neither confirm nor dismiss this. As the season unfolds more and more carp are being caught which we personally have never seen before, this is because the old owner never kept any stocking records or catch reports

Facilities: The old shower and toilet have been made into a ‘wet room’ which has been totally rebuilt and tiled to a very high standard... ‘too good for carp anglers’ was the tiler’s comment! The wet room has a large shower with free shampoo and shower gel along with a separate ‘posh’ sink. You can lock yourself in for total privacy and it is heated{rokcomments}

BMP Carp Fisheries
BMP Carp Fisheries

(Lake Perigny La Rose)Location: Champagne-Ardennes region, near EpernayWebsite:  www.bmpcarpfisheries.co.ukStock: Carp


The lake is about 13 acres in size, which has been established approximately 18 years. During the last few years, Mr. Dollat (Mayor of Perigny la Rose) with his team have refurnished this pit and made all the banks available for fishing. The lake is totally secured with a fence covering the full 15 acres of land. There is a track that goes all around the perimeter. The swims are well spaced out, with grassy areas for bivvies and rods. The banks are very smooth, which give you the opportunity to fish anywhere you like.

The lake bed, in true gravel pit style, is anything but flat with gravel bars, deep holes and plateaus all over the place. Bait boats are allowed on this venue and could be an advantage for precise baiting and presentation. There is not a lot of weed – a big head of grass carp do a good job at keeping it at bay.

The lake has a very big head of carp that was stocked bi-annually by the mayor of Périgny la Rose until 2008. One of the nice things about the venue is the high proportion of commons present – the lake record common stands at 55lb.

The average size is between 32lb – 35lb, with mirrors and over 55lb having been banked. There is a very healthy head of 30-35-pounds carp.

In January 2010, another ton of fish, commons, mirrors and linears to over 30lbs were added by us to boost the original stock



Location: Situated a few kilometers from Reims in Northern France

Description: Coelacanthe, also known as “The Village”.  This lake beats everybody’s expectations in terms of lake quality, fish stocking, facilities and service. Every detail is looked after and the owners have managed to create a five star carp fishing venue. If you’re looking for a luxury Carp fishing holiday – for the same price as other lakes – choose Coelacanthe!The Lake: This former gravel pit has a surface of 17 hectares. The bottom is fairly flat with no holes and the maximum depth is about 2,40 m. The margins drop off very quickly. There’s no weed formation during the hotter months, and there’s no Poisson chat at all. The bottom is mainly gravel with a little silt. The property has a secure perimeter and the entrance door is closed at night, which will give you a safe feeling. Notice the presence of mussels and crayfish. On the far end of the venue you can find the restaurant that has a fantastic view over the lake. The owner’s house is situated next to it.The Swims: The Lake is equally dotted with 7 single swims and 7 double swims. The singles are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12. The doubles are 1, 3, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16. If you book two single swims for two anglers, you can still sit together in one of them and the other swim won’t be rented. All swims have good car access and you can park your car behind the swim. Just swims 14, 15 and 16 have no car access. The spacious swims are surrounded by lots of vegetation, which can provide you with enough shade in the summer.Boats are not allowed, but bait boats are. Placing of hook links is allowed but with restrictions. During the briefing, every angler will know exactly where he or she can fish up to, this is done to avoid crossing lines and to prevent jealous anglers from fishing on your hot spots.Every lake has its mythical swims where one catches presumably more fish, but the owner informed us that the fish are all over the lake. Ask Mr. Noll, the owner, about the hot spot of your swim…The Fish Stocks: Everybody knows that building a healthy carp stocking is difficult and takes a lot to time. It took 10 years to build the amazing Coelacanthe carp population of which 50% of the fish weigh over 15kg. You’ll catch mirrors, leathers, fully scales and commons. Every week a 20kg+ is landed and the lake record is 28,600 kg (2006). The 2009 lake record was a 26kg carp. The most exciting story of the 2009 season was an angler that caught 3 carp over 20 kg in less than 45 minutes!Besides carp you can also catch bass, sander, pike and catfish (over 100kg!).The Facilities: The facilities of Coelacanthe have a hygiene level of a five star hotel. Even your mother wouldn’t mind taking a shower. They charge 2 euros every time you have a shower, but it’s worth it!

Booking Through:  www.fishermanholidays.com/en/{rokcomments}

Crete Lakes


Location:  It is located in the beautiful department of Aisne in Picardy northeast France just 3 hours from Calais.

Website: http://www.cretelakes.com/index.php


Description: These former gravel pits were created about 25 years ago and were stocked with carp and other course fish around this time. Carp fishing at the venue commenced in November 2008 and early indications suggest there are many big carp already present with fish to 50+ already landed. These carp have been left to thrive in there natural environment without fishing pressure for two decades! In the winter of 2008/2009.

Stock:  we added a further 850 carp to forty pound, all uncaught mirrors from one of the best sources in France. We believe that added to the original stock Cretelakes will be among the very best carp fishing lakes France has to offer. In March 2010 we will be running organized all inclusive coach trips to and from Cretelakes with food packages included.

Lakes: Cretelakes is a beautiful 4 lake venue set in 60 acres. The French carp fishing lakes are former gravel pits dug around 25 years ago and around this time they were stocked with carp and other course fish.

Lake 1: 9 Acres

Lake 2: Just under 6 Acres

Lake 3: 8 Acres

Lake 4: 6 Acres

Facilities: Add to this the excellent onsite facilities which include an onsite restaurant with sky TV, a shower block with four showers and two toilets, and two full time English bailiffs. Food packages are available for our 2009 season which will be on a drive and survive basis. So if its carp fishing in France on beautiful French lakes with big uncaught carp you’re looking for then Cretelakes is for you.{rokcomments}

La Bruyere (Heather Lakes)
La Bruyere (Heather Lakes)

Website Address: http://www.heatherlakes.com/Description: Heather Lakes is a French carp venue that offers large good quality gorgeous looking carp and a venue that has a friendly and intimate feel to it. Heather Lakes are located in the Brittany region of France and are less than 1 hour from Roscoff and less than 2 hours from St Malo. We offer carp fishing trips on a week long basis, especially suited for "Drive & Survive" purists

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish, Pike, Tench, Roach, Perch{rokcomment

Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise

Website Address: www.holiday-in-france-2005.comEmail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Fish Stocked: Carp, Pike, Roach, Perch{rokcomments}

Les Teillatts
Les Teillatts

Location: Ile de France, Seine et MarneWebsite Address: www.crosschannelcarping.co.ukDescription: Les Teillatts is a beautiful, secluded lake set in the peace and quiet of the French countryside, 250 miles from the port of Calais, far enough south for improved weather but without the long haul drive. The lake is approximately 35 acres so has plenty of room for you, your four rods and a hassle free trip. The peace and quiet at Teillatts has to be experienced, apart from the odd barge chugging along the River Seine, there is very little to disturb you from your fishing. The swims at Les Teillatts are well spaced and control plenty of water. For those anglers who like a bit of company there are plenty of swims capable of housing two anglers

Fish Stocked: Carp, Catfish{rokcomments}

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