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Hooked in France (les Montautiers)

Location: Mayenne


Hooked in France (les Montautiers)

Hooked in France, located on the Normandy/Mayenne border has to rank as one of the most prolific Carp fisheries in France. With a high stock density of immaculate Carp, the vast majority of which are over 25lb. The beautiful lake at Les Montautiers is over 350 years old and is bordered by mature oak trees and traditional French poplars. This old English estate looking lake has so many features including two islands, overhanging trees, reeds, bays, several sets of pads and a large channel between the islands and the hidden plateaus.


Les Montautiers was initially stocked in the winter of 1998/9 with 130 fish. Most of these were low to mid twenties with a good head of thirties and a sprinkling of forties. In the winter of 2001/2 more fish were added including approximately 50 x 20lb+ mirrors. Many of these fish are now over 25lbs - in fact the average size of the mirrors caught last season was 25.37. The lake record common is 46.04 & mirror 43.6 ... and there is a good head of fish over 30lbs. There are catfish between 20 and 46lbs and sturgeon up to 66lbs which provide incredible fun in the shallow water at Les Montautiers.



Our facilities include English toilet and shower block with hot and cold running water, and the use of a cooker, fridge, freezer in our fully equipped kitchen.

As preserved bait is not allowed at Les Montautiers, freezers are available for your fresh bait enabling you to take home any unused.

There is an onsite shop in which you can buy fresh carp bait and also hire tackle including bait boats.

To save you cooking, Hooked in France also provide a meal package for breakfasts and evening meals throughout their weeks' stay.


Booking information:

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